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Season 3 of Stargate SG-1 is a 22-episode season that aired from June 25, 1999 to March 10, 2000.


Main cast

Recurring cast


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
Into the Fire.jpg "Into the Fire" 301 June 25, 1999 Brad Wright Martin Wood
Captured by the Goa'uld Hathor, SG-1 refuse to join her and O'Neill is selected to become a host. SG teams arrive to free SG-1 but find themselves cut off from the Stargate and Teal'c goes to Chulak to gather forces to fight against the Goa'uld.
Seth (episode).jpg "Seth" 302 July 2, 1999 Jonathan Glassner William Corcoran
Jacob Carter comes to the SGC looking for the Goa'uld Seth, who hasn't been heard of since the Stargate was buried on Earth. Seth is found running a cult that fervently follow his command due to the use of a chemical. SG-1 are affected when they attempt to get to Seth and become part of his cult.
Fair Game.jpg "Fair Game" 303 July 9, 1999 Robert C. Cooper Martin Wood
The Asgard approach Earth about getting them included in the Protected Planets Treaty which would prevent the System Lords from launching an attack against Earth. Three System Lords arrive on Earth for a summit but things go bad when one of them is severely injured and Teal'c is implicated.
Legacy.jpg "Legacy" 304 July 16, 1999 Tor Alexander Valenza Peter DeLuise
After finding a group of dead Goa'uld, Jackson begins to experience the affects of schizophrenia and hallucinating the dead Goa'uld following him around. As he is committed, Teal'c falls ill and it is discovered that an organism that kills Goa'uld has infected him.
Learning Curve.jpg "Learning Curve" 305 July 23, 1999 Heather E. Ash Martin Wood
SG-1 meet the Orbanians and Carter gets the opportunity to study on the their Naquadah reactors. She is instructed in its operation by an 11-year old girl who is an expert in the technology. They soon learn that the girl is one of many infected with nanites that accelerate their learning capabilities.
Point of View.jpg "Point of View" 306 July 30, 1999 Story by: Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper & Tor Alexander Valenza Teleplay by: Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright Peter DeLuise
When an alternate reality Carter and Charles Kawalsky come through the Quantum Mirror after escaping a Goa'uld attack on their Earth, they are welcomed into the SGC. But it is soon discovered that the alternate Carter cannot remain or she will die so a plan is developed to save their Earth.
Deadman's Switch.jpg "Deadman's Switch" 307 August 6, 1999 Robert C. Cooper Martin Wood
SG-1 is captured by the bounty hunter Aris Boch who plans to sell them to Sokar. Boch makes a deal with them for their help in capturing a better prize, a Goa'uld who betrayed Sokar, in exchange for their freedom. They agree but soon discover that the Goa'uld is in fact a Tok'ra spy.
Demons.jpg "Demons" 308 August 13, 1999 Carl Binder Peter DeLuise
When SG-1 visit a world that regular gives up sacrifices to a "demon", Teal'c is accused of being possessed by Satan and put through trials to determine his innocence. When he survives SG-1 is all accused of being possessed and given up to the "demon".
Rules of Engagement.jpg "Rules of Engagement" 309 August 20, 1999 Terry Curtis Fox William Gereghty
SG-1 come across a group of people pretending to be SG team members and training in battle against one another. It is discovered that they were established by Apophis to infiltrate the SGC to destroy it and the group begins their final challenge to fight one another to the death.
Forever in a Day.jpg "Forever in a Day" 310 October 8, 1999 Jonathan Glassner Peter DeLuise
SG-1 head to help free the Abydonians who have been captured by the Goa'uld and Jackson encounters Amaunet, the Goa'uld who took Sha're as a host. Amaunet begins to kill Jackson who experiences a strange dream world where Sha're attempts to relay vital information to him.
Past and Present.jpg "Past and Present" 311 October 15, 1999 Tor Alexander Valenza William Gereghty
SG-1 meet a planet where all the people have lost their memories and have no idea who they are. They discover that Linea, who they helped escape from the prison planet Hadante, visited this world and experimented on a strange chemical that blocked their memories and reversed the age of everyone several decades.
Jolinar's Memories.jpg "Jolinar's Memories" 312 October 22, 1999 Sonny Wareham & Daniel Stashower Peter DeLuise
SG-1 join Martouf for a mission to rescue Jacob from a hellish prison controlled by Sokar. Carter has to go through Jolinar's memories to try to discover how she had escaped from this prison but they are immediately captured after arriving by the prison's Goa'uld ruler.
The Devil You Know.jpg "The Devil You Know" 313 October 29, 1999 Robert C. Cooper Peter DeLuise
With a revived Apophis now in control of the hellish prison, SG-1 are interrogated, having to live through twisted versions of memories as Apophis tries to get information from them. The Tok'ra High Council take the opportunity to destroy the moon SG-1 are on in order to take out Sokar.
Foothold.jpg "Foothold" 314 November 5, 1999 Heather E. Ash Andy Mikita
Returning from a mission, SG-1 are sedated and Carter and Teal'c discover that the SGC has been infiltrated by aliens that are replacing the personnel. Carter escapes and seeks out help from Colonel Maybourne to stop these aliens from taking over Earth.
Pretense.jpg "Pretense" 315 January 19, 2000 Katharyn Powers David Warry-Smith
SG-1 is visited by the Tollan Narim who informs them that Skaara is on Tollana and invites them to take part in a Triad - a trial to determine if Skaara or Klorel are to have control over Skaara's body. SG-1 discover that the Goa'uld representative in the Triad is potentially planning an attack.
Urgo (episode).jpg "Urgo" 316 January 28, 2000 Tor Alexander Valenza Peter DeLuise
SG-1 return from a mission with absolutely no recollection of what happened, believing that they just left. After experiencing strange behaviors such as finding food and drink to be exceptional, they are found to have tiny devices implanted into their brains and they meet a being called Urgo that no one else can see.
A Hundred Days.jpg "A Hundred Days" 317 February 2, 2000 Story by: V.C. James Teleplay by: Brad Wright David Warry-Smith
SG-1 meet the Edorans and discover that their world is going to be hit with a meteor that may wipe them all out. Convincing many of them to evacuate through the Stargate, O'Neill becomes trapped when a meteor hits the Stargate. As the rest of SG-1 try to come up with a rescue plan, O'Neill settles into a new life.
Shades of Grey.jpg "Shades of Grey" 318 February 11, 2000 Jonathan Glassner Martin Wood
O'Neill steals technology from the Tollan and is forced into retirement for his actions. He is approached by Maybourne who offers him an opportunity to gather technology to defend Earth from attack without worrying about having to negotiate for it and finds himself part of the rogue NID.
New Ground.jpg "New Ground" 319 February 18, 2000 Heather E. Ash Chris McMullin
SG-1 visit a planet where the inhabitants have just unburied their Stargate but are soon captured by their military who believe they are spies from a rival continent sent to undermine the beliefs in their god, Nefertum. Teal'c manages to escape but is blinded in an attack.
Maternal Instinct.jpg "Maternal Instinct" 320 February 25, 2000 Robert C. Cooper Peter F. Woeste
Tracking down where Amaunet sent her Harcesis son, SG-1 and Bra'tac head to Kheb and discover a temple with a lone monk in it. As Apophis' forces invade the planet looking for the child, Jackson meets a powerful energy being that had taken the child.
Crystal Skull.jpg "Crystal Skull" 321 March 3, 2000 Story by: Michael Greenburg and Jarrad Paul Teleplay by: Brad Wright Brad Turner
After finding a crystal skull that is an exact duplicate of one found by Jackson's grandfather, SG-1 head to a planet where the skull makes Jackson disappear. He awakens to find that no one can see or hear him and SG-1's only lead is Jackson's grandfather.
Nemesis.jpg "Nemesis" 322 March 10, 2000 Robert C. Cooper Martin Wood
O'Neill finds himself aboard Thor's ship with a dying Thor who informs him that the enemy of the Asgard, the Replicators, have taken over the ship and are planning on landing on Earth and destroying it. With no way to get off the ship, O'Neill plans on destroying it with them aboard.


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