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Robert Kinsey
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Ronny Cox

Robert Kinsey is a male Tau'ri and the former Vice President of the United States.


Kinsey claims that illness prevented him from serving in the military. (SG1: "Politics") He married at some point and had three children. (SG1: "Chain Reaction") After the fall of Communism, he met General Miroslav Kiselev an the two developed a mutual respect. (SG1: "Full Alert") In 1997 he wanted to know what Area 52 was and why it needed so much money. When informed on the Stargate Program and briefed by Lt. Col. Samuels he was against it and decided not to continue its funding. The President of the United States asked him to meet with Major General George Hammond and SG-1 to hear them out as to why the program needed to continue. He traveled to the SGC and stated that he did not like secretive things such as the Stargate Program. He did not believe that the Goa'uld were an actual threat and that they would not be able to stand up against the United States of America. He stuck to his original decision, that the Stargate Program will be shut down. (SG1: "Politics") General Hammond came to see Kinsey twice to get him to change his mind, he had Hammond forcibly removed the second time. (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")

He was involved to some degree with the theft of the second Stargate at Area 51 and the Rogue NID operation to steal technology and had ties to the Russians that ran their own Stargate program. He was aware of the plan to blackmail Hammond into stepping down as commander of the SGC to allow someone else more pliable to take his position. In 2000 Kinsey was having a party with various political figures when Jack O'Neill and Harry Maybourne arrived. He took them into his study to demand why they were there and they wanted to get access to his NID files. O'Neill pulled a gun on him and Maybourne tried to hack his system, with O'Neill realizing that his password was his dog's name Oscar. O'Neill used the information to get Kinsey to have Hammond reinstated and as they were leaving, Kinsey was mobbed by reporters who had been told that Kinsey was running for President. Kinsey was later blackmailed by Maybourne to get him to transfer Maybourne to a less secure prison. (SG1: "Chain Reaction")

Kinsey heard that O'Neill was coming to meet the President to try to talk him out of the treaty with the Aschen, and headed him off and had him sent away. He was put in charge of the next stage of negotiations with the Aschen and came to the SGC to meet their ambassadors. When Samantha Carter returned without ambassador Joe Faxon or any Aschen ambassadors, Kinsey was furious and demanded to know what was going on. (SG1: "2001") Kinsey began running for President and was approached by Agent Malcolm Barrett who blackmailed him for information on the people behind the Rogue NID. While out he was shot in the chest and fell into a coma with word spread that he had been killed instead. He recovered and spoke to the press, stating that he was taking down anti-democratic elements but never planned to be shot in his attempt. He also cleared O'Neill of the suspicion he had shot him and the two shook hands as reporters took photos. Kinsey remarked to O'Neill that he just helped him win the election. (SG1: "Smoke and Mirrors")

He was moving from the appropriations committee to intelligence oversight. He joined in a summit with ambassadors from Great Britain, France and China where they were being told about the Stargate and he didn't keep it a secret that he felt that Hammond's command was only narrowly avoiding disaster every week. As the ambassadors were outraged at the technology gained by the United States, Kinsey recommended that they give the Stargate to the NID as they were the only ones who had the skills and expertise. If the ambassadors agreed and demanded it, it would mean that Kinsey would be in control of the Stargate. Thor arrived and when Kinsey called him "Commander", Thor corrected him that he was "Supreme Commander". Thor said that the Asgard would prefer the Stargate remain where it was and the ambassadors agreed. (SG1: "Disclosure")

When a documentary film crew was at the SGC, he came to take part and was filmed giving a speech but refused to have an interview. He approached O'Neill saying that when he was in the White House the SGC would continue to have his support; the film crew was following him. O'Neill called him a bunch of names in front of the camera. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 1") He later sent Richard Woolsey to do interviews after Dr. Janet Fraiser had been killed on a mission. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 2") He ran with Henry Hayes and the two won the election with Kinsey becoming Vice President. When Hayes was informed about the Stargate Program, Kinsey tried to get him to side with him about removing Hammond and SG-1 and installing someone else in command. He brought Woolsey in to help and later told Woolsey that if Hayes didn't see things his way then "things happen." (SG1: "Inauguration")

He met with Dr. Elizabeth Weir, escorting her to the White House and filling her in on the Stargate Program and later told her that he was the one person she wanted on her side. He went to the SGC to hear Bra'tac talk about Anubis' incoming fleet and refused to believe it was real, thinking that SG-1 had fabricated it after Hammond had been replaced by Weir. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1") He returned to the White House and when Anubis' fleet began arriving in orbit, he recommended that Hayes go to the Alpha Site but Hayes told him to go instead as he was staying. Right before leaving, an incoming wormhole blocked the Stargate and as Weir was calling Hayes, Kinsey stepped in and said that he was relieving Weir of command only for Hayes to tell him to shut up. Hayes said that he was accepting Kinsey's resignation to Kinsey's confusion before Hayes said that he had enough information on Kinsey's past to have him shot. Kinsey left saying that Hayes will regret this. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 2")

He was contacted by The Trust who arranged a meeting where they asked him to introduce them to General Miroslav Kiselev. He went to O'Neill's house, breaking in and drinking all of his Scotch while he waited for O'Neill. He told O'Neill what had happened and said that he wanted to help take them down for moral reasons but O'Neill claimed he was doing it for revenge. Kinsey was convinced to wear a wire and allow them to record the Trust and then capturing them. He was taken by the Trust to a house where he met the leaders who showed him a case with a Goa'uld inside. He was beamed away by the Trust and implanted, as the organization had been taken over by the Goa'uld. He may have been killed along with the Goa'uld when Osiris' Ha'tak was destroyed. (SG1: "Full Alert")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Kinsey was responsible for forging an alliance with the Aschen and he was later elected President. He agreed with the Aschen plan to sterilize part of the population to deal with overpopulation. He had in his possession the only working GDO that he kept on his desk at the White House. He gave a speech for the 10 year anniversary of meeting the Aschen through a video link. (SG1: "2010")
  • In an alternate timeline in 2005 he was President of the United States and was briefed about a Video camera which had been found in Egypt containing information about time travel. When he heard that Henry Hayes was supposed to be President he was less than amused. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 2")