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Season 10 of Stargate SG-1 is a 20-episode season that aired from July 14, 2006 to June 22, 2007.


Main cast

Recurring cast


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
Flesh and Blood.jpg "Flesh and Blood" 1001 July 14, 2006 Robert C. Cooper William Waring
With the fleet against them destroyed, the Ori ships depart for Chulak. On board one of the ships Vala gives birth to a girl who begins rapidly aging and is revealed to be an Ori in human form sent to lead the armies in their attack on the Milky Way.
Morpheus.jpg "Morpheus" 1002 July 21, 2006 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
SG-1 discover the location of Vagonbrei, one of the worlds that Arthur and his Knights went in search of Merlin's weapon. The team becomes trapped when a parasite infects them that will cause them to die if they fall asleep. Vala tries to study for a psychological assessment.
The Pegasus Project.jpg "The Pegasus Project" 1003 July 28, 2006 Brad Wright William Waring
SG-1 go to Atlantis to try to learn the location of the other worlds that Merlin's weapon might be on. Jackson and Vala make contact with an ascended being as Carter and Mitchell attempt to dial into the Supergate from the Pegasus galaxy and block more Ori ships.
Insiders.jpg "Insiders" 1004 August 4, 2006 Alan McCullough Peter F. Woeste
Ba'al arrives on Earth and offers to give up the location of Merlin's weapon in exchange for SG-1 taking down the Ba'al clones. As SG teams begin collecting Ba'al's to try to find the real one, they escape and take over part of the base.
Uninvited.jpg "Uninvited" 1005 August 11, 2006 Damian Kindler William Waring
A mutated creature attacks villagers and an SG team offworld and is found to have another creature within it. Mitchell meets Landry at O'Neill's cabin, ahead of the rest of SG-1 for some down time only for a local hunter to be attacked by a mutated creature.
200.jpg "200" 1006 August 18, 2006 Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Carl Binder, Martin Gero and Alan McCullough Martin Wood
SG-1 help Martin Lloyd work on the script for the Wormhole X-Treme! movie but he shoots down many of their ideas. The Stargate stops working so SG-1 is forced to continue to keep helping with the movie and are soon joined by O'Neill.
Counterstrike.jpg "Counterstrike" 1007 August 25, 2006 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
SG-1 are beamed off a planet before a wave of energy hits them and soon learn that the people and Ori army on the planet are all gone. Going down to take control of the warship on the surface, Landry heads to Dakara to prevent any future such attacks.
Memento Mori.jpg "Memento Mori" 1008 September 8, 2006 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Peter DeLuise
Vala is kidnapped by The Trust and Athena who wants to learn the location of an Ancient treasure Qetesh once found. While searching her memories they erase them when their safehouse is raided and Vala escapes. SG-1 works to find her before The Trust can.
Company of Thieves.jpg "Company of Thieves" 1009 September 15, 2006 Alan McCullough William Waring
While investigating a possible Supergate, the Odyssey is drawn into a trap and captured by Anateo, a member of the Lucian Alliance. Jackson and Vala attempt to locate the ship but are captured so Mitchell goes undercover within the Alliance.
The Quest, Part 1.jpg "The Quest, Part 1" 1010 September 22, 2006 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
SG-1 head out to find Merlin's weapon, the Sangraal, and find a planet with a series of tests. Along the way they are joined by Ba'al and later by Adria who had been posing as their guide. As they complete the tests they come face-to-face with a dragon.
The Quest, Part 2.jpg "The Quest, Part 2" 1011 April 13, 2007 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
Defeating the dragon, SG-1 and Ba'al are transported away and find Merlin alive and in stasis. Once revived he begins work on a new Sangraal as Adria works to track them down. When Merlin dies, Jackson uploads his memories into himself to finish the weapon.
Line in the Sand.jpg "Line in the Sand" 1012 April 20, 2007 Alan McCullough Peter DeLuise
SG-1 go to a planet to test out using Merlin's phase shifting device to hide an entire village from the forces of the Ori. When the village comes under attack, Mitchell and Carter are shifted out of phase to hide and Vala is captured and returned to Tomin.
The Road Not Taken.jpg "The Road Not Taken" 1013 April 27, 2007 Alan McCullough Andy Mikita
While working on an experiment Carter is pulled into an alternate reality where the Stargate is known to the public and Landry is President of the United States. After she uses the Mantle of Arthur to save Earth from Ori attack, Landry decides to keep her around.
The Shroud.jpg "The Shroud" 1014 May 4, 2007 Story by: Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright Teleplay by: Robert C. Cooper Andy Mikita
Jackson is found to have been converted into a Prior and once captured reveals it was part of his plan to complete Merlin's weapon and send it to the Ori galaxy to defeat them. Unable to trust him now, SG-1 attempts the mission on their own.
Bounty.jpg "Bounty" 1015 May 11, 2007 Damian Kindler Peter DeLuise
Netan puts out a bounty on SG-1 and a number of hunters go after them. As the others manage to evade hunters, Mitchell takes Vala to his high school reunion only to be followed by bounty hunters who take the reunion hostage and wait for the rest of SG-1.
Bad Guys.jpg "Bad Guys" 1016 May 18, 2007 Story by: Ben Browder and Martin Gero Teleplay by: Martin Gero Peter DeLuise
SG-1 heads out to possibly locate the Clava Thessara Infinitas, only to find themselves in a museum. Mistaken for rebels they are attacked and end up being forced to take hostages. With no DHD on the planet, SG-1 have to wait for rescue.
Talion.jpg "Talion" 1017 June 1, 2007 Damian Kindler Andy Mikita
After an attack on a Jaffa summit, Teal'c leaves the SGC to hunt down the Jaffa responsible, Arkad who leads a faction who follow Origin. The rest of SG-1 have to head out to stop him as his actions could place Earth in jeopardy due to a planned attack.
Family Ties.jpg "Family Ties" 1018 June 8, 2007 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Peter DeLuise
The SGC is contacted by Jacek, Vala's father, who offers information about Arkad's attack on Earth in exchange for sanctuary. When on Earth he continues his criminal ways and begins running various scams and is caught attempting to sell Naquadah involved in Arkad's plan.
Dominion.jpg "Dominion" 1019 June 15, 2007 Story by: Alex Levine Teleplay by: Alan McCullough William Waring
SG-1 set a trap for Adria, but they are ambushed by Ba'al who takes Adria. After getting Adria back they are shocked to find that a Ba'al clone has been implanted into Adria. A plan is developed to remove Ba'al and replace him with a Tok'ra.
Unending.jpg "Unending" 1020 June 22, 2007 Robert C. Cooper Robert C. Cooper
SG-1 and Landry head to meet the Asgard who give them all of their technology and knowledge as they intend to end their lives. Ori Warships begin tracking the Odyssey and despite the upgrades the ship is overwhelmed causing Carter to create a time dilation field to give them more time.


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