Stargate: The Ark of Truth

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Stargate: The Ark of Truth is a movie written and directed by Robert C. Cooper. It was released on March 11, 2008.


SG-1 heads to the Ori galaxy to locate the Ark of Truth, an Alteran device which will convince those that follow the Ori that they are not gods. An IOA operative joins the mission only to use the Asgard Computer core to create a Replicator as a plan to take out the Ori forces. They soon learn that the Ori were destroyed but with Adria ascending, she has taken on all of their power.




Mitchell's grandmother, Richard Woolsey, Vala's mother


Alteran, Goa'uld, Hertis' people, Jaffa, Ori, Prior, Replicator, Tau'ri, Wraith


Celestis, Dakara, Earth, Hertis' planet, P3K-546, P6X-437


Alteran Spaceship, Ancient language, Antarctic outpost, Anti-Ori underground, Anti-Prior device, Anti-Replicator gun, Apollo, Area 51, Ark of Truth, Ascension, Asgard Computer core, Asgard Transporter, Atlantis expedition, Bee, Book of Origin, C-4, Central Intelligence Agency, City of the Gods, Galaxy (Avalon, Part 2), Gate buster, International Oversight Advisory, Macaroon, Odyssey, Ori Fighter, Ori Staff weapon, Ori Warship, Origin, Ortus Mallum, Others, P-90, Pegasus, Plains of Celestis, Prior's staff, Sangraal, SG-3, SGC Briefing room, SGC Commander's office, SGC Control room, SGC Infirmary, SGC VIP room, Stargate, Subspace, Supergate, Vatican, Zat'nik'tel, Zero Point Module


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