SGC Gateroom

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SGC Gateroom

SGC Level 28, Stargate Command, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, United States of America



Star system

Solar System


Milky Way

Controlled by

Stargate Command

The SGC Gateroom is a large room on Level 28 of Stargate Command where the Stargate is located.


The room is located next to the control room. The room has two access points on either side, covered with blast doors. A large window at the front of the room looks into the control room and one above it looks into the briefing room. The Stargate sits at the end of the room up a ramp. (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "The Broca Divide")


Apophis and his Serpent Guards arrived on Earth and attacked several airman in this room. (SG1: "Children of the Gods") Hathor's Sarcophagus was stored here and after she used her Hand device on it, trying to hit Jack O'Neill, it overloaded, exploded and destroyed much of the equipment in the room. (SG1: "Hathor") The gateroom was set up as a decontamination area when SG-1 and medical teams came back from Hanka. (SG1: "Singularity") When the Stargate overloaded, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c were thrown out of the gate and across the room. (SG1: "Solitudes") An Orb brought from offworld, began to release radiation and they were going to send it back when it produced spikes that anchored it in the gateroom and pinned O'Neill to a wall. (SG1: "Message in a Bottle")