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Season 2 of Stargate SG-1 is a 22-episode season that aired from June 26, 1998 to March 12, 1999.


Main cast

Recurring cast


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
The Serpent's Lair.jpg "The Serpent's Lair" 201 June 26, 1998 Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright Jonathan Glassner
As two Goa'uld attack ships enter orbit of Earth, SG-1 aboard one of them are captured. As the SGC begins evacuating people offworld, the team is free by Bra'tac who had a plan to save Earth but now is unable to turn Apophis against his son Klorel, the Goa'uld who took Skaara as host.
In the Line of Duty.jpg "In the Line of Duty" 202 July 3, 1998 Robert C. Cooper Martin Wood
After rescuing a large group of people from a Goa'uld attack, Carter is found to have been taken over by a symbiote. Captured in an escape attempt the symbiote reveals that they are a Tok'ra, who resist the Goa'uld and that they are being hunted by an Ashrak, an elite Goa'uld assassin.
Prisoners.jpg "Prisoners" 203 July 10, 1998 Terry Curtis Fox David Warry-Smith
When SG-1 help a fleeing man, they are captured, tried as his accomplices and sent through the Stargate to the prison planet Hadante. As the SGC tries to negotiate for their release, SG-1 must keep safe and try to find a way to escape before they are killed.
The Gamekeeper.jpg "The Gamekeeper" 204 July 17, 1998 Story by: Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright Teleplay by: Jonathan Glassner Martin Wood
On a lush garden world, SG-1 are pulled into strange devices and find themselves reliving parts of their past. They soon learn that they are in a virtual reality and are new "software" for the residents who seem unaware that their world is no longer uninhabitable.
Need.jpg "Need" 205 July 24, 1998 Story by: Robert C. Cooper and Damian Kindler Teleplay by: Robert C. Cooper David Warry-Smith
SG-1 is captured offworld and forced to work in a mine. When Jackson is injured, the rulers daughter saves his life in a sarcophagus and takes a liking to him. While attempting to negotiate to free the rest of his team, Jackson becomes addicted to the effects of the sarcophagus and begins behaving erratically.
Thor's Chariot.jpg "Thor's Chariot" 206 July 31, 1998 Katharyn Powers William Gereghty
SG-1 returns to Cimmeria where it is being invaded by the Goa'uld Heru'ur. As O'Neill and Teal'c work on evading Jaffa patrols, Carter and Jackson go to the Hall of Thor's Might to try to find some Asgard weapons hidden away that may help liberate the planet.
Message in a Bottle.jpg "Message in a Bottle" 207 August 7, 1998 Story by: Michael Greenburg and Jarrad Paul Teleplay by: Brad Wright David Warry-Smith
SG-1 discover a strange orb on a dead world and bring it back to Earth for study. When the orb begins emitting radiation, they attempt to send it back but it anchors itself in the gateroom and pins O'Neill to the wall. They soon learn that it is releasing an organism that eats almost any material.
Family.jpg "Family" 208 August 14, 1998 Katharyn Powers William Gereghty
Bra'tac comes to Earth to inform SG-1 that Apophis survived the destruction of his ship, returned to Chulak and kidnapped Teal'c's son Rya'c. SG-1 accompany Bra'tac back to Chulak to help rescue him but soon find the child is brainwashed and is now serving Apophis.
Secrets.jpg "Secrets" 209 August 21, 1998 Terry Curtis Fox Duane Clark
Daniel Jackson returns to Abydos to inform Kasuf that he had not found Sha're only to find Sha're on Abydos, pregnant with Apophis' child. O'Neill and Carter go to Washington, D.C. to receive medals and O'Neill is approached by a reporter who informs him that he had information on the Stargate Program.
Bane.jpg "Bane" 210 September 25, 1998 Robert C. Cooper David Warry-Smith
Teal'c is stung by an alien insect and its venom begins to change his DNA. As he is being transported away by Colonel Maybourne, he escapes and goes on the run. SG-1 discover that the insects reproduce by infecting people and then releasing a large number of the insects, and they have to race to find Teal'c.
The Tok'ra, Part 1.jpg "The Tok'ra, Part 1" 211 October 2, 1998 Jonathan Glassner Brad Turner
SG-1 make contact with the Tok'ra, a resistance group fighting against the Goa'uld, and try to form an alliance with them but the Tok'ra assume that by alliance they mean to volunteer as hosts. The Tok'ra reject forming an alliance and refuse to allow them to leave until they have relocated to another base.
The Tok'ra, Part 2.jpg "The Tok'ra, Part 2" 212 October 9, 1998 Jonathan Glassner Brad Turner
Carter talks to her father about becoming the host to a dying Tok'ra, saving both of their lives and potentially helping to form an alliance between the two groups. The Goa'uld learn of the Tok'ra's location and launch an attack on them.
Spirits.jpg "Spirits" 213 October 23, 1998 Tor Alexander Valenza Martin Wood
When SG-11 goes missing on a mining mission, SG-1 go in search of them and meet the Salish who say that their Spirits have taken the team. After speaking to the Spirits, SG-11 come walking out of some mist and return to Earth. SG-1 learns that the team has been replaced by the Spirits who intend to protect the Salish at all costs.
Touchstone (episode).jpg "Touchstone" 214 October 30, 1998 Sam Egan Brad Turner
On a mission to examine a weather controlling device, SG-1 is accused of its theft with witnesses saying that people dressed as them came through the Stargate and took it. Back on Earth a strange weather is reported across North America and the second Stargate stored at Area 51 is found to have been replaced with a replica.
The Fifth Race.jpg "The Fifth Race" 215 December 16, 1998 Robert C. Cooper David Warry-Smith
O'Neill looks into an alien device and begins replacing random words with an alien language and producing advanced equations and technology. It is discovered that he had had the entire repository of the Ancients, the race that built the Stargates, uploaded into his mind and it will most likely overload his brain.
A Matter of Time.jpg "A Matter of Time" 216 January 29, 1999 Story by: Misha Rashovich Teleplay by: Brad Wright Martin Wood
When SG-10 fail to come back to Earth, the SGC dials in to P3W-451 to find out what has happened to them only to discover that the planet is being sucked into a black hole. When they try to shut down the Stargate it doesn't work and soon the SGC begins to experience time dilation and gravitational effects that threaten to destroy Earth.
Holiday.jpg "Holiday" 217 February 5, 1999 Tor Alexander Valenza David Warry-Smith
SG-1 meet Ma'chello, one of the most hunted enemies of the System Lords who invents technology to fight the Goa'uld, but he collapses after showing Jackson some of his technology. When back on Earth Ma'chello awakens and claims to be Jackson, stating that they had switched bodies.
Serpent's Song.jpg "Serpent's Song" 218 February 12, 1999 Katharyn Powers Peter DeLuise
SG-1 capture a badly injured Apophis and discover that he has been tortured by the Goa'uld Sokar. As Apophis lays dying, they try to get information from him only for Sokar to begin attacking the Iris to break through, intending to destroy Earth for taking Apophis.
One False Step.jpg "One False Step" 219 February 19, 1999 Michael Kaplan and John Sanborn William Corcoran
SG-1 heads out to retrieve a crashed UAV and meets a strange alien species who start to fall ill and collapse. Thinking that they have introduced a deadly pathogen to these aliens, they work to find a cure but soon began to experience strange symptoms themselves.
Show and Tell.jpg "Show and Tell" 220 February 26, 1999 Jonathan Glassner Peter DeLuise
A young boy comes through the Stargate with the Iris opening for his arrival on its own. He tells them that he was sent by Mother, a invisible Reetou, to warn them of an attack by the Reetou Rebels, who plan to destroy Earth as a means of getting rid of potential hosts for the Goa'uld.
1969 (episode).jpg "1969" 221 March 5, 1999 Brad Wright Charles Correll
On a standard mission, SG-1 find themselves back on Earth in the year 1969. Freed by a young George Hammond, they head across the United States to find the Stargate and use it to get back to their own time and not alter the future with their actions.
Out of Mind.jpg "Out of Mind" 222 March 12, 1999 Jonathan Glassner Martin Wood
O'Neill awakens in 2077, having been frozen by an unknown alien species when on a mission with the rest of SG-1 being killed, the future SGC helps him through his memories to try to find out who had frozen him. O'Neill suspects something wrong and discovers a hidden Goa'uld facility around the SGC.


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