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Rising is the first episode of Season 1 of Stargate Atlantis.


The Atlantis expedition heads through the Stargate to the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy, a potential one-way trip. The city is found underwater but protected by a powerful shield that is failing. While looking for a safe place to evacuate to, they encounter the Wraith, an enemy who defeated the Ancients.




Ford's grandfather, Ford's grandmother, Henry Hayes, McKay's cat, Parker, Smitty, Tagan


Ancient, Athosian, Human, Lantean, Tau'ri, Wraith, Wraith queen


Athos, Earth, Lantea, Planet (Rising), Praclarush


8000 B.C., Afghanistan, Ancient language, Ancient plague, Ancient Stasis pod, Ancient Technology Activation gene, Antarctic outpost, Antarctica, Apache, Athos Cave, Athosian Fire lighter, Atlantis, Atlantis Commander's office, Atlantis Conference room, Atlantis Control room, Atlantis expedition, Atlantis Gateroom, Atlantis Hologram room, Atlantis Jumper bay, Belgium, Blackhawk, C-4, Canada, Champagne, City of the Ancestors, City-ship, Cloak, Cobra, Control chair, Culling, Dart, Dial Home Device, Drone, Ferris Wheel, Football, Force field, Garage Door Opener, Germany, Glyph, Greece, Helicopter, Hive ship, Hologram, Iris, Japan, Lantean-Wraith War, Lantean Control console, Lemon, Life signs detector, Local Group, McMurdo Station, Mobile All-Terrain Laboratory Platform, Naquadah generator, Netherlands, Night-vision goggles, Osprey, Philippines, Pegasus, Point of Origin, Puddle Jumper, Russia, Sandwich, Scotland, SGC Control room, SGC Gateroom, SGC Power vault, Sheppard's team, Shield, Solar System, Spacegate, Spain, Stargate, Stargate Command, Stargate Network, Sweden, Taonas, Tea, Teyla's necklace, Telepathy, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States Marine Corps, Wormhole, Wraith Culling beam, Wraith Hibernation pod, Wraith Stun rifle, Wraith Transmitter, Zero Point Module, Zimbabwe


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