Search and Rescue

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Search and Rescue is the first episode of Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis.


While trying to find Teyla, a team is trapped offworld and rescue teams head to locate them. Michael arrives in orbit and the Daedalus manages to disable the vessel and Sheppard's team heads aboard to rescue Teyla, who begins to go into labor.




Ba'al, Harris (Search and Rescue), McKay's cat, Oprah, Rivers (Search and Rescue), Torren


Athosian, Michael's hybrid, Satedan, Tau'ri, Tok'ra


Earth, M2S-445, Planet (Search and Rescue)


Asgard Computer core, Asgard Plasma beam weapon, Asgard Transporter, Atlantis, Atlantis expedition, Atlantis Gateroom, Atlantis Infirmary, Auto-destruct, Baseball, Beer, Blood, C-4, Cloak, Control crystal, Daedalus, Dart, Escape pod, F-302, Hyperdrive, International Oversight Advisory, Kidney, Life support, Michael's Cruiser, Moon, Pregnancy, Puddle Jumper, Puddle Jumper remote, SG-1, SGC Gateroom, Shield, Star system 1 (Search and Rescue), Star system 2 (Search and Rescue), Stargate, Subcutaneous transmitter, Sublight engine, Subspace, The Simpsons, Wine, Wraith Culling beam, Wraith Jamming code, Wraith Stun pistol


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