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Samantha Carter
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Colonel Samantha Carter is a female Tau'ri, a member of the United States Air Force, a member of Stargate Command, a former member of SG-1, the former leader of the Atlantis expedition and the commander of the George Hammond.


Early life

Carter was born in 1968. (SG1: "Entity") Carter's mother died when she was young and she blamed her father as he was supposed to pick her up but she instead took a cab and got into an accident. She eventually forgve him and followed him into the United States Air Force. (SG1: "Jolinar's Memories", "The Devil You Know") Carter logged over 100 hours in enemy airspace during the Gulf War and knew someone that suffered from amnesia when she was involved in a helicopter crash. (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Past and Present") She a year studying nanotechnology with a group from The Pentagon. (SG1: "Brief Candle") She worked with Catherine Langford and was part of Project Giza studying the Stargate since 1994 but was not part of the team that finally activated it and went through. Carter led a team to dial the Stargate to other planets but it never worked. (SG1: "Children of the Gods") She was engaged to Jonas Hanson at some point but called off the engagement. (SG1: "The First Commandment")

Abydos and Chulak

When a mission to Abydos to determine where some hostiles that came through the Stargate came from, Carter was reassigned by The Pentagon to join the team. Carter assumed that Jack O'Neill's hesitance to having her around was because she was a woman but he told her it was because she was a scientist. She was amazed to see the Dial Home Device on Abydos, which wasn't found when the Stargate was excavated in Giza in 1928. She met Daniel Jackson who took the team to the Abydos Cartouche room where he had a theory that the Stargate could go to other places and when he mentioned that planets were moving further apart, Carter realized that they could use the information on the cartouche room walls to create a dialing program to get the Stargate on Earth to reach other planets. She took video footage of the cartouche room's information to use in the program. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")

Carter was part of a briefing where Major General George Hammond told them that the President had authorized the formation of nine teams to explore worlds through the Stargate with O'Neill getting command of SG-1, with Carter and Jackson on the team. She went with SG-1 and SG-2 to Chulak where SG-1 met some monks who took them to the city but when the Goa'uld Apophis announced his new queen, who had taken Sha're as a host and they were all captured and put in prison. When Apophis ordered all the other prisoners killed, his First Prime Teal'c turned against the other guards and helped them and the other prisoners escape. While on the way back to the Stargate they were attacked by a Death glider which was shot down by SG-2 who had heard the commotion. Jackson dialed back to Earth and Carter went through to inform the SGC that they were bringing back refugees. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")


When on Simarka, Carter was almost killed for being a woman and showing her face in public, but as she had helped save Abu, his father Moughal declared that she be allowed to live. Carter was given "appropriate" clothes by the Simarkans and not allowed to participate in a feast that night, but while she slept she was kidnapped by Abu who sold her to a rival chief Turghan in an attempt to buy Turghan's daughter Nya but Turghan refused. Carter attempted an escape but was caught and as Turghan was going to beat the women that were responsible for her, Carter told him to beat her instead. The rest of SG-1 arrived to free her, buying her back with a 9mm, which would eventually run out of ammo. When Carter learned that Nya, who she had helped escape, was going to be stoned to death, she made them return and challenged Turghan for her freedom, managing to defeat him but refused to kill him. As a way to remember her, the Shavadai, allowed their women to have freedom. (SG1: "Emancipation")

SG-1 was exposed to a virus that caused them to behave in a primitive fashion, and Carter attempted to aggressively seduce O'Neill and he had to drag her to the infirmary. While in isolation, Carter was stabbed by her roommate but made a complete recovery. (SG1: "The Broca Divide") SG-1 went to find out what had happened to SG-9 led by Carter's former fiancé Captain Jonas Hanson and discovered that Hanson was posing as a god and working the people to death. She approached Hanson who told her that he planned to have her come here to figure out how to activate a force field device and remarked that he hoped one day she would agree to be his goddess. She got his gun but couldn't bring herself to kill him; after he threatened to kill O'Neill, she agreed to activate the device. Hanson was going to send O'Neill and Lt. O. Connor back to Earth through the Stargate, without sending an Iris code, which would kill them. Hanson killed when the people instead threw him through the Stargate, after it was proven he was not a god. (SG1: "The First Commandment")

SG-1 went on a mission to a planet to capture a creature that could make itself invisible and encountered Apophis, deciding to try to capture him instead. During the ambush, Apophis managed to kill her, O'Neill and Jackson; they were later revived by the Nox. SG-1 again attempted to capture Apophis but the Nox, using their advanced abilities took Apophis and his guards away and sent them back through the Stargate (SG1: "The Nox") When O'Neill was affected by nanites that began aging him rapidly, she worked with Dr. Janet Fraiser on examining these nanites and was against them being destroyed to prevent them from escaping containment. When O'Neill contacted them after finding a device that controlled the nanites, SG-1 returned and Carter used another transmitter to shut down the nanites. (SG1: "Brief Candle") Visiting Cimmeria, O'Neill and Teal'c were taken away by a device near the Stargate and Carter and Jackson met with Kendra, a former host, who took them to where O'Neill and Teal'c were sent to. (SG1: "Thor's Hammer")

As SG-1 went to rescue Dr. Ernest Littlefield, a man who had went through the Stargate in 1945, Carter worked with Teal'c on trying to dial out the Stargate as the DHD had been damaged and made a system to direct lightning to the Stargate as a power supply. (SG1: "The Torment of Tantalus") When SG-1 returned to Chulak to rescue Teal'c's family, Carter and Jackson followed a religious procession and managed to collect a symbiote for study for a tank near a temple. Jackson mentioned how all the other symbiotes in the tank would eventually take hosts and Carter said if they killed them now when they were vulnerable they would be no better than the Goa'uld. As they were leaving, Jackson turned around and shot the tank, emptying its contents and killing the symbiotes. (SG1: "Bloodlines") Carter, O'Neill and Teal'c had their memories altered to make them think that Jackson had been killed but they began exhibiting odd behaviors. Carter agreed to go through hypnosis which determined that the memory of Jackson's death was faked and SG-1 returned for him. (SG1: "Fire and Water")

When the Goa'uld Hathor began using a chemical to control the men on the base, Carter tried to convince the others that she should be locked up. She joined with Fraiser and several other female personnel members to take down Hathor but were captured in the attempt. After escaping they joined with Teal'c, who was not affected by Hathor and had to take O'Neill to Hathor's Sarcophagus to heal him after Hathor converted him into a Jaffa. Carter went with O'Neill to take Hathor down and she was thrown across the room by Hathor's Hand device. As she attempted to kill O'Neill, Carter shot at her and ignited the bath tank she was using to spawn symbiotes. Hathor fled through the Stargate and lost control of the men on the base; Carter and Fraiser were put up for Commendation Medals by General Hammond. (SG1: "Hathor") SG-1 met Cassandra, the sole survivor a plague that killed her people and she became attached to Carter. It was discovered that Cassandra had a Goa'uld bomb growing in her chest that would explode if she went through the Stargate. With time running out, she was taken to an nuclear storage facility so when she exploded she would not harm others and Carter refused to leave her alone to die; luckily the bomb had began to deteriorate and she was fine, eventually being adopted by Dr. Fraiser. (SG1: "Singularity")

When Teal'c was put on trial on Cartago for a murder he did there when he was First Prime, Carter helped served in his defense. (SG1: "Cor-ai") After SG-2 rescued the Tollans, one of them Narim told her that when he first saw her he thought she was a "Sher'mau" an angelic figure from his people's past and became attracted to her. Carter showed Narim the surface and he took an interest in a bird stating that there had been no animals on his planet in generations, so she brought him several books with pictures of animals as well as giving him the cat Schrödinger. When the Tollans were going to be taken away by Colonel Harry Maybourne, Carter helped with the plan to get them through the Stargate and before they left Narim gave her a device which had recorded his feelings for her when they were together; the two shared a kiss. (SG1: "Enigma")

SG-1 were attacked and had to escape through the Stargate, which overloaded and caused Carter and O'Neill to be redirected to a Stargate hidden in the ice of Antarctica, they assumed they were on another planet. Carter treated O'Neill's injuries and try to repair the DHD and dial Earth but it never worked. She climbed outside but couldn't see anything anywhere around her so she returned to O'Neill to die. They were rescued by Jackson, Teal'c and Hammond who had worked out where they had been sent to. (SG1: "Solitudes") SG-1 were duplicated by the Altairan Harlan and when Carter met her duplicate the two started debating how impossible the process would be. (SG1: "Tin Man") On a mission, Jackson disappeared and search teams had to be called in to locate him. They found him with a staff weapon wound on him and he warned them that the Goa'uld were on their way to Earth; he had experienced an alternate reality where similar events had happened. (SG1: "There But for the Grace of God") Carter, the rest of SG-1 and Hammond had to try to convince Senator Robert Kinsey to continue to fund the SGC but Kinsey was unconvinced and the SGC was shut down. (SG1: "Politics")

SG-1 went through the Stargate to the coordinates Jackson received in the alternate reality and they soon found themselves aboard a ship headed to Earth. Carter and Jackson went around the ship planting C-4 to destroy it but when O'Neill and Teal'c were captured by Klorel, the Goa'uld inhabiting Skaara, they went to free them and were later captured. They were freed by Bra'tac and worked on a plan to destroy the second ship that had arrived. They disabled the shields on the second ship so it would be destroyed when the other exploded and escaped aboard two Death gliders but were too late in their escape and the gliders were damaged. Luckily the Space Shuttle Endeavour had been launched and rescued them. (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "The Serpent's Lair")


While rescuing the Nasyans, Carter was giving mouth to mouth with an injured man when the Tok'ra Jolinar entered through her mouth and took control. When Jolinar was tortured to near death by an Ashrak, Jolinar was dying and taking Carter with them; Jolinar sacrificed their life to save Carter's. (SG1: "In the Line of Duty") When SG-1 was sentenced and sent to the prison planet Hadante, Carter said that they need a power source so they could manually dial out the Stargate. They met with Linea, a leader in the prison, who had a plant that produced an organic cold fusion and they used it to power the Stargate. They took Linea back to Earth and Carter told her about all the planets that could be visited through the Stargate, Linea knocked Carter out, examined the database and escaped through the Stargate. (SG1: "Prisoners")

After SG-1 were pulled into a virtual reality, The Keeper, the one who ran the virtual reality, was unable to access Carter's memories because of her being a host to Jolinar. (SG1: "The Gamekeeper") When SG-1 were put to work in a mine on P3R-636 and Jackson tried to negotiate their release, he began using a sarcophagus and Carter accessed a memory from Jolinar that the Tok'ra did not use the sarcophagus as it altered their minds. (SG1: "Need") After discovering that Cimmeria had been invaded by the Goa'uld, Carter and Jackson were taken by Gairwyn to the Hall of Thor's Might to try to find Asgard weapons to liberate Cimmeria. When Jackson deciphered some Runes as numbers, Carter realized that they were the mathematical concept of Pi and they communicated with the real Thor, Carter remarked that he matched the descriptions of the Roswell Greys. (SG1: "Thor's Chariot")

When SG-1 brought an Orb back to Earth, she and Jackson spent the night examining it but when it started to release radiation, O'Neill and Teal'c tried to send it back through the Stargate but it produced spikes and anchored itself in the gateroom, pinning O'Neill to a wall and releasing an organism that metabolized all sorts of materials. She led a team to examine the data they had on the Orb to try to find a way to stop it and she later realized that by lowering the oxygen levels in the base they could slow down the organisms spread. When the auto-destruct activated, Carter and Hammond tried to shut it down but the organism had affected the computers and they couldn't disarm it. It was discovered that the organism was trying to communicate with them, so Carter said they shoul increase the oxygen levels to help it grow so it could communicate through O'Neill. The organisms returned to the Orb and went through the Stargate. (SG1: "Message in a Bottle")

Carter and O'Neill were awarded the Air Medal to be given to them by the President of the United States in Washington, D.C.. At the reception she saw her father, Jacob Carter, who told her that he had got her an opportunity to join NASA but she declined, unable to tell her father that he work at the SGC was more important. Jacob revealed to her that he had Lymphoma and was dying but she still refused to join NASA. (SG1: "Secrets") Carter went through a procedure that helped her access one of Jolinar's memories and SG-1 went to meet the Tok'ra. She recognized one of the Tok'ra as Martouf and said that she had a feeling that she knew all of them but had stronger memories of Martouf. She explained to Grand Councilor Garshaw and Martouf what had happened to Jolinar and they were introduced to Selmak who's host was dying and need a new one. Martouf asked her to take a walk with him, revealing that Jolinar was his mate for over a hundred years and the two share a moment. (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 1")

SG-3 arrived and Carter was told that her father was in the hospital in a bad condition and she realized that her father could survive if he became the new host for Jolinar. She and O'Neill returned to Earth and she and Hammond spoke to Jacob, informing him about the Stargate and offering him a chance to live. They returned the Tok'ra and Jacob was introduced to Selmak. Carter told her father that he didn't have to become a host if he didn't want to but he said that it was his only choice as death wasn't an option. He blended with Selmak and fell unconscious as Selmak tried to cure his cancer. Carter and Martouf remained behind on the planet as a Goa'uld attack was incoming to wait for Jacob to awaken. When he did they fled through the Stargate to Earth and Jacob thanked her for giving him the best assignment that he could have asked for. (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 2")

When O'Neill was injured, Carter took command of SG-1 and led a mission to PXY-887 meeting with the Salish who claimed that the Spirits had taken SG-11. Carter was skeptical but went along with asking the Spirits to return SG-11, speaking with a wolf and a crow to ask for them to be returned. She was surprised when SG-11 walked out of some mist, being returned by the Spirits. Carter tried to negotiate with the Salish for access to the Trinium on their planet. (SG1: "Spirits") Carter wanted to measure the emissions from the Touchstone to learn how it operated but the device had been stolen and brought back to Earth. She was able to track its general location on Earth to around Area 51 and when SG-1 went to the facility, she discovered that the second Stargate stored there was in fact made of plastic and a fake. She came up with a way to send a MALP back from Madrona through the second Stargate by overloading its power supply, tracking its general location to Utah; the Stargate and the Touchstone were successfully recovered. (SG1: "Touchstone")

After O'Neill had the Repository of Knowledge uploaded into his mind and he programmed new destinations into the computer, Carter helped explore one of them but they became trapped when the Stargate locked up mid-dial. She worked to fix the problem but couldn't solve it, luckily O'Neill used the knowledge he had to come up with a solution, saving the team. When the Stargate dialed an 8th Chevron address, Carter theorized that the extra chevron added a new distance calculation to the address allowing it to dial outside the galaxy. (SG1: "The Fifth Race") When SG-10 failed to return and a MALP was sent to check on them, they found that a black hole had formed near the planet and Carter stated that there was nothing that they could do to rescue them. When time dilation effects began affecting the base, Carter left to go outside the base to try to come up with a way to disconnect the Stargate and save Earth. She eventually realized that they could use a Shaped charge to redirect the wormhole. (SG1: "A Matter of Time")

When Jackson switched bodies with Ma'chello and O'Neill and Teal'c switched bodies bringing back the device used, Carter used O'Neill and Teal'c to run experiments on the device to see if they could get them back into their own bodies. After Ma'chello revealed that the device won't switch two people back, she came up with a way for the four of them to use the device to switch bodies around until they were back in their own. (SG1: "Holiday") After capturing a severly injured Apophis, Carter had a memory from Jolinar, realizing that Apophis' injuries were consistent with being tortured. When Sokar began an attack on the Iris, wanting to get ahold of Apophis, Carter asked Apophis if there was any defense from his attack. Knowing that a wormhole could only be maintained for 38 minutes, they attempted to dial out before Sokar could dial in but failed. Carter devised an accelerated dialing program that successfully dialed out and they sent Apophis' body back to Sokar, stopping his attack. (SG1: "Serpent's Song")

A UAV crashed when performing reconnaissance and SG-1 went to collect it and meet with the alien that had been seen in its footage. When meeting the aliens, one of them took Carter's knife to look at it and as she went to take it back Jackson sneezed, startling the alien who dropped the knife and it cut Carter's hand. The aliens began to fall ill and Carter suspected that they had something to do with it, maybe even them being exposed to her blood. Discovering that the aliens were sensitive to sound, Carter used frequency emitters to heal them. (SG1: "One False Step") Carter examined a young boy that came through the Stargate, noting that she did not detect any symbiote in him. Jacob came to the SGC, after they learned from the boy that the Reetou, a race of invisible aliens, were planning an attack. Carter worked on installing palm scanners to prevent the Reetou from being able to open the Iris for others of their kind. (SG1: "Show and Tell")

Carter was asked by Hammond to perform some research on solar flares and before she left to go on a mission, he handed her a note and told her to keep it in her vest pocket until she reached the other side. SG-1 were sent back in time to 1969 and Carter warned them not to reveal any information as it could alter their timeline. They were captured inside Cheyenne Mountain Complex but were approached by a man and Carter realized that it was Hammond, revealing to him that the note he had found in her possessions was written by him in the future. Carter figured out that a solar flare had affected the wormhole and sent them back in time and that another solar flare would send them back, and that Hammond had given them two dates in the note when flares would occur. She went undercover with Jackson to speak to Catherine Langford and learn the location of the Stargate. They entered the Stargate a few moments too early and were sent into the far future, where a woman met them and Carter realized that it was Cassandra. She sent them back through the Stargate to the correct time. (SG1: "1969")

She awoke in a future SGC, being told that the rest of SG-1 had been killed and she was frozen and it was decided to keep her like that until they had the technology to revive her. The future SGC used a device to help go through her memories to try to find out who had saved her life. She awoke later to find O'Neill standing over her and he told her that it was all fake and that they were being held by the Goa'uld inside a fake SGC. They found Jackson and attempted to escape only to come across Hathor and were captured again. (SG1: "Out of Mind") Carter and Jackson managed to escape when SG-3 arrived but were prevented from getting to the Stargate by a force field. Carter returned to the fake SGC to try to shut it down and found O'Neill. They were all rescued when Teal'c and Hammond, along with Bra'tac and other Jaffa arrived. (SG1: "Into the Fire")


When Jacob Carter came to Earth to look for the Goa'uld Seth, Selmak informed Carter that they requested the mission as they wanted Jacob to reconcile with his son Mark. Jacob didn't want to and Carter said that she would go with him but he continued to refuse. When they located Seth, Carter, Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson were affected by Nish'ta and fell under his control. Luckily Carter had devised a way to deliver an electric shock to them using hidden ear pieces, releasing them from his control. As Seth was escaping, he knocked down Jacob and Carter went after him using a Hand device to throw him back. She used it again to crush Seth into the ground, killing him. (SG1: "Seth") Carter was promoted to the rank of Major. When three System Lords came to Earth to negotiate with the Asgard to include Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty and one of the Goa'uld, Cronus, was badly injured, Carter used a Goa'uld Healing device to save his life. (SG1: "Fair Game")

After Jackson began exhibiting signs of Schizophrenia he was committed but it was discovered that he had been affected by one of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing organisms. Carter and Dr. Janet Fraiser examined some of these organisms but they escaped containment and affected them and O'Neill. Carter did not experience any effects from them and they shortly left her body and died. Fraiser managed to talk Carter through part of a process to make her blood able to be injected into them as it contained the protein marker from a symbiote that made the organisms leave. She was successful and save them and Teal'c, who had also been affected. (SG1: "Legacy") Carter worked with the young Orbanian Merrin in studying an Orbanian Naquadah reactor and building a prototype Naquadah generator. When it was discovered that Merrin had nanites in her brain that helped her accumulate knowledge and when they were harvested she would end up in an infant-like state, Carter tried to convince her to remain on Earth to stop it from happening. (SG1: "Learning Curve")

Carter met an alternate reality version of herself that arrived through the Quantum Mirror with an alternate Charles Kawalsky having escaped from a Goa'uld attack. When the alternate Carter began to experience Entropic cascade failure, a plan was developed to return to their reality and contact the Asgard for helping in freeing Earth. Both Carter's worked on repairing the Power device needed to dial an 8th Chevron. Carter was unable to go through to the alternate reality as she would eventually suffer from entropic cascade failure as well. (SG1: "Point of View") When SG-1 was captured by the Bounty hunter Aris Boch, Carter had to help patch up one of his wounds. Boch make a deal with them for their help in capturing a Goa'uld in exchange for releasing them, but kept Carter with him as the Goa'uld was actually a Tok'ra. Boch later had a change of heart and let them all go. (SG1: "Deadman's Switch")

After being captured by SG-X their weapons were taken away and Carter and Daniel searched through SG-X's armory to try to recover them, finding several missing and realizing that the SG-X members were using real weapons instead of stun weapons. After showing their leader, Rophiapgisy, footage of Apophis' death, convincing him that Apophis was not a god, Carter came up with a way to transfer the footage into a Vo'cume to project it to all the members of SG-X, convincing them to return to their homes. (SG1: "Rules of Engagement") Carter joined in helping to free some Abydonians that had been captured by Amaunet. (SG1: "Forever in a Day") After meeting the Vyans who had mass amnesia that was caused by Linea, Carter discovered Linea's journal and went through her notes, learning that she was working on reversing aging and discovered that one of the Vyans, Ke'ra, was Linea. Cater worked with Fraiser and Linea on a solution to the amnesia caused by Linea's experiments. (SG1: "Past and Present")

Martouf came to Earth to tell Carter that her father had been captured by Sokar but they had a plan to rescue him which involved searching Jolinar's memories to discover how she had originally escaped from the hellish prison moon Netu. While en route to the moon, Carter had a Memory recall device used on her but she ended up reliving things from her own past. She tried again later but experienced some of Jolinar's memories of being tortured by Sokar. She told Jackson that she knew that there was something that Jolinar was hiding from Martouf. After arriving on Netu, they were captured and Carter recalled the name of the Lord of Netu Bynarr and when she identified herself as being the former host of Jolinar, he had them thrown in the pit. Bynarr had her brought before him and Carter experienced another memory of how Jolinar escaped using a Ring Transporter hidden in Bynarr's room. Bynarr was about to kill Carter when he was shot and killed by his First Prime Na'onak. As chaos began to fall on Netu, they attempted to escape but were captured with Na'onak revealing himself to be Apophis. (SG1: "Jolinar's Memories")

Apophis interrogated SG-1 using the recall device and the narcotic Blood of Sokar. Carter relived some of her memories right after her mother died but realized it wasn't real when he father began asking about the codes to open the Iris. Put back in the pit, Jacob told her that he didn't think that he would make it and she told him that was unacceptable and that he had to see his grandchildren again. When Martouf was being interrogated, Carter was brought in and he hallucinated that she was Jolinar and revealed to Apophis that the Tok'ra were based on the planet Entak. He later told her that he knew that it was Carter all along and lied to Apophis. When the Tok'ra launched a Chain reaction weapon into Netu to cause it to detonate and take out Sokar who was in orbit, the moon became unstable and Carter came up with a plan to pack a steam vent so it blew off the gate holding them in. They managed to escape to the ship they came on. Jacob asked her if she had any leave coming up and they should take a father-daughter vacation together. (SG1: "The Devil You Know")

SG-1 were sedated after a mission and Carter was awoken by Teal'c who informed her that the SGC had been infiltrated by aliens and that they were possibly the only ones who were not duplicated. When their escape is detected, Teal'c allows Carter to escape as he serves to distract the aliens. Carter contacts Colonel Harry Maybourne informing him of a foothold situation and asks to meet him. Maybourne meets her but reveals he contacted the SGC and they are approached by O'Neill and Jackson who Carter believes to be alien duplicates. She agrees to go with them all to check out the SGC but during the plane trip, the alien duplicating O'Neill is revealed when its Mimic device is interfered with by the planes engine noise. After finding out how the aliens duplicate them, Carter devises a way to produce high frequency sound to interfere with all the aliens devices as Maybourne's forces assault the base. (SG1: "Foothold")

SG-1 goes to Tollana to take part in a Triad to determine whether Skaara or Klorel have a right to Skaara's body and Carter and Teal'c follow some Jaffa serving the Goa'uld representative, witnessing them appearing to tamper with the Tollan Ion cannons. Carter talks to Narim, telling him that after being blended with a Tok'ra, she can't have a relationship with anyone until she is sure her feelings are her own. (SG1: "Pretense") SG-1 return from a mission with no memory of what happened, they discovered that small devices had been implanted in their brains and allowed them to see and hear the artificial intelligence Urgo that influenced them to try new things and increased their senses. After contacting the person who implanted the devices in them who informed them that them seeing Urgo was an error and to return so they could remove the devices, Carter and Jackson realized that he was in fact alive. SG-1 convinced the creator to save Urgo by implanting him into themselves. They returned to Earth again with no memory of what happened to them. (SG1: "Urgo")

After witnessing a close pass by a meteor on Edora Carter discovers that the planet passes through an asteroid belt in the Edoran System and every 150 years or so it passes a denser area and the planet has numerous meteor strikes. As they are evacuating the Edorans, Carter and Teal'c remain at the Stargate waiting for O'Neill and a few more Edorans and see a meteor coming directly for them and the two dive through the Stargate at the last moment. After figuring out that the meteor caused a hardened Naquadah shell to form over the Stargate, Carter comes up with a plan to build and use a Particle beam generator to destroy the shell. While working on the plan, Fraiser asks Carter if she misses O'Neill and then when Carter replies that she does Fraiser follows it up by asking if it is a problem, seemingly aware of Carter's feelings towards O'Neill. Her plan succeeds and they uncover the Edoran Stargate, reuniting the Edorans with the others and them with O'Neill. Carter is apparently uncomfortably upset when she realizes that O'Neill had begun a relationship with one of the Edorans. (SG1: "A Hundred Days")

Carter was upset when O'Neill stole some Tollan technology and told her that he had been pretending to be who he was since they met. After O'Neill was forced to retire, Jackson stated that Carter would probably get command of SG-1 but it was instead given to Colonel Makepeace. It was later revealed that O'Neill had faked everything as a ploy to infiltrate the Rogue NID who had been stealing technology from their allies. (SG1: "Shades of Grey") While visiting Kheb Jackson apparently learned how to control fire but Carter was skeptical that it was true and thought there might be concealed technology somewhere. (SG1: "Maternal Instinct") Examining a Crystal skull on P7X-377, Carter noted that radiation levels were rapidly increasing before she passed out. She recovered and started studying the skull to determine where it had sent Jackson to. (SG1: "Crystal Skull")

She witnessed O'Neill being beamed away, believing it to be the Asgard. When O'Neill made contact and reported being aboard the Biliskner and it was overrun by the Replicators, Carter wanted to go up to help, but O'Neill refused as anyone who came aboard wouldn't be leaving. Hammond overrode the order, allowing Carter and Teal'c to be beamed up as well, as a plan was made to launch a Space Shuttle to evacuate them. Carter examined the Asgard computers and directed O'Neill and Teal'c around. She came up with an idea to plant explosives on the outside of the ship to destroy the Deceleration drive and cause it to break up when entering the atmosphere. When the Replicators damaged the airlock Teal'c used to get outside and then his oxygen tank breached, Carter had him push off so the transporters could be used to get him back. She had to activate Thor's stasis pod to keep him from dying. They beamed the Stargate aboard to use as a means of escape as the ship broke apart in the atmosphere. (SG1: "Nemesis")


The three of them spent a week on P3X-234 before they could return home. Once back they learned a single Replicator survived the crash but when Thor arrived asking for help as the Asgard were incapable of thinking in the manner they could, Carter volunteered to go with him. Arriving on Othala she saw the new Asgard ship, the O'Neill, that wasn't ready to fight the Replicators yet. Thor explained to her more about the Replicators and shared some food with Carter, who found the food very unpalatable. When the Replicators destroyed several ships trying to stop them, Carter came up with a plan to draw the Replicators away using the O'Neill and then have the ships auto-destruct take out the other ships. The plan worked and they returned to Earth just in time to beam Jack O'Neill and Teal'c off of a Replicator-controlled submarine before it was destroyed. (SG1: "Small Victories")

When Alar sent some people through the Stargate to Earth and they were killed by the Iris, Carter felt responsible for their deaths. When they met Alar and his people Carter was impressed by their fusion technology and went back to Earth with Jackson to obtain Deuterium oxide to power their generators and agreed with Jackson on them maybe not assisting in the war of another world. When they returned Carter discovered that Alar and his people started the war and were poisoning their world to kill their enemies. SG-1 left their world. (SG1: "The Other Side") Carter was one of three selected by the Tok'ra Anise and her host Freya to try the Atoniek Armband that increased her strength and speed, along with O'Neill and Jackson. The three of them escaped the base to go and eat steaks and ended up in a bar fight. When they learned that the Tok'ra wanted them to go on a mission to destroy Apophis' new battleship, they went without permission but after planting explosives the armbands stopped working and they became stuck. With Carter trapped behind a force field, O'Neill desperately tried to free her and refusing to leave and save his own life, wanting to rather die than lose Carter as he cares for her more than he should. When their explosives went off, the force fields failed and they managed to escape. (SG1: "Upgrades", "Divide and Conquer")

After an attempt on the life of Supreme High Councilor Per'sus of the Tok'ra by Major Graham, he was revealed to be a Za'tarc, a programmed assissin and Freya and Martouf came to Earth to try to locate anymore before Per'sus came to Earth to sign the Tau'ri-Tok'ra Treaty. Carter and O'Neill were identified to be Za'tarcs as well and were isolated. Martouf came to see Carter to see if she would go through with the dangerous procedure to remove the programming, and stated that he had grown quit fond of her. Carter later realized that they both had left out certain feelings they felt for one another during their testing that gave a false positive, and they were retested and cleared. Martouf was revealed to be a Za'tarc and tried to kill the President but was stopped after being shot and few times and zatted by Teal'c. Carter shot him again with a zat to stop Martouf from killing himself and held his body after his death. (SG1: "Divide and Conquer")

She was caught in a time loop, not remembering anything that occurred until the final loop where O'Neill and Teal'c revealed that had been living the same 10 hours over and over and then worked with Jackson to translate some writings to determine that the machine responsible for the loop doesn't work as intended. She went with SG-1 to stop the machine and the time loops. (SG1: "Window of Opportunity") When it was discovered that the Russians had recovered the Stargate from the Biliskner and began their own program, SG-1 was called in when they lost contact with their facility. Carter went with Jackson and Dr. Svetlana Markov to a planet that the Stargate had been connected to for over a day. Their mini submarine became stuck and Jackson later theorized that there were life forms in the water holding them in place. When the front window broke but the water did not flow in and drown them, Jackson placed his hand through it, stating that he believed that the life forms simply wanted to understand them. The three were all surrounded by the water and held in place. They were later returned to Earth after some of the life forms that had been trapped on Earth were allowed through the Stargate. (SG1: "Watergate")

After Jackson was kidnapped by an Unas, the rest of SG-1 went after him. Teal'c discovered that there were Goa'uld in the waters around them but Carter said that she couldn't sense them, to which Dr. Robert Rothman revealed that the remains they had dug on on the planet didn't have naquadah in them. (SG1: "The First Ones") After transporting the Enkarans to a new planet they could survive on, a ship was discovered to be terraforming the planet and O'Neill was annoyed that those aboard were not willing to stop. O'Neill ordered Carter to rig a Naquadah generator to explode in order to destroy the ship. Jackson convinced the ship to stop temporarily and the ship transported the generator up into the atmosphere where it detonated safely. The ship was then used to transport the Enkarans to their lost homeworld. (SG1: "Scorched Earth") When SG-1 discovered a hidden slave labor force on P3R-118 they were given Memory stamps and put them to work. Carter had dreams about the Stargate and she and the others began to believe that something was wrong. They remembered enough and managed to overpower their captors and O'Neill said that they were going to take the labor force to another planet to live a better life. (SG1: "Beneath the Surface")

After a man called Martin Lloyd claimed to know about the Stargate, SG-1 went to investigate him and as O'Neill kept him busy, the rest of SG-1 went to his house. Carter and Jackson went to see the man's psychiatrist, Peter Tanner, who told them where Martin worked only for them to be captured. They were questioned as to what they knew about Martin Lloyd and they feigned ignorance, even when they showed a thermal image of Teal'd showing his symbiote. They were later rescued but the men got away. (SG1: "Point of No Return") When the test flight of the X-301 went wrong and O'Neill and Teal'c were trapped aboard hurtling out into space, Carter worked on plans to try to get them back, including using the vessels missiles to redirect the craft and slingshot it around Jupiter. Carter and Jackson got information about a Tok'ra operative with access to a ship and they went to find them, locating Jacob Carter who used a Tel'tak to rescue O'Neill and Teal'c. (SG1: "Tangent")

Carter examined a Canopic jar that had Goa'uld writing on it, finding a dead symbiote inside. After learning of another jar that may have been opened, Carter went with Jackson and Fraiser to locate the man that may have been taken over by the Goa'uld Osiris. They went to Egypt but found the man severely beaten and were then attacked by Osiris who had taken something else as host. (SG1: "The Curse") In order to stop an alliance between Apophis and Heru'ur, SG-1 joined Jacob to reprogram a space mine to cause the two to go to war instead. After the code for the mine didn't work, Carter realized that the number system they had was off as an advanced civilization would have needed to include a zero. With this information they accessed the mine and reprogrammed it. When Teal'c was being transported between Heru'ur and Apophis, Carter came up with the idea to get between the ships and intercept the matter stream but they missed; luckily Teal'c had been rescued already. (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")

When Hammond retired and the SGC was taken over by Major General Johnathan Bauer, he removed Carter from SG-1 and had her work on a Naquadah bomb project. She was informed that the planet chosen as a test site had no Naquadah on it despite there being traces everywhere and she recommended stopping the test as it may cause problems and accused Bauer of knowing all along and hoping for a chain reaction. The test still went ahead and the Stargate couldn't be shut down as gamma radiation began to come back through. Luckily the Stargate shut down shortly after its 38 minute window. When Hammond was reinstated, Carter returned to SG-1. (SG1: "Chain Reaction") When a note from the future came through the Stargate, Carter wondered why it was sent and when. (SG1: "2010")

Carter became addicted like the rest of SG-1's human members to the Light matrix hologram but they luckily discovered it could be turned down incrementally to get them over the addiction. (SG1: "The Light") Carter went to the United States Air Force Academy to give a lecture and met Cadet Jennifer Hailey who Carter found to be brilliant. She spoke to Brigadier General Kerrigan and asked to talk to her about her behavior but Hailey was hostile towards Carter. When Hailey was going to be expelled, Carter convinced Kerrigan not to and took Hailey to the SGC and then through the Stargate to M4C-862. When some energy creatures began attacking, Carter came up with a plan to activate the Stargate as its energy field would repel the creatures far enough for them all to escape. Carter told Hailey that it she stuck with the Air Force she could end up working at the SGC. (SG1: "Prodigy")

After the SGC computers were overloaded and exploded, Carter worked on repairing and restoring them. They discovered that an Entity had invaded the computers and had built a memory mainframe to survive. When Carter tried to interface with the mainframe, the Entity transferred into her body. Carter's consciousness was surpressed but later the Entity transferred her into the mainframe so when her body was killed, she would survive and could be transferred back. (SG1: "Entity") SG-1 returned to Juna to rescue their synthetic double who had been captured by Cronus. Meeting her duplicate, they worked to lock down Cronus' Ha'tak and the synthetic Carter had to take over removing control crystals as they were protected by a force field. The strain caused the synthetic to die. (SG1: "Double Jeopardy")

When Apophis' fleet was headed to Vorash, Carter and her father came up with a plan to destroy it by causing Vorash's Star to go supernova. They dialed P3W-451, encased the Stargate in a force field and released it into the star. When the ship was attacked, Carter helped her father repair the ships power supply and then reroute the engine controls through secondary systems. As they fled the system the supernova affected the hyperdrive and they travelled over 4 million light years and ended up in another galaxy, shortly followed by Apophis' Mothership. (SG1: "Exodus") Carter again helped repair the systems but the hyperdrive control crystals were fried. They found Apophis' Mothership abandoned and boarded it to find it had been taken over by Replicators. They gathered replacement control crystals to repair their ship and then detected a cargo ship that had Teal'c aboard. When he came onto their ship, he was with Apophis, serving as his First Prime again, having been brainwashed. The Replicators took over their ship as well and modified it to get back to the Milky Way very quickly. They damaged the ship so it crashed into a planet and destroyed the Replicators. (SG1: "Enemies")


To overcome the brainwashing, Bra'tac removed Teal'c's symbiote to put him through the Rite of M'al Sharran and told the others to speak to Teal'c and challenge what he said. Bra'tac told Carter that he was going to die soon as his symbiote was the last one he was going to carry. The rite succeeded and Teal'c rejoined SG-1. (SG1: "Threshold") The ascended being Orlin tried to communicate with Carter but she passed out. She encountered Orlin in her home who revealed that he had followed her back to Earth and was in love with her. Carter reported it and scans were performed and cameras were installed but he didn't appear until the cameras had been removed. Carter decided not to report him again and soon learned that Orlin had been responsible for the destruction of the Velonans due to him helping them and they were wiped out by the Others. Orlin took human form again and as the two got to know each other, Carter started to like him. When he was revealed, Carter was sent in bring him out but he had constructed a Stargate in her basement. She followed him to Velona when he went to stop SG-16 from activating the Velonan Weapon and he was shot and killed, but was ascended again. (SG1: "Ascension")

SG-1 were affected by the Reole Kaiael who made them believe he was a new member of SG-1. When he and O'Neill were trapped offworld, Teal'c returned with the others to Earth for backup and were confused as to why no one else knew who this fifth man was. Carter searched the computers for a reference and found out that someone had been searching for information on SG-1. Carter was interviewed by Colonel Frank Simmons who questioned her allegiances and Carter realized that Simmons was the one who had been looking for information on them. (SG1: "The Fifth Man") When they accidentally introduced plutonium into K'Tau's star and the Asgard couldn't help because of the Protected Planets Treaty, Carter came up with a plan to construct a Rocket on the planet to introduce a "cure" to the star. After the rocket was destroyed, Carter cme up with an alternative plan to shut down the Stargate as the "cure" was passing through the star. The plan appeared to fail but the star was repaired shortly afterwards, possibly done secretly by the Asgard. (SG1: "Red Sky")

Carter was with Fraiser for Cassandra's birthday when she collapsed. They discovered that Nirrti had introduced a retrovirus among the Hankans to accelerate their evolution. (SG1: "Rite of Passage") When O'Neill and Jackson were captured attempting to rescue the Unas Chaka, Carter and Teal'c provided a distraction to lure the guards away so they could escape. (SG1: "Beast of Burden") When SG-1 became trapped in a Ziggurat with a Russian team looking for a lost Russian team, Carter and Teal'c looked for the Goa'uld Marduk, finding that he had left the creature he was in and had taken someone else as a host. They went to check on the others to find out who had been taken over and then Carter worked on activing a hidden Ring Transporter so the team could escape. (SG1: "The Tomb")

SG-1 attended Omoc's funeral and as they were leaving Narim handed Carter a holographic device with a message warning her of a threat to Earth. SG-1 returned to Tollana and Carter and Teal'c helped Narim go through Tollan Curia records and then she, Jackson and Narim entered High Chancellor Travell's office and discovered the Tollan were making Phase shifting weapon. They were captured and learned that the Tollan were being forced to make them by Tanith. After Narim escaped and destroyed the weapons he helped SG-1 get back to the Stargate. Narim sent a message to Earth telling them that their Stargate had been destroyed and they were still fighting but the communication cut out. Carter was upset about Narim possibly being dead. (SG1: "Between Two Fires")

After meeting the Aschen, Carter met with ambassador Joe Faxon representing Earth and the two formed a connection. She went with O'Neill and Faxon to meet with the Aschen for the initial negotiations. Jackson discovered that the Aschen had done something to the Volians and Carter had one of the Aschen translate it, discovering they had sterilized the population. Carter and Faxon were locked up and as the Aschen Harvester they were on made its way to the Stargate, Carter used a rope to hang over the Stargate as the Aschen began to launch a bioweapon. Faxon gave Carter some time to escape and she got back to Earth in time to warn them to close the Iris. (SG1: "2001")

Carter was kidnapped by Adrian Conrad who had bought a Goa'uld symbiote to cure his Berchart's syndrome and wanted her help in finding a way to safely remove the symbiote after it cured him. Carter tried to escape but was captured and was about to be killed by Conrad's doctors so they could examine her brain tissue but was saved by O'Neill and Harry Maybourne. (SG1: "Desperate Measures") When Martin Lloyd was making a show called Wormhole X-Treme! which was similar to the exploits of SG-1, Carter and Jackson found hidden cameras in Martin's home and tracked down one of Peter Tanner's men but he got away. They tracked a call he made and performed a raid on a warehouse but they found an NID team lead by Agent Malcolm Barrett inside. Barrett had them detained but Carter and Jackson overpowered their guard. (SG1: "Wormhole X-Treme!")

SG-1 took part in a training exercise for new SGC recruits and during a fake foothold situation at the SGC Carter was found by the recruits who had gone a different way then O'Neill told them to go, so she had to improvise and tell them that she had escaped. (SG1: "Proving Ground") When Teal'c became trapped in the Stargate, Carter had to work with Meredith Rodney McKay on getting him out but found McKay to be annoying and condescending of her work. O'Neill called her to tell her that he had got the information they needed to save Teal'c and information that incriminated Simmons and Carter reported these to Hammond. She and Siler worked on a Dial Home Device to get Teal'c out of the Stargate. (SG1: "48 Hours")

Carter went with SG-1 to Revanna where she learned that Lantash had managed to be saved and implied that the Tok'ra saved the symbiote partially because by not saving Martouf they could examine his brain to learn more about Za'tarcs. When the Goa'uld attacked, Lantash's stasis jar was broken and he entered Lt. Elliot as he had no choice. (SG1: "Summit") They attempted to avoid the Jaffa patrols and escape by finding a Tok'ra Sensor device and reprogramming its message to get rescued by Jackson and Jacob. Elliot told her Lantash loved her, as much as he had loved Jolinar and she told him that she would never forget Lantash and Martouf or Elliot. (SG1: "Last Stand")

Carter helped repair a Tel'tak so SG-1 could deliver a Naquadah bomb to an asteroid that was headed towards Earth. When the ship mysteriously slowed down instead of crashing into the asteroid after the engines died, Carter began to run some scans but had to stop when the ship began to receive hull breaches and she and Jackson had to take refuge in escape pods until O'Neill and Teal'c could return to fix them. She discovered that the asteroid had a core of Naquadah and they disarmed the bomb as it would destroy Earth if it went off. Carter realized they could expand the ships hyperspace window and take the asteroid through Earth instead. (SG1: "Fail Safe") After giving some supplies including weapons to Kytano's forces, Carter demonstrated the effectiveness of a P-90 by shooting a swinging log in half and then shooting the rope holding it up. (SG1: "The Warrior") When SG-1 found the android Reese, Carter figured out how to recharge her power chip and reactivate her. When Reese created some Replicators and began to take over the SGC, Carter went with Hammond to activate the self destruct device and guard it from them. (SG1: "Menace")

When SG-1 went to Latona to help repair the Sentinel and free the Latonans from the Goa'uld, Carter led the team to find and fix the device and she and Teal'c had to defend the others from Jaffa attacks. (SG1: "The Sentinel") When Jackson was exposed to a fatal amount of radiation, Carter attempted to save his life with a Goa'uld Healing device but it cause a seizure. Jacob arrived and used the device as well but was stopped and as Jackson died, he ascended. (SG1: "Meridian") Carter had difficulties with letting Jackson go as they were still unsure if he was alive or not. SG-1 went to help rescue a stranded Asgard scientist and learned that Thor had been captured by Osiris. Carter helped O'Neill and Teal'c get aboard Osiris' Ha'tak and directed them to try to rescue Thor. Osiris infiltrated the Asgard lab and captured Carter and began to torture her for information but she was beamed out first. When SG-1 was leaving the SGC, they felt a slight breeze move through the base, potentially a message from Jackson. (SG1: "Revelations")


She invited Jonas Quinn to join SG-1 to visit Area 51 and see the completed X-302 prototype. Back at the SGC, Jonas asked Carter if he could join SG-1 but she said that she didn't see it happening. When the Stargate activated but nothing came through, Carter discovered that the energy in the gate was building up and would eventually explode and end up ending all life on Earth. Meredith Rodney McKay came to the SGC to help, much to Carter's annoyance. She and Jack O'Neill boarded the X-302 and attempted to use its Hyperdrive to reach Abydos to make contact with the Asgard for help. The hyperdrive aborted due to instability. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 1") McKay came up with a plan to use an Electromagnetic pulse directed back into the Stargate to shut down the device being used to overload the Stargate and Carter didn't believe it would work. The EM pulse caused an overload in the computers which exploded and burned Carter's hand. McKay came to see her, stating that the things he said to her were out of jealously. When Jonas asked Carter how they got the Stargate in in the first place, she told him about a crane in the shaft above the gateroom and she realized they could move the Stargate and send it into orbit, and developed a plan to strap it to the X-302 and jettison it into space. When the Stargate proved to be too heavy to allow the X-302 to reach orbit, Carter helped write a program to disable the X-302's safety program and allow a one second hyperspace travel. The Earth was saved and Teal'c returned in a ship to report that they had destroyed the device responsible so the second Stargate was installed at the SGC. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 2")

When a Ha'tak arrived in orbit of Earth, SG-1 went to investigate and discovered it was abandoned. She and Major Paul Davis went to examine the computer core, finding it sealed and a number of Staff weapon blasts on the door. O'Neill blasted it open and they examined the computers. After three hidden Jaffa directed the ship to crash into the Pacific Ocean, Carter and Davis restored the life support so they wouldn't freeze in the cold waters. She and O'Neill became trapped in a flooding corridor and almost drowned before the computer mysteriously opened the door. They discovered that Thor's consciousness was in the computer so they downloaded it to a removable drive. The flooding caused them to become trapped so they made their way to the Death glider bay to escape. Carter attempted to reroute power to the bay to activate the force field but couldn't from the console; luckily Jonas had rerouted from another area and came to join them. They all escaped the ship aboard gliders as the Ha'tak detonated. (SG1: "Descent")

SG-1 went to White Rock Research Station in Antarctica after a body was found in the ice and it was discovered that it was an Ancient and she began reviving on her own once thawed out. They were all infected with the Ancient plague by the Ancient but she used her healing ability to cure them all. She collapsed before curing O'Neill and his only chance was to be blended with a Tok'ra and Carter told him that the Tok'ra had important information and needed O'Neill as well. (SG1: "Frozen") Carter received a late night phone call that led SG-1 to the town of Steveston, Oregon where many of the townspeople were acting strangely. They discovered a syringe with a strange medicine in it and soon after found an spaceship being constructed at the old shipyards. Carter worked on cracking security on some discs and discovered that the townspeople were Goa'uld, having been taken over by cloned symbiotes. When the Goa'uld came for her, she injected the medicine into herself after learning it was made to kill the symbiotes. They implanted her with a symbiote but it died shortly afterwards so she briefly pretended to be one of them to learn of their plans, stopping them from taking over NID headquarters and helping free the town. (SG1: "Nightwalkers")

The Tok'ra informed them that O'Neill was gone as the Tok'ra Kanan who he had been blended with had disappeared. After gaining Kanan's mission reports, Carter realized, possibly due to Daniel Jackson communicating with her, that Kanan had gone to rescue Ba'al's Lo'taur after blending with O'Neill and taking on some of O'Neill's traits. They let Yu know of Ba'al's outpost where O'Neill was being held to give him a chance to escape. He escaped and came back to recover at the SGC. (SG1: "Abyss") When Kelowna contacted the SGC looking to re-establish diplomatic relations, SG-1 went to Langara to take part in talks and Carter offered to help them with their Naquadria storage facilities but they declined. After learning of a resistance on Kelowna, O'Neill wanted to set up a meeting with them, but later learned that they never existed in the first place. Carter was able to track down Naquadria that had been given to the resistance and they took it back to Earth. (SG1: "Shadow Play")

When SG-1 received word that they would be captured by Jaffa in order to make contact with the Tok'ra Khonsu, they allowed themselves to be captured but shortly after discovered that Dr. Jay Felger and Dr. Simon Coombs had come to rescue them. They learned that Khonsu had been exposed and killed but were freed by Felger and Coombs who came after them again once they realized something was wrong. (SG1: "The Other Guys") She was at the Alpha Site when Tok'ra evacuated there after an attack. She discovered that a Naquadah generator had been sabotaged but she found it before it could explode. When it was discovered that a cloaked Ashrak was responsible, Carter worked with Malek in creating an electromagnetic field to interrupt the cloak and allow them to stop the Ashrak. (SG1: "Allegiance") After meeting the Pangarans who were using symbiotes to create Tretonin and one of the symbiotes entered a Pangaran, Carter recommended contacting the Tok'ra for help. (SG1: "Cure")

Carter was approached by reporter Julia Donovan who revealed she knew something about the Prometheus. In exchange for her source she was given a tour of the Prometheus by Carter and Jonas. When the ship was hijacked she was locked in a storage room and managed to make contact with O'Neill on the outside where she learned about the hijackers plans. She cut her way out of the room and disabled the ships sublight engines after the ship was taken into orbit. Once control of the ship had been taken back, Thor arrived and asked for SG-1's help in stopping the Replicators. (SG1: "Prometheus") Carter examined a device that Thor created to work in conjunction with the Asgard Time dilation device being used to trap the Replicators. After discovering the Replicators had created Human-form Replicators and they entered SG-1's mind, Carter met Fifth who was much more human than the rest. When Fifth had to enter her mind, she convinced him to help them trap the others as they were dangerous. O'Neill communicated with Carter to set the time dilation device timer to a shorter time than he said out loud so Fifth would be trapped along with them. After escaping Carter agreed with Jonas that they had used Fifth's humanity against him. (SG1: "Unnatural Selection")

When a device began making people see Interdimensional creatures, Carter worked on it to find a solution to make people stop seeing the creatures. (SG1: "Sight Unseen") After O'Neill was arrested for the murder of Senator Robert Kinsey, Carter went to Area 51 to check on the Mimic devices stored there, finding they had been replaced with fakes and the one with O'Neill's appearance had been used in the murder. She went to NID headquarters to see Agent Malcolm Barrett who gave her a message to meet him elsewhere and he revealed his office was bugged. He said he was working with Kinsey to take down the ones responsible for the Rogue NID and they obviously went after him for it. After finding a lead, they entered a house to find explosives and had to run out to escape the explosion. Carter revealed to him the existence of the Mimic devices and he told her that Kinsey was still alive. They got to Kinsey before the assassin killed him and she went undercover using one of the mimic devices to take down The Committee. (SG1: "Smoke and Mirrors")

Harry Maybourne told them about a cache of advanced weapons and said that he knew the combination and wanted to help them find it. He took Carter's Zat'nik'tel and stunned her and O'Neill and then activated a Furling Transporter to escape; O'Neill tackled him and the two were sent away. Carter blamed herself for losing O'Neill and was insistent on getting him back, yelling at Dr. Bill Lee to get back to work to find him and later breaking down at the thought of not seeing him again. She later realized that the transporter had sent the two to a nearby moon and they were rescued. (SG1: "Paradise Lost") She examined an Ancient DNA manipulator being used by Nirrti but was captured along with the rest of SG-1. Nirrti put her through the machine and altered her DNA which would eventually kill her. After Nirrti was killed, she was put in again and returned to normal. (SG1: "Metamorphosis")

Carter helped some people repair their ship and got a chance to examine their Ion drive engine. She was flirted with by the ships captain and she later discovered the ship was a prisoners transport and then noticed that he had stolen her radio. She tied him up but was stunned leaving the ship and they used her to try to set a trap for the rest of SG-1. (SG1: "Forsaken") After Teal'c failed to come back from a meeting with rebel Jaffa leaders, the rest of SG-1 went to locate him, finding him and Bra'tac the only survivors of an ambush. (SG1: "The Changeling") While joining the Prometheus crew for their shakedown cruise, Carter had to examine the hyperdrive after it stopped working and she discovered that the energy buffer had burned out and it was no longer safe for them to use the hyperdrive. A short trip to Tagrea later, Carter scanned the planet for Naquadah to try to locate the Stargate but her scans came up empty. (SG1: "Memento")

When Jonas began having visions of the future, he saw Carter being rushed to the infirmary so she remained behind from the mission, only to be injured in an accident and rushed to the infirmary anyway. (SG1: "Prophecy") SG-1 went to Abydos to find the Eye of Ra before Anubis could. When Jackson, who was helping them, realized that they needed a red light to activate a hidden door, she used her laser sight to open it. Once inside, she remarked maybe there was a hidden compartment and when Jonas located it, she fired at the wall to open it up. After Abydos was destroyed, Carter said that they probably wouldn't be seeing Jackson again as he would have done everything in his power to stop Anubis so if Anubis destroyed Abydos then Jackson must be gone. (SG1: "Full Circle")


After finding Daniel Jackson, who had been returned to human form and had his memories blocked, Carter told him that he was a caring and passionate person and convinced him to return to Earth. She helped come up with a plan to lure Anubis to Vis Uban in order to take out his new weapon so the System Lords could defeat him. She and Jack O'Neill piloted an F-302 up and used the hyperdrive to get past the shields and destroy a ventilation shaft to cause an overload and destroy the weapons power core. (SG1: "Fallen") Anubis left and they later learned he had gone to Langara to find Naquadria to power the weapon. SG-1 went to help stop him and Carter wondered why Anubis was still there. She later found evidence of a crystal that contained information on the original experiments on Naquadria and she and Teal'c went to go and find it. After Anubis' ship was destroyed and he fled, Jonas was welcomed back by his people and Carter hugged him and told him to keep in touch. (SG1: "Homecoming")

O'Neill came to the base having aged backwards 30 years overnight and SG-1 began looking into what caused it. Carter ran a briefing for F-302 pilots on the ships capabilities but when O'Neill came to the briefing she had to convince the pilots that it was O'Neill. They soon learned he was a clone and was dying so a plan was developed to captured the Asgard who had done it. SG-1 got aboard a ship and captured Loki. Carter used the ships systems to contact Thor. (SG1: "Fragile Balance") After learning that Bra'tac and Rya'c had been captured but Bra'tac had sent a signal to the Alpha Site that could disable a force field on Erebus, Carter recreated the signal so they could go and rescue them. She and Jackson went aboard an under-construction Ha'tak to destroy one of the anti-gravity devices and cause it to crash on the surface as a distraction for liberating the work camp. (SG1: "Orpheus")

Discovering a dome on a toxic planet filled with people, Carter worked with Pallan to learn more about their technology and she noticed that the power levels had dropped but Pallan said that they were the same they had always been. She continued to notice a drop but Pallan didn't and had no memory of his wife, Evalla, who had disappeared after they arrived. After Jackson discovered that over 100,000 people used to live in the dome, Carter convinced Pallan to help them by removing his Link node and then hacking the Link to stop his people from capturing O'Neill and Teal'c. Pallan asked Carter to tell him about Evalla. (SG1: "Revisions") SG-1 investigated a crashed spaceship filled with people in stasis and were rendered unconscious as they explored. She awoke at the SGC learning that several consciousnesses of the people on the ship had been transferred into Jackson. She and Teal'c returned to the ship to figure out what had happened and captured Pharrin, a passenger who was awake and had taken the consciousnesses of others into his mind when their bodies died and did the same to Jackson. (SG1: "Lifeboat")

Carter worked on a complete overhaul of the Gate diagnostic system. (SG1: "Enemy Mine") Warrick Finn came to the SGC to ask to borrow a Naquadah generator for use on the Seberus during the Loop of Kon Garat and Carter offered to help Finn win the race. She helped rig up the generator and examined a manual Finn had made for her to learn more about the Seberus. During the Loop at the second stage, the ships power systems were damaged and found to have been sabotaged but they managed to reroute it, with Carter coming up with a Slingshot maneuver to put them back into the race. They picked up a distress signal from Golan Jarlath and they went to help but he refused, however Carter insisted and he came aboard. Jarlath helped stop Muirios, who had been set up to win, and allowed La'el Montrose to win. Carter vowed to go back the next year and win. (SG1: "Space Race")

Carter worked with Dr. Jay Felger on the Avenger virus to disable specific Stargates and tested it on P5S-117 but soon found that other Stargates had stopped working as well. Examining the information they had they learned that the virus had scrambled the coordinates of all the Stargates. When Felger disappeared, Carter tracked him down and the two went to P5S-117 to disable the virus. Carter provided coverfire while Felger tried to fix the issue. They were rescued when O'Neill and Teal'c arrived in an Al'kesh. (SG1: "Avenger 2.0") After meeting the Hak'tyl resistance, their leaders spoke to Carter and asked for supplies and weapons in exchange for information and she offered them Tretonin as well. Carter and O'Neill returned to Earth with volunteers to go on Tretonin. (SG1: "Birthright")

Carter examined a dead Kull Warrior with her father and they found it was a Goa'uld. They attempted to capture a living Kull Warrior to interrogate it but their attacks were all resisted by the warrior and they ended up being captured by Ramius' Jaffa and imprisoned. After the Kull Warrior killed Ramius they were freed and she and Teal'c captured the warrior aboard a Tel'tak. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1") Learning the location of where the Kull Warriors were being created, Carter and Teal'c went aboard a cargo ship piloted by Bra'tac while Jacob wore the Kull armor and used it to walk through the force field guarding Tartarus' Stargate and disabled a sensor array so the others could approach the planet. After exploring the base they were approached by Thoth who tried to stop them but was zatted by Teal'c and shot by Carter. They escaped but their ship was boarded by a Kull Warrior who Carter tried to stop but it threw her back. It was sent off the ship and they managed to escape. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 2")

Carter joined the Prometheus for its journey back to Earth after installing a hyperdrive taken from an Al'kesh. The hyperdrive needed time to cool down so the ship dropped out of hyperspace and were attacked by a spaceship. They headed for a nebula to hide and Carter attempted to override the system to make a short hyperspace jump to get them inside the nebula but a burst of energy knocked her out. She awoke to a head injury and an empty ship, the crew having used escape pods to get away. Stuck in the nebula with the engines unable to operate due to the gases, Carter worked on surviving but began to hallucinate a young girl along with the rest of SG-1. A hallucination of her father asked her if she was happy and then said that she was alone. A hallucination of O'Neill made her realize that he affection for him was safe and prevented her from being hurt as they couldn't be together. As the ship began to corrode from the gases, she came up with a plan to create a subspace bubble using the hyperdrive in order to get out. She found the attacking ship stuck inside and made a deal to help get them out in exchange for the crew being returned. (SG1: "Grace")

She helped Jonas on a problem involving a vein of Naquadah on Langara being converted into Naquadria which would result in an explosion that would make the planet uninhabitable. She was shown the Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle and examined it, finding that most of its systems had been modified with Goa'uld knowledge and they discovered that Jonas' assistant Kianna Cyr was in fact a Goa'uld. After simulations showed that they were incapable of adjusting the vehicle to changes needed to get them down to the vein in order to plant a bomb and separate it, the Goa'uld was brought on board to help. When the vehicle's cutters were damaged and they were short of their target, the Goa'uld volunteered to go down and plant the bomb. After succeeding, both Carter and Jonas refused to leave the Goa'uld behind when they said they probably wouldn't make it back. The plan worked and Langara was saved. (SG1: "Fallout")

Carter was set up with one of her brother's friends Pete Shanahan who was in Colorado Springs working on a case and the two began seeing each other. Carter was unable to tell him exactly what she did and he knew her cover story wasn't true. Carter told O'Neill that she was seeing someone and he said that he was happy for her. He planned a date for them that involved dancing and she invited him back to her place and the two had sex. He left the next morning after she said that she could not tell him about her work. After it was discovered that Osiris was using Jackson's dreams to try to learn the location of the Lost City, a trap was set to capture them. When Osiris was on to them, Carter went to go in and was approached by Pete and the two were fired upon by Osiris, returning fire before Osiris destroyed a nearby van. Pete was injured in the blast and taken to the SGC for treatment. Carter was given permission to tell Pete about her work. (SG1: "Chimera")

She was working with her father at the Alpha Site on the Kull disruptor when the Goa'uld attacked. A Kull Warrior came to their lab and attacked but was beaten back by the disruptor. Carter had the upgraded power cell for the disruptor and the Kull gave chase as the self destuct destroyed the base. Injured, Carter kept moving and avoided the Kull Warrior. She saw a UAV and tried to signal it but it was shot down by the Kull. She found the UAV which had been equipped with missiles and used it to set a trap for the Kull. Thinking it had been destroyed, she sat down to rest only for it to get back up. She was saved by O'Neill and Teal'c and she gave O'Neill the power cell which he used in the disruptor to kill the Kull. Back at the SGC, her father came to see her and told her that he wasn't going to be around much because his position among the Tok'ra was strained. (SG1: "Death Knell")

When a documentary film crew came to the SGC Carter was among those interviewed. She examined a destroyed Goa'uld Reconaissance drone and accessed its stored information and Jackson discovered the drone had sent a distress signal. SG-1 went to help SG-13 who had been trapped by the Goa'uld. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 1") During the rescue, O'Neill was hit and Dr. Fraiser was killed. Carter was approached by the film crew but she was too distraught to talk to them and told them to get out of her face. She was asked to speak at the memorial service for Fraiser but couldn't come up with anything so Teal'c wrote some words for her to speak. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 2") A Rogue NID operation was discovered and SG-1 went to help. Carter looked at their computer files and learned that they had cloned a human-Goa'uld hybrid. Agent Malcolm Barrett asked her out to dinner and she had to turn him down. (SG1: "Resurrection")

Lost City

After discovering another Repository of Knowledge SG-1 went to try to figure out how to extract it but they were attacked by Anubis and Jack O'Neill used it to take the knowledge into his mind again. Carter came to see him at his house intending to tell him how she felt but decided against it. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c arrived and they had some drinks and bonded before Major General George Hammond arrived to tell them he was being replaced. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1") After O'Neill wrote some strange words in a crosswords, Jackson figured out they were a planet where the Lost City might be but Carter looked it up and realized they had tried to dial it years ago but couldn't get a lock. They took a ship to the planet to learn that the Lost City was on Earth and called "Atlantis" and O'Neill removed a Zero Point Module from the outpost. They returned to Earth, avoided Anubis' fleet and found an outpost under the ice of Antarctica where O'Neill installed the ZPM and used the Drone weapons to destroy Anubis' fleet. O'Neill began to die because of the Ancient knowledge and Carter was upset, he awoke to tell them to put him into a nearby stasis pod which prevented his death. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 2")


When the Asgard were not responding to contact attempts, Carter and Teal'c used the ship that O'Neill modified to get to Hala. When they arrived they found that Hala's Star had become a black hole and their ship began being ripped apart but they were saved by Thor. He informed them that the black hole had been created to destroy the Replicators but some of them had survived. The Replicators invaded Thor's ship and transported Carter to their ship. Fifth was leading the Replicators and Carter told him that she was sorry they had to leave him behind but Fifth didn't believe her and began to torture her. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1") She awoke on a farm where she was living with Pete Shanahan but knew that it wasn't real so Fifth revealed to her that he created it because he loved her. She said that she could never love him, not when he tried to deceive her. She later told him if he had any humanity and if he truly loved her he would let her go. He fled Orilla and left her behind. When O'Neill, who had been helped by Thor, was promoted and took command of the SGC, he promoted Carter to Lieutenant Colonel. (SG1: "New Order, Part 2")

When it was discovered that Anubis was on the base, inhabiting personnel, Carter and Jackson came up with a plan to separate the SGC and prevent Anubis from using the Stargate and force him to use his ascended abilities and incur the wrath of the Others. Anubis took control of Carter and used her to get through security but was stopped by O'Neill who Anubis took control of. When Anubis' dialing program activated, Carter reprogrammed it to dial KS7-535 where he became trapped because the Russian officer he took control of froze to death immediately after arriving. (SG1: "Lockdown") SG-1 went to locate one of Anubis' hidden bases and become trapped inside for a few days before making their way out. (SG1: "Zero Hour") After Jackson went missing on Tegalus after a civil war, Carter and Teal'c met with Commander Soren, the new leader, to try to get him to help them locate Jackson. She later took part in an assault on the planet to retake it from the rebels and rescue Jackson. (SG1: "Icon")

After Teal'c became trapped in a Virtual reality chair, Carter figured out they could link another chair in sequence to allow the user to view events 2 seconds before they happened in order to help Teal'c beat it. (SG1: "Avatar") Pete Shanahan told Carter that the was moving to Colorado Springs and asked her to marry him. She asked for some time and later revealed the proposal to O'Neill, unsure of what she would decide. When Teal'c was implicated in a murder of his neighbor's boyfriend, Carter asked Pete to help her investigate and they tracked down the location used by people surveilling Teal'c. They raided it but those responsible had disappeared. Carter accepted Pete's proposal. (SG1: "Affinity")

Alec Colson revealed he had information about alien involvement on Earth and Carter and Jackson went to see him. He showed them images of Anubis' fleet in orbit of Earth. She was contacted by Julia Donovan who wanted to be involved and knew that she had gone to meet with Colson. After Colson showed an alien to the press, Carter went on Inside Access and showed a "Hologram" of an alien similar to one Colson had shown in order to discredit his claim. Colson was brought to the SGC and Carter took him through the Stargate to the Alpha Site. She took him on a joyride in an F-302 and told him about the Goa'uld, trying to convince him to not reveal anything else. They returned to Earth to find that Colson's company was falling apart and they learned that The Trust had caused it. After Brian Vogler, Colson's friend, took his own life in order to protect his family from The Trust, Carter found Colson planning to shoot himelf and convinced him to go through the Stargate in order to keep contributing. (SG1: "Covenant")

When the Hak'tyl resistance had to evacuate their planet, Carter helped them find a new one. When Teal'c and Ishta were trapped by Moloc's forces she help set up missiles to send through the Stargate to help rescue them. (SG1: "Sacrifices") After the Stargate disappeared, Carter and Jackson went to Area 51 to find out if anyone had got aboard Osiris' Al'kesh but the scientist in charge told them that they never succeeded. They tracked the scientist and when he met with a member of the Trust, they moved in and Carter zatted him before accidentally activating his Locator beacon and was beamed up to the ship. She was captured and learned the Trust was attacking other planets with Symbiote poison. Jackson got aboard as well and was also captured and the two of them attacked the Trust when the Stargate activated. Carter came up with a plan to use a locator beacon to allow the Prometheus to beam them and the Stargate off the ship before it jumped away. (SG1: "Endgame")


The SGC was contacted and asked to send a MALP to another planet where they saw Replicator Carter who asked to be destroyed. She was sent to the Alpha Site] where she spoke to Carter and showed her how Fifth had tortured her and tried to alter her personality. Carter convinced the Replicator to help them find out how Fifth had found a way to protect himself from the Replicator disruptor and the two worked together on the project. After finding what they needed, Fifth learned of her location and came there but was destroyed before they were able to upgrade the weapon. Replicator Carter revealed that there was no protection until she had examined the disruptor and she had applied it to herself. The personnel tried to stop her leaving but nothing worked. Carter blamed herself to allowing her duplicate to gain control of the Replicators as she had learned betrayal from Fifth who had learned it from her. (SG1: "Gemini")

While trying to convince Harry Maybourne to return to Earth to stop him being found by the Goa'uld Ares on the world he was living on, Maybourne showed them ruins which mentioned future events and the team went in search of a Time Jumper that was used to witness these events. When they found it, Carter worked on repairing its power systems and O'Neill came to the planet to fly it. When Ares' Jaffa arrived, she managed to fix it to allow O'Neill to pilot it and destroy Ares' Ha'tak. (SG1: "It's Good To Be King") When Osiris' Al'kesh was believed to be back in orbit, Carter worked on a specialized sensor program to try to locate it. She later did some research and had a theory that General Miroslav Kiselev, the Russian defense minister, had been taken over by a Goa'uld. (SG1: "Full Alert")

She was in the control room when a message arrived through the Stargate from the Atlantis expedition. (SGA: "Letters From Pegasus") When the Replicators began attacking the Goa'uld, Carter worked with Thor on altering the Replicator disruptor to make it work again. Their first test was successful but the Replicators quickly adapted and Thor left Carter on Earth after his ship was infested. (SG1: "Reckoning, Part 1") She went to Dakara to try to find a weapon that Anubis was looking for, intending to destroy it but they learned that it could be used to destroy the Replicators. She and her father worked on modifying it but needed to contact Ba'al for help in modifying the Stargate to dial every other one in the galaxy at once so they could hit all worlds at once and prevent the Replicators from adapting. (SG1: "Reckoning, Part 2")

Carter introduced Pete to her father and was later annoyed at her father for mentioning her wedding to Pete in front of O'Neill. Pete showed her a house he was buying for them which began to give her serious doubts about their marriage. She went to see O'Neill, intending to reveal her feelings for him but O'Neill was not alone, and she was then was called away when her father was dying. He revealed that Selmak was dying and their was nothing that could be done; he also told her to not let rules stand in her way, knowing how she felt about O'Neill. After he passed, she called off her relationship with Pete. When Anubis was gaining control of the weapon on Dakara, Carter came up with the idea to dial out to prevent him from attacking Earth but he dialed in first. The self-destruct was activated to try to destroy the Stargate but it stopped before it went off. She and SG-1 went fishing with O'Neill and she remarked that it was actually nice. (SG1: "Threads")

Carter left SG-1 and took the lead position of Stargate research at Area 51. She was contacted by Cameron Mitchell who asked her to come back to SG-1 but she turned him down. Jackson contacted her later to ask if she wanted to join them in looking for an Ancient treasure in England but she couldn't make it. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1") She helped develop the Gate buster weapon and was sent to the SGC with one of them to help destroy the Ori beachhead. The weapon caused the Ori force field to expand and cover the entire planet and Carter realized that their energy was feeding it. When the Supergate components came through the Stargate, she mentioned that there was an energy between them and they needed to disrupt it. Vala Mal Doran used a Tel'tak to take the place of one of the Supergate's components causing it to be destroyed. Carter went over telemetry from the destruction and noted that a Ring Transporter matter stream left the cargo ship and was most likely pulled into the Ori galaxy. (SG1: "Beachhead")

She returned to the SGC and officially rejoined SG-1. When a dead Jaffa was found on Earth, Carter went to speak with Charlotte Mayfield, the VP of Farrow-Marshall who's CFO had disappeared in the same area as the dead Jaffa was found. After it was discovered that Ba'al was hiding on Earth, she and Jackson went to meet Agent Malcolm Barrett to help find him. He asked her how Pete Shanahan was going and she replied that they had broken up. When he asked her if she was single, she responded that she wasn't. After Ba'al let them know he had planted a bomb in Seattle, Carter went to investigate and discovered that an entire building had been laced with Naquadah and was the bomb itself. The building was beamed into space to detonate safely. After raiding a facility Ba'al had control of, Carter discovered that Ba'al had been experimenting with cloning. (SG1: "Ex Deus Machina") Carter led a team to P3X-584 to examine a nearby Black hole as a possible Ori incursion but instead ended up on another planet. She helped discover that something on 584 was redirecting them to other planets and she worked on a program to override the device and get to the planet where they discovered a Goa'uld lab. After finding a human-clone of Anubis, called Khalek inside, Carter ran a scenario using the Goa'uld computer to see how far along Khalek was evolving. (SG1: "Prototype")

Carter worked with Dr. Bill Lee on an Anti-Prior device and was working with a young boy appeared in her lab and claimed to be Orlin. He explained he had taken a younger form to retain as many memories as possible to help them, telling them that the Ori were not ascending their followers and that they gain some measure of power because of the worshipping by their followers. She became concerned for Orlin after he began to make errors and repeat things that he said and it was discovered that the act of holding onto his memories was damaging his brain. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1") She tried to get Orlin to write down what was needed for the cure to the PRIOR2 virus and then give up holding onto his memories to save his life but he refused. Eventually Orlin lost all of his memories and was placed into a care facility and Carter came to see him. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")


When Mitchell was accused of a murder on Galar and confessed, his memories were examined to find if they had been implanted and Carter observed the procedure. (SG1: "Collateral Damage") She helped go over information recovered from The Trust about a bomb on Atlantis. (SGA: "Critical Mass") When an alternate reality SG-1 arrived at the SGC, Carter interviewed her counterpart. As more teams began to arrive, Carter worked with many of her counterparts on finding a solution. She was reunited with Martouf who was on one of the teams and told him that it was good to see him again. The first counterpart figured out how to put a stop to more teams arriving, so SG-1 and the first team went to enact the plan only for the alternate team to capture them and commandeer the Prometheus. Carter managed to get them out of their cell and took back the ship. Carter came up with a plan to send all the teams back to their own realities. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")

Carter took a Galaran Memory technology to Mitchell who had got permission to show his dying fiend some of his memories and he asked her if it made him a hypocrite for wanting to use it after how it had been used on him. Carter joined a mission to rescue Teal'c after he had been captured by Ba'al. (SG1: "Stronghold") Carter was aboard the Prometheus when it went to Tegalus to destroy an Ori Satellite weapon and after the weapon severely damaged the Prometheus, Carter worked on restoring engines but ran out of time so she worked to maintain power so the crew could beam off the ship. Escaping herself to the Caledonian Federation, she came up with a plan to use an Electromagnetic pulse to disable communications with the satellite so it could be destroyed. (SG1: "Ethon") After Ba'al was stealing Stargates, SG-1 went to recover them but while attaching Locator beacons to the stolen Stargates, they became trapped and Carter came up with a plan to use one of the Stargates to escape before the ship was destroyed. (SG1: "Off the Grid")

When SG-1 was escorting International Oversight Advisory representatives to the Gamma Site for a tour, they had to protect them when the R75 bugs escaped containment and began multiplying. Knowing that they had hours before the Odyssey would use a neuro-toxin to kill the bugs which would also kill them, Carter figured they could use a communication device at a research outpost to signal the ship to be able to locate them first. When the representatives were upset at the situation, Richard Woolsey asked Carter to try to reassure them but she wasn't taking part in it. (SG1: "The Scourge") While working on the Mantle of Arthur device, Carter accidentally activated it and shifted herself and Mitchell to another dimension where they were unable to communicate with anyone. After Jackson figured out what the device had done they found that they could manipulate the keys on the device to communicate and Carter had to indicate to Jackson what the writing on her side was displaying. When Jackson as shifted in as well he translated the writings and managed to shift them all back. (SG1: "Arthur's Mantle")

She worked with Lee on emulating the Communication stones but didn't think it worked until Vala inhabited Jackson's body. She revealed that the Ori were building warships to invade. SG-1 headed out to try to find Merlin's weapon. (SG1: "Crusade") While searching, they were beamed up by the Odyssey and learned that a Supergate had been discovered. Carter worked with Kvasir on finding a way to dial out the Supergate in order to send Merlin's weapon through and she wore a Spacesuit to go out and install a new Control crystal but the Supergate activated and four Ori Warships came through. Carter could do nothing but watch as the fleet of ships against them were destroyed. (SG1: "Camelot") After the warships left, she tried to communicate with anyone and managed to hear from Mitchell, aboard an F-302. With the Odyssey damaged and couldn't beam her aboard, Mitchell flew the ship to bring her into the fighter bay. She worked with Kvasir on fixing the beaming technology to save Teal'c from a Lucian Alliance ship before it was destroyed. SG-1 went with Bra'tac aboard a Ha'tak to stop the warships that had gone to Chulak and she managed to make contact with Jackson aboard one of the warships. They were luckily saved when the Odyssey arrived. (SG1: "Flesh and Blood")

SG-1 found Vagonbrei and headed there to find nothing but a town of long-dead people and they were infected by a parasite that would kill them if they fell asleep. Carter helped Dr. Reimer with examining the parasite and performed an autopsy on Bernie Ackerman to find the parasite had grown thousands of times in size inside his brain and caused an aneurysm. (SG1: "Morpheus") SG-1 headed to Atlantis to get more information and Carter and Mitchell went aboard the Odyssey to find a Black hole in order to dial a Stargate into the Supergate to block it. Meredith Rodney McKay joined them to work on the calculations to determine how much energy from the Nuclear bombs was needed to cause a Stargate to jump. A Hive ship found them and they lured it around the black hole in order to destroy it, creating the right amount of energy to cause the Stargate to jump to the Supergate. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")

Ba'al arrived on Earth and asked for help in stopping his clones who were turning against him in exchange for him letting them know where to find Merlin's weapon. Many clones were captured to try to get the real Ba'al but they escaped and Carter was taken. They forced her to access the Stargate address database and download it before the Ba'al's were beamed away. (SG1: "Insiders") She came up with the idea for the McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge. (SGA: "Irresistible") Carter was left in charge of the SGC after Landry left and had to wait for Colonel Reynolds to come back from a mission to take command when she left. After mutated creatures attacked on two worlds, Carter realized that it was the Sodan Cloaking devices they were using that was causing it and they discovered that an interdimensional creature was coming through when the devices were used. After Landry and Mitchell found a Trust Operative was spying on them using a cloaking device, another mutated creature was found on Earth and SG-1 helped to stop it. (SG1: "Uninvited")

SG-1 was called on to help Martin Lloyd with the Wormhole X-Treme! movie script and she found much of the technical information preposterous. She later joined SG-1, Landry and O'Neill to go to P2C-106 to take part in a celebration for Mitchell's 200th trip through the Stargate. (SG1: "200") When the inhabitants of a planet were wiped out, SG-1 went to take control of the Ori Warship on the surface. Carter found the control room and accidentally activated the shields so Odyssey couldn't beam them out. When Mitchell and Teal'c were captured by Jaffa who came for the ship, she helped free them. Adria took control of the ship and took it to Dakara so Carter worked to turn off the shields and allow the Odyssey to get them off. (SG1: "Counterstrike") She went to meet with Jeannie Miller, McKay's sister, about a math proof that she had written but she refused to work with the military so Carter called in McKay. He had Jeannie beamed up to the Daedalus where he and Carter explained why they wanted her to work with them. Unable to leave Earth with them, Carter worked over communication. (SGA: "McKay And Mrs. Miller")

While searching for Vala who had been taken by the Trust, Mitchell was taken by Vala, who had lost her memories, and Carter was amused that Mitchell had lost his pants. (SG1: "Memento Mori") Carter went aboard the Odyssey to check on a possible new Supergate but found themselves near a Neutron star that weakened their shields. They were attacked by Lucian Alliance ships and the Odyssey was captured. Carter was brought before Anateo with Colonel Emerson and told to disable or remove the data recorder transponder. When Emerson ordered her not to, he was shot and killed and Anateo said that she was now the ranking officer and didn't need to follow Emerson's orders. She was put to work on repairing the ship by herself. After Jackson and Vala were captured as well, she helped them escape the cargo hold. Anateo was going to kill Carter when Vala beamed him off the ship and they were able to retake the Odyssey. Carter worked with Vala on fixing the hyperdrive to escape. (SG1: "Company of Thieves")

When a possible location of the Sangraal was found, SG-1 headed out to search for it. A series of tests were before them and at first they came across a number of people standing around and not moving and Carter figured out it was a Time dilation field that had a path through it. When her scanner died, she figured out to use rocks to determine where the path went and get them through it. They soon came across Ba'al trapped in another test that they also became trapped in but soon got out. Their guide, Osric, turned out to be Adria and when she threatened to kill Carter, the others agreed to help her. At the final test they came across a Dragon. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 1") After defeating the Dragon, SG-1 and Ba'al were transported to another planet where they found Merlin in stasis. Carter and Ba'al worked on the DHD to be able to dial out when they needed. Carter figured the special dialing program was actually contained in the Ancient Transporter sending them to new planets every few hours and with his help managed to shut it off. Adria and her soldiers arrived and SG-1 were able to escape but Jackson was captured. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 2")


Carter worked on using the Mantle of Arthur to hide larger things including planets. SG-1 went to P9C-882 to test it out on hiding a village that had been targeted by the Ori. It appeared to work but a power fluctuation caused it to shut down and Carter couldn't bring it back online. Ori forces arrived and one entered the building Carter was in and shot her, damaging two of the Naquadah generators she was using. Cameron Mitchell saved her and she instructed him to bypass the damaged generators and activate the device to hide them. Badly injured and unable to help, Carter eventually came up with a plan to use the crystal from an Ori Staff weapon to power the device and hide the entire village when an Ori Warship targeted it from orbit. (SG1: "Line in the Sand") Running another test of the Mantle of Arthur, Carter was accidentally pulled into an Alternate Reality. In this reality she helped hide Earth with the Mantle when Ori Warships arrived to attack. The President, Hank Landry, paraded her to the press and she soon learned how he had to enact martial law years ago when the existence of the Stargate came out. When she was sent to do an interview she spoke out against the Presidents policies and was shut down. Realizing she was more trouble to keep around, Landry allowed her to work on returning to her own reality. (SG1: "The Road Not Taken")

When SG-1 found Jackson he had been converted into a Prior. They captured him and he revealed he had tricked Adria into making him into a Prior as it was part of his plan to finish the Sangraal and send it to the Ori home galaxy to wipe the Ori out. Unable to believe him, he reluctantly gave them information about how to finish his plan and gave Carter info for her to hack the controls of the Ori Warship. Once aboard, she managed to lock down the ship and take it to the Supergate but once they arrived, Adria came aboard and stopped them. Jackson, who took control of the Odyssey arrived and managed to knock out Adria and sent the ship through the Supergate. Jackson turned back into a human and several hours later a number of Ori Warships arrived through the Supergate. (SG1: "The Shroud") After destroying a Lucian Alliance Kassa shipment, SG-1 had bounties put on their heads. While Carter was presenting the Chimera Optics Projection System at a technology conference, a bounty hunter fired at her, not aware that she was a hologram. She fixed the X-699 and shot the hunter. She, Jackson and Teal'c went after Mitchell who had called for backup and after finding a ship nearby to his position, they used Chimera to project themselves beaming in but stayed on the ship to capture the bounty hunter. (SG1: "Bounty")

Carter went to Washington, D.C. to speak with President Henry Hayes about her experiences in the alternate reality. (SG1: "Bad Guys") When Teal'c left the SGC to kill Arkad who bombed a Jaffa summit, SG-1 went to try to stop him as his actions may be seen as those of the SGC. (SG1: "Talion") Carter took Vala shopping and showed her some "cultural offerings". After Jacek, Vala's father came to Earth and exchanged sanctuary for information on Arkad's planned attack on Earth, Carter found out that he had been running scams. Jacek was trying to make a deal with Jaffa already on Earth who had one of the Naquadah shipments meant for the attack and helped SG-1 find it but took it. Luckily a fake cargo ship had been placed which Jacek took instead. Carter came to see Vala to see how she was doing with her father betraying her again. (SG1: "Family Ties") When a Ba'al clone was implanted into Adria, Carter observed the surgery to remove him. When Adria regained consciousness and locked down the infirmary, Carter worked to try to get the doors. (SG1: "Dominion") Carter joined SG-1 to go to Orilla where the Asgard gave them all their technology and knowledge. Carter spoke with Thor who said that the Tau'ri were the "fifth race" and they had the best chance of saving the galaxy. Carter hugged Thor goodbye before he joined his people to die together. Chased by Ori Warships, Carter came up with an idea of using a Time dilation field to save them only to be stopped by Teal'c who provided her with the means to quickly disconnect the Asgard Computer core from the rest of the ship. Teal'c informed them that he had spent 50 years in the time dilation field with the rest of SG-1 until they figured out how to save themselves. (SG1: "Unending")

Ark of Truth

Carter came up with an idea to install Mark IX Nuclear bombs on the Supergate to destroy it should a wormhole be activated. Instead, to find the Ark of Truth, SG-1 had to head to the Ori galaxy. After James Marrick, an International Oversight Advisory member who was overseeing the mission, activated the Asgard Computer core, so Carter and Mitchell went back to the Odyssey to stop him. When they got inside, Carter found the core was building something and they were all shocked when it created a Replicator. Anti-Replicator guns didn't work on it but Marrick hinted at a shut down code programmed into the Replicators so they could be shut down after destroy the Ori fleet. Carter worked with Major Kevin Marks on trying to find the shut down code but they couldn't find it. Replicators began entering the room so they had to fight them off. Mitchell discovered that the shut down code as on the reverse side of the Control crystal that Marrick had used so Carter activated it and stopped the Replicators. After the Ark was used and the Ori forces stood down, SG-1 returned to Earth. Carter baked some Macaroons for Mitchell, who had been injured and gave them to him in the infirmary. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)


Carter was promoted to a full bird Colonel. (SGA: "Lifeline") She went with Dr. Bill Lee to the Midway Space Station to help bring it online. The Apollo dialed in from the Pegasus galaxy to ask if Atlantis had contacted them as it had not shown up to M12-578 but she said that they had not. She began to work on the means to find Atlantis and when Lee mentioned dialing all the Stargates in Pegasus at once to radio them, Carter reminded him that if they were within range of a Stargate they would have already made contact. She later said to find them they would need to cover the path between Lantea and M12-578 and when Lee said that the sensors on the Apollo would need to be augmented, she said she would be the one to do it. (SGA: "Adrift") They went to Pegasus and aboard the Apollo where Carter increased the sensors range. They located Atlantis and learned of a mission to Asuras and took the Apollo there to rescue Sheppard's team. Returning to Atlantis, Carter remained aboard as it was taken to M35-117 and landed in the ocean there. Contact with Earth was reestablished and she spoke with Hank Landry and she relayed to John Sheppard that he was saddened to hear about the loss of Elizabeth Weir. (SGA: "Lifeline")

She was chosen by the IOA as the new leader of the Atlantis expedition and accepted the position. Shortly after arriving she met Ronon Dex who wanted to bring some people to Atlantis but she refused as the IOA wanted Atlantis' new location to remain a secret. Ronon said that Weir would not have doubted him and Carter replied that she didn't doubt him and she was not Dr. Weir. When Sheppard's team were captured and only Ronon came back, Carter joined the rescue mission. She told Ronon that she would respect his decision if he wanted to leave Atlantis and when Ronon said the mission might be the only one they ever go on together, Carter remarked that they better make the most of it. They managed to rescue Sheppard's team and get away. (SGA: "Reunion") After an energy entity began moving between people and causing horrific dreams, it soon began killing and when it went into McKay, Carter came up with the idea of using a Virtual reality chair to allow Sheppard to enter McKay's dreams to help him fight. (SGA: "Doppelganger")

When a mutated strain of Kirsan fever spread on Atlantis, Carter became infected and soon lost her memories. When McKay was brought in, also with no memories, he convinced the others to rush the guards and escape. Carter and McKay managed to get away and soon ran into Zelenka and began searching for Teyla. Luckily a cure was found and everyone got their memories back. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa") Richard Woolsey arrived on Atlantis for a three-month review of Carter's command, telling her that he was an observer only. He later questioned her on possibly working with the Wraith on a plan to stop the attack directive of the Asurans after they began destroying human worlds. She met with Davos, a man who had visions of the future, and he showed her a vision of Atlantis being destroyed by the Asurans. He wanted work with the Wraith stopped as he believed the vision was a sign the Asurans would come after them for it. Two hive ships arrived in orbit and began powering weapons and when Woolsey ordered Sheppard to open fire on them, Carter belayed his order and threatened to have him removed if he tried that again. The two hives destroyed one another instead. (SGA: "The Seer")

The Daedalus and the Apollo arrived at Atlantis to begin taking down Asuran ships. Colonel Abraham Ellis berated McKay for not having a plan but trying to confuse them with technical talk and when McKay left Carter told Ellis that if he ever talked to someone under her command like that again, she would not allow him on the city. She went aboard the Daedalus for the first attack, which was immediately successful. When the Asurans retreated to Asuras, McKay came up with the idea to attract all the Asurans together so they could be destroyed more easily. Sheppard managed to get Wraith and Traveler ships to join in on the attack and then told Carter that he had taken Teyla off active duty because she was pregnant. When the attack took place, the Asurans all began being attracted together to a large blob but their original plan to destroy them couldn't be done. Carter realized the planet was rich in Neutronium and McKay dialed up the Asuran attraction so they attracted the neutronium and sank to the core, destroying them and the planet. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")

When the city went into a lockdown, Carter was in a transporter with Dr. Radek Zelenka. They were able to access some of the city's systems to find that the lockdown was not because of an outbreak but an ionospheric storm that disabled their radios as well. Carter tried to access more of the systems but when Zelenka went to help he caused a short and disabled the tablet they had. They were eventually rescued and had to go to try to shut down the auto-destruct, with Zelenka crawling through the ventilation shafts to get to the main power room. (SGA: "Quarantine") Carter received a message from Earth that Sheppard's father had died and she went to inform him. (SGA: "Outcast")

She went with McKay and Keller to M5V-801 to try to negotiate with the people and get them to move to safer area. They fell into an abandoned Genii mine and they first tried to stack crates but they collapsed. McKay made a grappling hook and after he tried to throw it up, Carter took over but it failed to hook into the ground good enough. Building a bridge across two beams, they tried to stack crates again but it collapsed and Carter broke her leg. When the facility they were in began to fall, Keller fell out a door but grabbed a rope and found a tunnel with daylight in it. Carter was lowered down and they all escaped. (SGA: "Trio") When Ronon had an evaluation with the IOA, Carter contacted Teal'c and had him come to Atlantis to coach him. She had to break up an hour-log sparring session between the two. After contact with Midway was lost, they discovered that the Wraith had invaded and Carter sent Sheppard, McKay and a team to take it back. (SGA: "Midway")

Carter allowed Teyla to go with Sheppard's team offworld to look for her people after having a vision and she is later convinced by Teyla to let her go back to try again. Keller tells her that the plague spreading across many planets is the Hoffan drug and someone is purposefully targeting these planets. Lorne's team returns to inform Carter that Teyla was taken by a Dart. She authorized Sheppard's team and Lorne's team to go to a planet to try to find Teyla. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1") The teams return with Carson Beckett who is later found to be a clone that Michael Kenmore created. Unsure if he could be trusted, she was convinced by Sheppard to let him go with them to search for Teyla. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2") Sheppard disappeared for twelve days and when he returned he said he had traveled into the future and had learned where Teyla was being held and Carter authorized a mission to rescue her. (SGA: "The Last Man")

When the team sent after Teyla was trapped, Carter led rescue teams to find them. Pulling McKay and Lorne out of the rubble, Michael's Cruiser arrived in orbit and Carter had everyone evacuate to the Jumpers. The Daedalus arrived and disabled the cruiser but was damaged itself, so Carter and McKay worked to restore its systems. When Sheppard said he was going to lead a team over to the Cruiser to rescue Teyla, Carter asked him if Keller had really cleared him for duty after his injury. After rescuing Teyla and returning to Atlantis, Carter was called to Earth after the last Ba'al clone had been captured and to have a review by the IOA. Greeted by Richard Woolsey Carter asks how long the evaluation will take as she was eager to get back to Atlantis but Woolsey informed her that the IOA was installing him as the new leader of the Atlantis expedition. (SGA: "Search and Rescue")


Carter rejoins SG-1 in some capacity and goes with the team to the Tok'ra homeworld to view the extraction ceremony for the final Ba'al clone. Ba'al mentions a contingency plan in the event of his death but they do no believe him. After the ceremony, Jack O'Neill offers to buy lunch for everyone and Carter mentions to him going over plans for a base on the Earth's Moon. (Stargate: Continuum) Carter was quarantined at the SGC when it was discovered she was exposed to a Hive ship pathogen on M2S-445. She was later cured. (SGA: "The Seed") She was left in command of the SGC when Landry was in Washington, D.C. and received word that George Hammond had died of a Heart attack. She welcomed John Sheppard to Earth when he came back to man the Control chair as a Hive ship was coming to the planet. When Sheppard had them put a Nuclear bomb on an F-302 to take down the Hive, Carter told him that a number of Darts were heading towards them. She later told Sheppard that the darts had destroyed the control chair. When Sheppard was going to detonate the bomb, Carter called him off as Atlantis had arrived and was engaging the Hive. After the bomb destroyed the Hive, she contacted Atlantis and was told that they were losing orbit and were going to land on Earth. She contacted Henry Hayes to tell him that Altantis was coming home. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

She was given command of the George Hammond and took the ship to Icarus Base to transport Senator Alan Armstrong and others. A few hours later a number of Ha'taks arrived and began firing on Icarus Base. She was contacted by Everett Young who asked if it was the Lucian Alliance and she said that was her guess but they never contacted her anyway. As the ship fought against the attackers, a power build up in the planets core was detected so she recalled the F-302s and jumped the ship away before it exploded. On route to Earth she contacted O'Neill and asked how many people had come through the Stargate but he said no one had and Carter said they had detected an open wormhole on the planet and wondered where they had gone. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") She was monitoring an area that Jackson was in as he was following Nicholas Rush and reported that there was a jamming signal preventing them from beaming in or out. (SGU: "Subversion") She commanded the Hammond when it went to a planet to take over an Alliance base that was going to dial into Destiny. After arriving she contacted O'Neill and then launched F-302s to land ground troops. When the planet's core became unstable, Carter had to leave two F-302's behind to get the ship to safety. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1")


Morality and Ethics

Skills and Abilities


Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality visited by Daniel Jackson, Carter never joined the military but eventually did come to work at the SGA. She and Jack O'Neill were engaged. She was amazed to find out that Jackson was from an alternate reality and showed him a transmission they detected from P3R-233, the place where Jackson entered their reality. She worked on the dialing computer to decrease its dialing procedure time so they could dial out before the Goa'uld dialed in. She went to get a device Jackson may have needed to get back to his reality but was caught by Jaffa. She used a grenade to kill herself and the Jaffa. (SG1: "There But for the Grace of God")
  • In an alternate reality, Carter never joined the Air Force but worked at the SGC as a doctor. She married O'Neill. (SG1: "Point of View")
  • In an alternate reality, Carter married in 2005. She joined SG-1 to go to an alternate reality in order to steal a Zero Point Module. She and the team later returned empty-handed. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")
  • In an alternate reality, Carter worked alongside Martouf and the two began a relationship and lived together. Their relationship ended and she married someone else and had a baby in 2005. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")
  • In an alternate reality visited by Carter, he counterpart was still a Major in 2007 and was killed when a power experiment overloaded. (SG1: "The Road Not Taken")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Earth met the Aschen and joined the Aschen Confederation. Carter married Joe Faxon and the two began trying for children. Carter discovered that the Aschen Anti-aging vaccine was sterilizing the population and SG-1 worked on a plan to send a note back in time to prevent this future from happening. She convinced Joe to retrieve the GDO at the White House but he didn't want her to take part in the plan. She went anyway and when the others were killed in the attempt, she managed to send the note before being killed. (SG1: "2010")
  • In an alternate timeline, she went with SG-1 back in time to 3000 B.C. using the Time Jumper to steal a ZPM from Ra. After obtaining it, the Time Jumper was found and they were forced to stay. Unwilling to remain under Ra's rule, they helped form a rebellion but were exposed and she was executed. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1", "Moebius, Part 2")
  • In an alternate timeline, she did not join the Air Force and worked for the Department of Aerospace Research, proof-reading other people's work before it was sent further up. She was brought to Cheyenne Mountain by the Air Force and met Jackson before being told about a Video camera that showed her life in an alternate timeline. She and Jackson tried to get O'Neill to join them but he refused. When they were introduced to Meredith Rodney McKay, he began pestering her and she had to lose him. After finding the Stargate and O'Neill came in, they joined the team to go through it to Chulak on the Time Jumper. They were captured but later freed by Teal'c before travelling back in time to 2995 B.C. and returning to Earth. After finding the alternate Jackson, she and O'Neill returned to the Jumper and she worked on fixing the cloak. O'Neill expressed his interest in her but she declined, lieing she was more interested in Jackson, wanting to get to know O'Neill better first. After they were trapped when Jaffa found them, she kissed him and revealed what she had done. They were rescued when the rebellion began and remained in Ancient Egypt until their death. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1", "Moebius, Part 2")
  • In an alternate timeline, SG-1 and Hank Landry were trapped within a Time dilation field aboard the Odyssey for 50 years. Carter worked on trying to come up a way to save them and learned to play the Cello. When a way to reverse time within the field was devised, everyone except Teal'c, who remained older to save them in the past, were erased. (SG1: "Unending")
  • In an alternate timeline, Carter convinced the IOA and the military to give her the Phoenix for use against Michael Kenmore. After making the ship ready, Carter began running attacks against Michael's forces but was soon drawn into an ambush. With the ship overwhelmed, Carter had the crew beamed off and then collided with a Hive ship, which exploded and destroyed two other Hives. (SGA: "The Last Man")
  • In an alternate timeline, Carter goes with SG-1 to the Tok'ra homeworld to view the extraction ceremony of the last Ba'al clone. When people start disappearing, Jack O'Neill confronts Ba'al only to be stabbed in the chest by Ba'al. She, Cameron Mitchell and Daniel Jackson make it through the Stargate but the timeline changes as they go through and they end up in an alternate timeline. Aboard the Achilles with the Stargte frozen in the Arctic Circle, they are rescued but later told by Hank Landry that they will not be allowed to alter the past as it would change his timeline. The three are separated and sent around the country. A year later, she sees an Al'kesh flying over the city. They are brought together for a mission to go and obtain a Zero Point Module to power the Antarctic outpost but after they are destroyed they are directed to Russia as they recovered the Stargate from the Achilles. They run into Teal'c and Mitchell convinces him to help them. They end up on Praxyon in Ba'al's Time machine and Carter is able to figure out how to work it. She begins searching for Solar flares to send them back in time to stop Ba'al from attacking the Achilles. Qetesh's forces arrive and just as Carter finds a solar flare, she is shot in the back and killed. Mitchell goes through the Stargate. (Stargate: Continuum)
  • In an alternate timeline, Carter joins NASA and was the mission commander of the Intrepid. During launch a computer failure results in her ordering the crew to jump out while she attempts to fly it but it goes down over the Atlantic Ocean and her body is never recovered. (Stargate: Continuum)