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Stargate, Children of the Gods, Secrets, Forever in a Day

Portrayed by

Vaitiare Bandera , Mili Avital

Sha're was a female Abydonian, the daughter of Kasuf, the sister of Skaara, the wife of Daniel Jackson and host of the Goa'uld Amaunet..


Sha're was at the Abydos Mine and gave some water to Jackson and later witnessed Jackson blowing his nose, Nabeh taking Jackson's handkerchief and Skaara handing it back. That night, Kasuf sent Sha're to Jackson as a "gift", where she started to remove her clothes. Jackson pulled her clothes back on and escorted her out. Kasuf was outside and asked Sha're what happened and she replied that he did not want her. Kasuf started to beg for forgiveness so Jackson stated that he was in fact very happy and allowed Sha're to stay to make them both feel better. He attempted to communicate with her by drawing in the sand, and she altered what he had drawn to show a symbol she had seen in catacombs. Jackson asked her to show him where she had seen this symbol. Sha're showed Jackson the catacombs and using the Hieroglyphics there they were able to communicate and he learned the Abydonian language. He told her the story of how Ra had been forced to leave Earth after the Ancient Egyptian rebellion. When Jackson returned to the Abydos Pyramid, Ra sent two Death gliders to attack Nagada and when Skaara returned, after following Jackson, Sha're asked what happened to him. (Stargate)

Later, Sha're told Skaara and others the story that Jackson had told her and decided that they should be free as well. She went with the others to the public execution and caused a distraction that allowed Jackson, Jack O'Neill and Kawalsky to escape. That night she revealed to Jackson that she told the others that they were married and not that he had rejected her; the two then shared a kiss. Sha're joined the assault on the pyramid and Ra's ship but was killed by a Staff weapon. Jackson took her up to Ra's ship and used the Sarcophagus to heal her wound and bring her back to life. They managed to escape from Ra and went back to the pyramid. O'Neill and Jackson sent a Nuclear bomb up to Ra's ship in orbit, killing him and freeing Abydos. Jackson decided to remain behind on Abydos with Sha're. (Stargate)

She lived with Jackson in the pyramid structure as he performed hi research on the Stargate. When the Goa'uld Apophis came to Abydos, she was captured, incapacitated and taken back to Chulak along with Skaara. She was chosen by Teal'c to be taken out of the prison and kept with other women as potential hosts for Apophis' queen Amaunet. She was taken before Apophis and she bit one of the guards holding her, which pleased Apophis as it showed she had spirit. Amaunet chose her as host and entered her body, taking control. (SG1: "Children of the Gods") Sha're was impregnated by Apophis, intending to use the child as his future host. He sent Sha're back to Abydos to hide her from the System Lords and Sha're told her father that she had returned to him. Jackson eventually came back and was shocked to find Sha're there, she informed him of Apophis' plans and that Amaunet was not in control while she was pregnant. She agreed to go to Earth to be with Jackson before she gave birth and so that Earth could interrogate Amaunet. Before they could leave Heru'ur arrived to find Amaunet and Sha're went into labour. She did not want to give birth as it would mean that Amaunet would regain control but was convinced to by Jackson. Immediately after the baby was born, Amaunet took control. (SG1: "Secrets")

In 1999, Amaunet forged an alliance with Heru'ur and used his forces to capture several Abydonians as cover for taking Shifu. When Amaunet began to kill Jackson with a Hand device, Sha're managed to connect through it to Jackson's mind. Living in a dream state, she tried to communicate with him but kept getting pulled away. She told Jackson that he should forgive Teal'c for killing her and eventually managed to tell him that Amaunet had sent Shifu to Kheb. She was killed when Teal'c opened fire with his Staff weapon, killing Amaunet as well and freeing Jackson. She told Jackson that she loved him before she died. (SG1: "Forever in a Day")