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System Lord (formerly)


Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know

Portrayed by

David Palffy

Sokar was a Goa'uld.


In Egyptian mythology Sokar was the original god of death and ruled over Tuat where the wicked were punished with torture and mutilation. Sokar once led the System Lords until he was defeated by an alliance of other Goa'uld, including Ra and Apophis, and was believed to have been killed. (SG1: "Serpent's Song") Sokar was presented as Satan to Simon's people to get them to give up sacrifices to one of his underlings. (SG1: "Demons") Sokar regained his power and at one point captured the Tok'ra Jolinar and had her tortured before she was sent to Netu. After she escaped, having seduced Bynarr, Sokar had one of Bynarr's eyes ripped out as punishment. (SG1: "Jolinar's Memories") When Apophis was weakened, he captured him and had him tortured. After Apophis escaped and was taken by SG-1, he used a particle accelerator to attempt to destroy the Iris on Earth and attack as punishment for taking Apophis; he projected a demonic face on the Iris and told the Tau'ri that taking Apophis meant their destruction. When Apophis was sent back through the Stargate, he called off his attack to focus his forces on his war with Heru'ur. (SG1: "Serpent's Song")

Sokar revived and tortured Apophis, mutilating his face before sending him to Netu where he served as First Prime to Bynarr under the name Na'onak. Sokar began building up a huge fleet, large enough to attack several System Lords and gain control over the entire Goa'uld domain. He captured Jacob Carter/Selmak and had him sent to Netu. Bynarr came to see him a few days later to thank him for sending Jolinar back to him so he could get his revenge and Sokar informed him that he has sent no one to Netu for days and that they were spies, and to interrogate them and then kill them. He ordered Jumar to search for the ship that dropped them off on Netu. (SG1: "Jolinar's Memories") Jumar reported back that a Tel'tak had been found but escaped, so Sokar ordered the fleet launch moved up. He took his ship to Netu to cleanse it but was contacted by Apophis who offered up information and to serve Sokar so he granted an audience. After Apophis gave up information that the Tok'ra were based on Entak, which Sokar has just conquered, he had Apophis tortured. As Jumar came to report to him, Apophis killed Jumar and another Jaffa and escaped. When Netu exploded, it took out Sokar's ship, killing him. (SG1: "The Devil You Know")