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Ronald Greer
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Ronald Greer - List of Appearances

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Jamil Walker Smith, French Stewart

Sgt. Ronald Greer is a male Tau'ri, a member of the United States Marine Corps, a member of Icarus Base and a member of the Destiny expedition.


Early life

Greer grew up poor. (SGU: "Air, Part 3") His father served in Operation Desert Storm and came back a changed man, locking Greer away in cupboards and forcing him to perform useless tasks. Greer tried to get his mother to leave but she said that his father needed them. One day he went through his father's things but was caught and his father took him into the city and left him. He walked home to find it on fire and he dragged both of his parents out. Years later his father was dying and Greer was trying to get a scholarship to college but didn't. He enlisted to get the chance to make something of himself. (SGU: "Lost")

Icarus Base

He was assigned to Icarus Base and at some point he was charged with a crime and locked up. When the base came under attack, Everett Young dropped the charges and told Greer to take out his anger on the enemy. He helped get injured personnel inside and brought the injured Dr. Simms to Tamara Johansen. Young ordered him to help get people to the gateroom and he wanted to make sure others outside could get away, but Young said he needed him inside. He and others had to evacuate through the Stargate that had been dialed into the Ninth Chevron. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Arriving on the Ancient ship Destiny, the life support began failing. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") He led a team to check the supplies that were brought through and noticed that Camile Wray was staring at him. He asked her what was wrong and she mentioned that he had been locked up on Icarus and maybe he should be again. He went to approach her but was stopped by Sgt. Hunter Riley who said it wasn't worth it. Finding a damaged shuttle that was sucking out the ships air, they were unable to close the outer door. Greer was with Dr. Jeremy Franklin as he was trying to fix the door mechanism, when Senator Alan Armstrong arrived and pointed a gun at them, stating that he was going to be the one to go in and shut the door, killing himself. Seeing that the Senator was badly injured, he allowed him to go in, later remarking that the man was dead on his feet. (SGU: "Air, Part 2")

A planet was found that may have a material that could be used to replenish the life support system and Greer joined the team to go to search for it. The team separated but Greer's team was secretly later contacted by Eli Wallace who said his team were going to try another Stargate address. Matthew Scott sent Greer and Nicholas Rush back to stop them and during the trip, Rush wanted some of Greer's water and tried to take it from him, but Greer knocked him down. Getting to the Stargate, Greer shot Franklin to stop him from leaving. He had Rush take Franklin back to Destiny and gave Eli a gun while he went to find Scott. Managing to track down Scott, he got the man to his feet and the two of them carried the bag of Lime Scott had collected. They made it back to the ship and the life support was fixed. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

The ship lost all power and was found to be heading straight towards a star. (SGU: "Darkness") He mentioned that he thought that going out by flying into a star was probably the best way to go. A lottery was held to determine who would be able to escape aboard a shuttle and Greer was not chosen. When Sgt. Spencer tried to rile up the others to do something or else they would die, Greer knocked him out and said he didn't want to have to do that to anyone else. He went for a walk with Young who said he had kind of enjoyed how Greer had hit Telford back on Icarus Base and Greer said he was sorry to have disappointed Young, before Young said that Greer was a good man. While waiting for the end, the ship instead used the star to recharge and they were safe. (SGU: "Light")

While Young and Scott went offworld to harvest ice for drinking water, TJ had Greer run a search for the missing supplies. He found a number of energy bars in Spencer's quarters and TJ had them lock him up. When Cloud creatures were found aboard and attacked Corporal Gorman, Greer put together a flame thrower. He helped to direct the creatures to a room to contain them but they soon started to break out. TJ sent Greer away, stating that she didn't trust him with her plan to get them into a barrel and send them through the Stargate. Young released Spencer and told him not to step out of line again, and Greer remarked that he didn't believe Spencer would follow. (SGU: "Water") When Colonel Telford was given control of Destiny to enact a plan to dial Earth while the ship recharged in a star, he had Greer locked up. When Scott came to see him, he said Scott should just turn off the communication stones but he said he wasn't like Greer. (SGU: "Earth") During a psych evaluation, Greer said that he wasn't going to lose any sleep over shooting a bad guy then said that they would probably blame it on his father. When TJ asked about his father, he didn't want to speak of him and left. (SGU: "Life")

After Sgt. Spencer failed to turn up to duty, Greer went to find him and discovered he had been shot dead. When Wray mentioned suicide, Greer pointed out that there was no gun in the room. A search found the gun in Young's quarters to a hearing was held. Greer found the whole thing ridiculous and wanted to go in and end it and tell everyone to get back to work. He learned that Wray had taken him and some others off of away team duty and he confronted her. (SGU: "Justice") When aliens attacked Destiny, Greer went with Scott aboard the shuttle to fight back, but there soon called back when Chloe was taken. He later went with Scott without permission aboard the shuttle to try to rescue Chloe but she was instead freed by Rush, who the aliens had also taken. (SGU: "Space") Rush and some of the civilians took control over part of the ship. Greer and Young wore space suits to get around the locked down area and take back control. When Young sent everyone back to their quarters saying that it was over, Greer told him that it wouldn't be over yet. (SGU: "Divided")

When Destiny dropped out in an unknown system and needed a month to readjust course, a team went to a nearby planet to gather supplies, Greer joined them. (SGU: "Faith") Greer joined a team to go offworld to examine some ruins and was apprehensive about going into underground tunnels. When leaving they encountered a Spider-like creature and Greer shot at it, causing a collapse that trapped them inside. A rescue team was unable to get them out before Destiny jumped away. (SGU: "Human") Another collapse buried Greer and the others thought he had died. He soon woke up and managed to get out, running to the Stargate to find the others but they had already left. He waited near the Stargate and soon a team from Destiny arrived and brought him back to the ship. (SGU: "Lost") When Destiny's FTL engines overloaded, an incoming wormhole soon connected and Greer was happy to see Scott, Eli and Chloe return. He helped run defense teams when aliens attacked the ship. (SGU: "Sabotage")

He was part of a team to go offworld and became affected by a Tick-like creature. He began to hallucinate seeing Rush and Wray meeting in secret and started to follow them. As the hallucinations progressed he believed Young gave him permission to use deadly force to stop another civilian mutiny. He trapped Rush and Wray in a storage room and hallucinated his father, who told him to kill them. Personnel arrived and stopped him and later the creature was removed. (SGU: "Pain")

Lucian Alliance invasion

When Colonel David Telford was believed to be a Lucian Alliance spy, Greer assisted Everett Young in guarding him. (SGU: "Subversion") He stopped Camile Wray and Matthew Scott from opening the room when Young had it vented of air with Telford inside. He helped to prepare defenses when the Alliance was planning to dial into Destiny. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1") He posed as a medic to be exchange with the Alliance who had captured Tamara Johansen but the power went out which caused a stand off and Greer had to expose himself. It was discovered that a Binary pulsar was affecting the ship and they needed to modify the shields to jump to FTL. Greer and Scott wore Ancient Space suits to go outside to enact the repairs but when they came back, the Alliance wasn't letting them in. Nicholas Rush told them to run to a nearby airlock to get back inside. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 2") Unable to make it in time, they took refuge on the underside of the ship before making it inside. They did some recon and later saved Rush and others from Alliance soldiers. They went to try to gather some of the Destiny expedition personnel still on the ship but became trapped. Luckily Rush threatened the Alliance with siphoning power from the shields so the radiation from the pulsar would kill them, forcing them to surrender. (SGU: "Intervention")

Back to work

Greer stood guard in the room while Camile Wray interviewed the Lucian Alliance prisoners. He joined a team on a shuttle to go to a planet to gather supplies but the shuttle crashed on the planet. They had to search for the Stargate and dig it out in order to get back to Destiny. Sgt. Hunter Riley was severely injured in the crash and died; back on Destiny Greer offered toast in his honor. (SGU: "Aftermath") He went with a team aboard a Seed ship when Destiny docked with it and he revealed to Matthew Scott that he was seeing Dr. Lisa Park. Aliens were found aboard and later he and Scott had to drag Nicholas Rush and Airman Dunning off the ship when they were stunned. (SGU: "Awakening") When Simeon whispered something sexual to Park, Greer pinned him to the wall and told him he doesn't get to mess with anyone and had him sent back to the hold. He later confronted Simeon again, giving his weapon to another soldier and dismissing Simeon's escort to show that he wasn't afraid to face Simeon. (SGU: "Pathogen")

While offworld, Scott was infected by an organism so he couldn't go back to Destiny. Greer helped set up a barricade at the Stargate to fend off the organism while Scott was treated. When Chloe was found to be immune to the organism, he blood was used to cure Scott while Greer remained to defend them, constantly dialing the Stargate as its activation drew back the organism. Once Scott woke they retreated back to Destiny. (SGU: "Cloverdale") Greer was escorting Ginn as she worked with Eli Wallace and he noticed that she was interested in Eli. He told Eli to make a move and organized to be called away next time he was with them. (SGU: "Trial and Error") He saw that Simeon was confronting Dr. Amanda Perry who had swapped bodies with Ginn and told Simeon to move on. (SGU: "The Greater Good")

Simeon killed some people and escaped and Greer joined the team to go after him. After arriving on the planet, he gave comfort to Park, who Simeon had taken hostage. He went with Scott and Rush after Simeon but were pinned down in am ambush. Being able to track Simeon they continued to follow and Greer shot Simeon in the leg to slow him down. Greer was shortly after shot in the shoulder by Simeon and had to be taken back to the ship. (SGU: "Malice") Greer tried to stop Scott from keeping going to see Chloe as she was changing and he didn't want Scott to have to suffer when she was either put off the ship or killed. He went to see Chloe to ask her forgiveness as he would most likely be the one to have to kill her. (SGU: "Visitation")

He went with Scott and Dr. Brody aboard a derelict ship but had to quickly evacuate when automated drones began attacking Destiny. (SGU: "Resurgence") When Chloe escaped and did something to a console, Greer was going to shoot her but was stopped by Scott. He joined Scott and Park to take a shuttle out to collect an inactive drone for study. (SGU: "Deliverance") Greer was ordered to use the stones to get some time off, despite him claiming he didn't need any, and he swapped with Dr. Andrew Covel. He asked to remain at Homeworld Command after learning that the Lucian Alliance was supposedly to attack soon but was told they had it under control. A ship crashed into the building and Greer's leg was injured. He and Wray, in the body of Senator Michaels, found another survivor and tried to get out but couldn't. When the other survivor took Wray hostage, she told Greer to shoot him as she had realized he was Lucian Alliance and the pilot of the ship. They found the Naquadria bomb aboard the ship and attempted to disarm it. Greer said that they should wait to allow people being evacuated nearby time to get away. (SGU: "Alliances")

When Dr. Dale Volker needed a Kidney transplant and Greer and Dr. Morrison were found to be the only matches, Greer immediately volunteered to do it. During a pre-op procedure he pretended to be in pain as a joke. When Volker mentioned missing watching the stars in his backyard, Greer took him to the garden to watch the stars before the surgery. TJ removed one of his kidneys and implanted it in Volker. (SGU: "Hope") After the surgery, he experienced a void and came to believe that he had died briefly and was scared of what he had experienced. (SGU: "The Hunt") Greer attempted to exercise after his surgery but was in too much pain. (SGU: "Seizure") While offworld, Greer hesitated to shoot an animal and they were soon attacked by another creature. Greer went with the rescue team but when they were attacked, he hesitated again. He went with Varro, Marsden and Tasia while the others went back to Destiny. Varro told him that fear was a good thing as it would keep him alive. Greer went to the creatures lair where TJ told him not to fire at the creature as it had recognized that they were intelligent and wasn't attacking. Greer lowered his weapon and the creature backed away. (SGU: "The Hunt")

Greer joined a team to go to a planet where they met descendants of an alternate timeline version of the expedition. While transporting supplies to Destiny, they were attacked by drones who disabled the Stargate. Destiny came to collect them. (SGU: "Common Descent") Greer went with a team to Novus, and he helped go through some supplies. (SGU: "Epilogue") When the crew evacuated the ship while it recharged in a different type of star, Greer led a team to search for supplies. When a drone arrived, he had his team hide and when it went near Scott's position, Greer threw a can to distract it. Eventually they had to open fire on it and managed to take it down. Returning to the ship he learned that Park had been injured during the recharge. (SGU: "Blockade") Park was blinded and it appeared permanent. Greer came to tell her what was going on when she had an idea and had him take her to the bridge. When the crew was to go in stasis to escape the drones, Greer went with Scott and Morrison to a planet to gather materials to fix some of the pods. He joined other personnel to eat the last of the fresh food before entering stasis. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, he went with a team to a planet to gather food. When they fell ill they quarantined on the planet but were attacked by creatures during the night and several of them were killed. He followed the creatures back to their nests and later blew some of them up. He trained Eli in how to use a gun to help defend them. During the next night they were attacked again and Greer was killed. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, they learned how they had been infected and attacked in another timeline, and Greer was upset that he had failed to protect those he was responsible for. He went with a team to the planet to find the creatures as their venom could cure them. They were attacked and he was killed. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Rush asked for volunteers to remain on Destiny to finish its mission and Greer immediately chose to remain as Young was staying as well. Everyone else went through the Stargate to Earth but when it appeared that Destiny was going to be destroyed he and the others went through as well. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") Ending up 2,000 years in the past, they settled on Novus. Greer had four sons and three daughters with Park and later had fifteen grandchildren. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue")