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Ronon Dex is a male Satedan, a former Specialist in the Satedan military, a former Runner, a member of the Atlantis expedition and a member of Sheppard's team.


Early life

His grandfather taught him to hunt when he was six. He went with his family to the Shrine of Talus after his grandfather became infected with a Second Childhood parasite and was able to talk to him again for a day before he died. (SGA: "The Shrine") He trained under Kell and alongside Solen Sincha, the latter joined Ronon on a mission on a Cruiser. (SGA: "Trinity")


In 1998 he was serving as a Specialist in the Satedan military when the Wraith attacked Sateda. (SGA: "Runner") During the attack he learned that Kell was sending men to their deaths so he could escape. (SGA: "Trinity") He was captured and taken aboard a ship where he was briefly fed on before they implanted him with a Wraith Tracking device and released as a Runner. He began killing the Wraith that came after him, and tried to remove the tracking device himself and even had two different doctors try. One time he stayed a night at a village and later learned it had been attacked by the Wraith so he began to avoid everyone for fear of bringing the Wraith down upon them. In 2005 he was on P3M-736 running from a Wraith and came across Aiden Ford. He later came across John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan and captured them. After they escaped, he stopped them but they convinced him to call Dr. Carson Beckett to remove the tracking device. Once removed he left and stopped Ford from killing Meredith Rodney McKay. He later went to Atlantis and viewed footage from Sateda showing the city had been destroyed and no one was left. (SGA: "Runner") He remained on Atlantis, with Sheppard considering having him join his team and having Ronon tested out. After sparring with Teyla where he threw her down, he went to apologize and asked her why she joined the expedition. He was approached by Elizabeth Weir who wanted to know if he was considering Sheppard's request. (SGA: "Duet")


He joined Sheppard's team and when visiting Olesia, Ronon was shot through the leg with an arrow but easily pulled it out. He had no issue with the Olesians using their prisoners as a distraction for the Wraith. When the prisoners captured them, Ronon wanted to escape and kill their leader but Sheppard ordered him not to. (SGA: "Condemned") He went to Belkan when Teyla was negotiating and he threatened the trading partner who did not agree to Teyla's terms. He was later told that other Satedans had survived including Solen who informed him that over 300 others had survived along with Kell. The two got very drunk celebrating and the next day he was informed that Kell had arrived. He had Teyla arrange a meeting and he killed Kell when he arrived. He told Teyla what Kell had done and she agreed she would do the same but they should not tell others what he had done. (SGA: "Trinity")

The team offered to hunt down The Daimos, a Wraith and Ronon helped track it down. They instead found a young female Wraith called Ellia, being raised by a man called Zaddik. Ronon became angered when Ellia offered him food and pointed his weapon at her but was stopped by Teyla. He, Sheppard and Teyla went to track down The Daimos and later had to track down Ellia when she took some of the Iratus bug retrovirus and it instead turned her into an animalistic creature. He saved Sheppard from being killed by her and they took her out. (SGA: "Instinct") Sheppard became affected by the retrovirus and Ronon went with a team to try to recover some Iratus bug eggs to make a cure for him but they failed. When Sheppard escaped, Ronon helped track him down and stop him. He later returned to the planet with Sheppard who was able to recover the eggs himself and a cure was made. (SGA: "Conversion")

Sheppard's team was captured by Ford and Ronon, Teyla and McKay were dosed with Wraith enzyme. Ronon and Teyla began training with Ford's men and they soon became much stronger and defeated them. Ronon was still distrustful of Ford but felt that the enzyme was good. He joined a team to go aboard a Hive ship to destroy it but they were captured. (SGA: "The Lost Boys") They escaped but were recaptured and he and Teyla began going through withdrawals but came out fine. They were rescued by Sheppard and escaped. (SGA: "The Hive")


When Sheppard became trapped in a Time dilation field, Ronon joined the team to go after him and fought The Beast when it attacked the group but was unable to hit it. (SGA: "Epiphany") After it was discovered that The Trust had planted a bomb on Atlantis, Ronon led a team to search parts of the city for the explosives. When Dr. Peter Kavanagh was suspected as the operative to plant the bomb, Ronon asked to interrogate him but Kavanagh fainted before Ronon touched him. After it was revealed that Colonel Steven Caldwell was a Goa'uld, Ronon fought him and was able to beat him down. (SGA: "Critical Mass") While investigating the Tower, a City-ship like Atlantis with a royal family ruling from it, Ronon stops the royal soldiers from assaulting a woman and kills the Constable. Knowing that the Lord Protector would be attacking the village, Ronon joins the villagers in preparing to fight. (SGA: "The Tower")

When Sheppard and Weir are taken over by consciousnesses of two fighting soldiers, Ronon tracks down Sheppard who convinces Ronon that he is himself but Weir is not so Ronon goes with him to find her. She shoots at him, hitting him in the stomach and Dr. Carson Beckett has to perform surgery to remove the bullet. (SGA: "The Long Goodbye") When Lorne's team are killed offworld, Ronon and Teyla return to investigate and ask questions of the people who do not reveal any information. They are given a stack of wanted posters of expedition personnel and return them to Weir who realize that all the personnel on the posters have the ATA gene. (SGA: "Coup D'etat") When a plan was developed to use the Iratus bug retrovirus to turn a Wraith into a human, Ronon was against it. After a successful test on Michael Kenmore, Ronon found him sparring with Teyla and pinned him against a wall. When Michael spoke to him again, offering to apologize for whatever he did to make Ronon upset with him, Ronon hit him and the two briefly fought. After Michael learned the truth and was moved to the Alpha Site, he escaped and took Teyla hostage so he and Sheppard went after them. (SGA: "Michael")

When it was discovered that Taranis was going to become uninhabitable due to a supervolcano, Ronon helped organize groups to be evacuated and waited for the Daedalus to arrive to collect them. When a group wanted to leave to escape the destruction, Ronon told them that they would die out there. He went to collect the final family but they became trapped when the escape tunnel collapsed and they waited for the Daedalus that arrived in time to rescue them. (SGA: "Inferno") Michael returned with a Hive ship and they wanted to use the retrovirus on enemy Wraith to turn them into a food source and Weir asked for Ronon's opinion on it; he was okay with helping Wraith kill other Wraith. After Michael met with Teyla, Ronon pulled his weapon on him but didn't kill Michael. He joined McKay aboard the Hive when McKay was performing repairs and later they were captured when the Wraith turned against them after taking the location of Earth. (SGA: "Allies")

They were cocooned but Ronon managed to cut himself out and free McKay. Ronon wanted McKay to sabotage the ship but they ran into Sheppard and Michael before escaping to the Daedalus. (SGA: "No Man's Land") The retrovirus was used on the Hive and the converted, and memory-less, Wraith were settled on a planet and Ronon found it weird. (SGA: "Misbegotten") When Lucius Lavin began influencing everyone on Atlantis, Ronon fell under his control. He held McKay to a wall to allow Lucius to talk to him until he also fell under his control. (SGA: "Irresistible") Sheppard's team ended up a world that Ronon had gone to when he was a Runner and he was recognized and captured with Sheppard and Teyla. The people intended to hand him over to the Wraith, so he threatened to kill himself unless they released the others first. A Wraith commander had him implanted with another tracking device and released him on Sateda to be hunted again. Ronon continued to take down the hunters sent against him and when Sheppard and Teyla arrived to rescue him he refused to leave until the commander was dead. He threatened to kill anyone who killed the commander first. After taking down the hunters, he goaded the commander to come down but he was easily beaten down by the Wraith. Beckett fired a drone that killed the commander but instead of being mad, Ronon thanked him. (SGA: "Sateda")

After Sheppard was captured by Acastus Kolya, Ronon accused Ladon Radim of allowing him to be caught when the Genii IDC was released somehow. He did not believe that Ladon was attempting to find who had released it. After Kolya was found, Weir told Ronon not to hesitate to take him down. (SGA: "Common Ground") While searching for Leonard's team that had gone missing, a Wraith Mind manipulator was found and it caused Ronon to begin to hallucinate Wraith. He ran off into the forest to hunt the Wraith down and ended up hunting Sheppard. Luckily Teyla had Sheppard shut down the mind manipulator before Ronon killed Sheppard. (SGA: "Phantoms") When a ship full of Lanteans was found and they were transported back to Atlantis, they took control of the city and had the expedition leave. The Athosians were transported off the mainland and sent to New Athos with Ronon joining them. He and Teyla were approached by Ladon Radim who asked them to work with him. Sheppard, McKay, Weir and Beckett returned as Atlantis had been taken over by the Asurans. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1") They dropped a bomb off in the control tower to blind the sensors while they retrieved Niam's body. After getting back into the city Niam woke up and had to be destroyed so a new plan was developed to interface the Anti-Replicator guns with the shield emitters to wipe out the Asurans all at once. (SGA: "The Return, Part 2")


Ronon went with Dr. Radek Zelenka to the Lantea mainland, with Ronon intending to hunt but became annoyed when Zelenka's instrument noises kept scaring anything away. He took part in a meditation session with Teyla but fell asleep during it. After others began seeing apparitions of Lanteans, Ronon began to see them too. (SGA: "Echoes") After learning that a "hero" who saved a village was Lucius Lavin and he was using a Lantean Personal shield, he performed a demonstration of him being invincible and then asked Ronon to hit him, and Ronon happily obliged only to hurt his hand. (SGA: "Irresponsible") McKay was affected by a device that accelerated his evolution and would kill him if he didn't ascend. As part of him "releasing his burden" he came to see Ronon and asked him about the scars on his back from when he tried to have the Wraith Tracking device removed, if they were a badge of honor or a painful reminder of his past. Ronon replied that he tried not to let things he couldn't change affect him. McKay hugged him and used his Healing ability to heal the scars. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")

When Sheppard's team became trapped aboard a space station inside a moon that was drifting into the planet's atmosphere, Ronon said he wanted to die fighting so Sheppard offered to fight him to the death if they started to burn up. (SGA: "The Ark") During a mandatory rest day, Sheppard took Ronon to hit some golf balls and then he took Sheppard to play a flag-catching fighting game but Sheppard instead took him to his quarters and they had some beers. Sheppard asked him if he was seeing anyone and Ronon said he wasn't ready to date yet. An explosion rocked the city and it was discovered that a device had caused two scientists to develop explosive tumors. The second tumor was removed by Beckett but it exploded and killed him. Ronon found McKay packing up Beckett's quarters and when McKay blamed himself, Ronon told him it wasn't his fault. He served as a pall bearer at a memorial to carry Beckett's body back to Earth. (SGA: "Sunday")

Ronon went with a team to explore a Mobile drilling platform on Lantea. When Teyla sensed a Wraith presence she reached out with her mind but said there was nothing. She later attacked and knocked Ronon out as she had been taken control of by a Wraith Queen. Sheppard was captured by the queen but Ronon arrived and shot at her, missing and blowing out a Jumper's windshield. (SGA: "Submersion") Checking in on the Taranians, they found them all dead and were attacked by a strange creature. Finding that Michael Kenmore was behind it, Sheppard wanted him captured but Ronon refused, stating that Michael had caused so much trouble and they needed to end it. They were forced to escape when more of the creatures arrived. (SGA: "Vengeance")

When Atlantis was under attack by an Asuran Stargate satellite, Ronon said he should learn some science so he could help in such a situation. (SGA: "First Strike") Atlantis was flown off Lantea to escape the satellite and was briefly struck, causing damage and injuries, including Ronon who got a large piece of glass impaled into his shoulder. He was treated and visited Weir as she was in the infirmary and despite being told that she couldn't hear him he thanked her for taking him in. (SGA: "Adrift") Ronon went with the team to Asuras to steal a ZPM for Atlantis and he and Sheppard snuck inside the city and recovered a ZPM. They remained on Asuras to activate the command that directed the Asurans to attack the Wraith and had to end up leaving Weir behind as she was stopping the Asurans from getting to them. As Teyla was packing up Weir's office, Ronon remarked that whoever took her place would have tough shoes to fill. (SGA: "Lifeline")

Ronon went with Teyla to find some supposed Satedans and later found Teyla being attacked in the tavern only to realize the attackers were Ara, Rakai and Tyre. They told Ronon they had been trapped and by the time they got out, Sateda was destroyed and they had spent years fighting the Wraith. Tyre asked Ronon to come and join them. He revealed they had learned the Wraith were trying to disable the command that made the Asurans attack the Wraith and he convinced his team to join them. When they were attacked, Ronon managed to escape back to Atlantis for help. When they returned, he learned that his friends were Wraith worshippers and attacked them. When Rakai accidentally killed Ara, Ronon fought him and killed him. He told Tyre to leave as enough blood had already been spilt. He returned to Atlantis. (SGA: "Reunion")

He became affected by an energy entity that caused him to have a dream where Sheppard buried him alive. (SGA: "Doppelganger") When Sheppard was captured, he joined the team to locate him. (SGA: "Travelers") When a mutated strain of Kirsan fever spread through Atlantis, Ronon and Teyla were the only ones unaffected. Ronon went with Sheppard to the mainland on M35-117 to find the Enchuri plant to treat the fever. After arriving Sheppard began to forget so Ronon stunned him and left him in the Jumper. Finding the plant, he returned to the Jumper to find Sheppard had escaped and got a weapon. Ronon convinced him to stand down and they returned to Atlantis to distribute the cure. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa") When Teyla and Keller failed to return to New Athos, Sheppard's team went to find them and Ronon recognized people by the gate as Bola Kai. (SGA: "Missing")

When Jeannie Miller was kidnapped, Ronon went with McKay and Sheppard to Earth to help find her. After McKay was kidnapped as well, Ronon had to help go through corporate documents to try to find who took him, but he soon gave up. While trying to have a meal he was talked to by Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman, much to Ronon's annoyance. (SGA: "Miller's Crossing") When duplicates of the team and Elizabeth Weir contacted Atlantis, the team went to go and meet them. Ronon didn't like their being another version of him and said he was nothing but a copy. When the Asurans arrived, the duplicates drew them away so the team could escape. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil") The team took Todd to meet with his alliance to get more ships for an assault on Asuras and they were stunned but later released. When Teyla revealed she was pregnant, Ronon congratulated her and guessed that Kanaan was the father; he also mentioned that Ronon was a good name for a boy or a girl. Ronon went with McKay and a team of marines for the attack, beaming down so McKay could overload their ZPMs to destroy them. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")


When the city went into a lockdown, Ronon became trapped in part of the infirmary with Jennifer Keller. Thinking there was an outbreak, he helped Keller prepare for patients but with the radios not working, they had no information. Ronon decided that needed to get out and Keller thought they could use an oxygen tank to blow the door. The plan didn't work so they just decided to wait. Ronon told Keller about Melena and Keller revealed that she had never felt like she fit in anywhere. The two went to kiss when the power went out. It came back on shortly afterwards and the doors all opened. (SGA: "Quarantine") Ronon went with Sheppard to Earth for Sheppard's father's funeral. They were approached by a woman named Ava Dixon who told them that she had worked with a man and they had created a human-form Replicator. Ronon went with the team to try to track it down and gave chase but it got away. (SGA: "Outcast")

Ronon was set to have an evaluation with James Coolidge of the IOA and Teal'c was invited to Atlantis by Carter to help coach him. Ronon didn't believe he needed help but when Teal'c implied that Ronon had caused the destruction of Sateda, he pulled his gun on Teal'c, who simply replied that such accusations could come from Coolidge. Sheppard suggested the two spar and they fought for over an hour before Carter broke them up. To go back to Earth they stopped at the Midway Space Station Wraith soon invaded and he and Teal'c fought them and then followed them through the Stargate to Earth. After finding Coolidge, he insisted they call for help. When Ronon learned they were planning to drop a nuclear bomb in to stop the Wraith and Coolidge said they needed to leave, Ronon refused to leave Teal'c to the Wraith. He stopped a Wraith who had began feeding on Teal'c and finished off the last Wraith. At his evaluation, Coolidge asked Ronon if he could perform his duties and Ronon simply replied with "yes". Coolidge said it was good enough for him. With contact with Midway lost, Ronon went aboard the Daedalus and they rescued Sheppard, McKay and other survivors from a Jumper near the remains of Midway. (SGA: "Midway")

When Teyla is taken when offworld, Ronon joins the team to search a facility used by Michael Kenmore and they find Carson Beckett alive. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1") Ronon is uncomfortable with Beckett being back. They go to search a planet Beckett recalls Michael using and Ronon spies a gun about to shoot at them and he shoots the shooter down. When they find a possible location of Teyla they head out but Michael escapes with her. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2") Finding one of Michael's facilities, the team became trapped when an Auto-destruct went off. Ronon tried to get Sheppard free and refused to leave him to dig out. They were beamed out by the Daedalus and soon boarded Michael's Cruiser that had arrived. They found Teyla who went into labor and gave birth, Ronon carried Teyla to escape the ship. (SGA: "Search and Rescue") When Keller became infected by a Hive ship pathogen, Ronon and the others who were on M2S-445 were found to also be infected. Beckett came up with cure and Ronon tried to get to Keller to give it to her but the tendrils growing out of her grabbed him as he was seen as a threat. He ended up with a bruised larynx. (SGA: "The Seed")

While getting supplies with Teyla, they were attacked by Tyre who took Ronon. Tyre said he was going to help Ronon and contacted the Wraith to come and get him. The Wraith abandoned Tyre and began feeding on Ronon and then giving back his life again and again until Ronon became brainwashed and pledged his life to the Wraith. When Sheppard's team arrived, Tyre was with them but betrayed them to the Wraith. When Sheppard was going to be fed on, Tyre sliced off the Wraith's feeding arm and Ronon began to fight him. He managed to beat down Tyre but was soon stunned by Sheppard's team. Back on Atlantis he began to go through Wraith enzyme withdrawal and eventually overcame the effects of the brainwashing. Sheppard told him that Tyre had sacrificed his life for them to escape. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

When the Daedalus arrived in orbit with no one aboard, they discovered that the Daedalus was in the Milky Way so they went aboard to investigate. The ship began jumping through alternate realities and they found an alternate version of their team aboard, having starved to death. When Teyla was concerned about what her counterpart had left on her Atlantis, Ronon told her that worrying about every Torren in every reality would be too much. After being attacked by aliens in one reality, some of them made it aboard and Ronon came across one of them and they fought. Sheppard arrived and helped to kill it and then had to take on more of them. McKay managed to reverse the jumps to take them back to their own reality. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")

After members of Niam's group and Elizabeth Weir came to Atlantis to get new nanite bodies, a deal was made to give them temporary bodies while they worked on creating human bodies for themselves. When one of them escape, Ronon went after him but it thrown back into a wall. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine") When McKay became infected by a Second Childhood parasite, Ronon mentioned the Shrine of Talus and was annoyed when Woolsey didn't believe him that it was real. He told Jeannie Miller about it and she agreed he should be taken there to get a chance to say goodbye. Once there they discovered that a radiation there caused the parasite to retract which allowed Keller to remove it. She told Ronon to get ready to shoot it and when she pulled it out and threw it on the ground, he destroyed it. (SGA: "The Shrine")

Teyla went undercover, disguised as a Wraith queen, to help Todd convince his alliance to take a gene therapy to remove their need to feed on humans. When the ship they were on jumped away, Sheppard and the others took a Jumper to a nearby planet and Sheppard fired drones at a Hive ship attacking their ship, destroying it. They were captured on the hive but later freed by Todd. (SGA: "The Queen") He went with Keller and McKay to M33-985. Keller disappeared and when they encountered Wraith hunters, Ronon realized that they person who took Keller must be a Runner. He began to track him and had to stop McKay from being killed by the Runner's traps. When they caught up, Ronon fought the Runner only to be stopped by Keller who explained he had taken her to get her help to heal a little girl. Kirky created a distraction and drew the Wraith through the Stargate. McKay came to see Ronon to ask if he had romantic intentions with Keller as he did as well. Ronon confirmed that he did. (SGA: "Tracker")

Ronon went with Keller aboard the Daedalus for a meeting with Todd, stating that he didn't trust Todd. Some time later Ronon saw Wraith warriors being beamed aboard and realized the ship had been taken over. He went to go get Keller but they became trapped when the ship locked down. (SGA: "First Contact") After getting out, they went to engineering and Ronon began destroying control crystals to stop the ship. Todd made an announcement that he would kill the prisoners if whoever sabotaged the ship didn't turn themselves in and Keller ran off. Ronon later rescued her and released the rest of the crew to take back the ship. Todd and the Wraith left the ship and set it on collision course but the ship was saved. Keller told Ronon that she was interested in someone else and Ronon pretended that he wasn't interested in her that way. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe") While delivering supplies to Beckett offworld, Wraith showed up and wanted the Balarans who had settled on the world and had been affected by the Hoffan drug. Ronon helped lead the Balarans into the mine to hide and later helped take out Wraith at the Stargate so they could all evacuate. (SGA: "Outsiders")

The team was kidnapped by the Coalition of Planets who put them on trial for the crimes of the Atlantis expedition. Woolsey arrived to serve as their defense and managed to get them set free. (SGA: "Inquisition") Woolsey asked Ronon to file mission reports and gave him a Voice recorder to record them instead. A Jumper arrived and created a field around it and Ronon called for everyone to get out but the field expanded and stunned everyone in the area. Ronon awoke locked in a room with everyone and he tried to force open the door. Amelia Banks woke up and she managed to open the door. One of Michael's hybrids was outside and Ronon fought him but was knocked down. he saw Banks beat back the hybrid and he got a stunner and took him down. He was very impressed with her fighting. He and two others rushed the control room and Ronon fought Michael. He was eventually beaten by Michael who threw him off the balcony. (SGA: "The Prodigal") Sheppard took Ronon to to mainland to go camping and surfing. (SGA: "Brain Storm")

A Hive ship arrived in orbit with the entire crew in stasis after using Keller's gene therapy which gave them a virulent disease. Ronon was fine with leaving them all there to die and with the fact that the gene therapy killed Wraith. (SGA: "Infection") When Keller said she was feeling ill, Ronon went to check on her and noticed something off about her. He later found her pulling a gun on McKay and he stunned her. She revealed she was a woman named Neeva Casol who had found a device that had caused her to switch bodies. They went to a planet to find Neeva's body and the device and when Keller's body was shot and McKay was trying to turn off the device, Ronon shot it and it died. (SGA: "Identity")


Todd contacted Atlantis to inform them that one of his underlings who he tasked with integrating a Zero Point Module to a Hive ship has turned against him. Sheppard's team went aboard the Daedalus to find this Hive and as the team approached the Hive in a cloaked Puddle Jumper, the Hive was able to detect it and opened fire. The Daedalus jumped in to rescue them and was overwhelmed before the Hive suddenly left. They learned that it had intercepted a signal from an alternate reality that had the location of Earth. Atlantis was being taken to Earth to help with the defense and Richard Woolsey asked Ronon and Teyla if they wanted to leave the city first as the fight for Earth wasn't about them, but they wanted to remain. They dialed Earth but had dialed into the Hive ship which was in orbit of Earth with a Stargate aboard. With Sheppard already on Earth, the team and Major Evan Lorne went through to try to stop the Hive. They were attacked and Ronon was stabbed by one of the warriors. Unable to stop the bleeding, Ronon died in front of them. He was healed and revived by the Wraith to be interrogated. The other returned and rescued him They escaped and the Hive ship was destroyed, but Atlantis had to land on Earth. Amelia Banks came to see Ronon and asked if he had died, and he replied that he did but still had things to do. Banks took him to join others on a balcony to look out over the Golden Gate Bridge. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

Alternate Realities

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Ronon went offworld and began recruiting people to fight against Michael Kenmore. They began running operations against him and soon found a lab he was using and went to destroy it. They found Todd inside, also intending to destroy the lab. Ronon ordered his men to leave when a Cruiser arrived and he and Todd went to complete the mission. They found themselves trapped and detonated the explosives while they were still inside. (SGA: "The Last Man")