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Tamara Johansen
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Alaina Huffman

First Lieutenant Tamara Johansen, often called TJ, is a female Tau'ri, a member of the United States Air Force, a member of Icarus Base and a member of the Destiny expedition.


Early life

Her father was a tailor and trained her in how to give stiches. (SGU: "Time")

Icarus Base

She was assigned to Icarus Base where she began a sexual relationship with Everett Young. (SGU: "Life") She applied for a scholarship in Seattle and had been awarded it. She remained on the base for some reason for more than two weeks more, but had decided to return to Earth. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Air, Part 2") When Senator Alan Armstrong visited the base she attended a dinner with him and the senior officers. When the base came under attack, she helped treat the injured and was brought Dr. Simms, the base's doctor, but she was unable to save him. She evacuated with others through the Stargate that had been dialed to the Ninth Chevron. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Arriving on the Ancient ship Destiny, TJ had to deal with multiple injuries, including a head injury to Everett Young. (SGU: "Air, Part 1") She treated Senator Alan Armstrong, noting that he cannot take his Warfarin if he has internal injuries as it could kill him. When Young awoke, TJ filled him in on what was happening. (SGU: "Air, Part 2") Young used the Tau'ri Long-range communication device to communicate with Earth and TJ tried to stop Colonel David Telford, in Young's body, from standing up due to the body's injury. She helped show Telford the ship and when he asked for painkillers so he could continue, she instead sedated him to stop him from harming Young's body. (SGU: "Air, Part 3") She was called in by Young as Rush collapsed, she treated him and he awoke hours later. When Telford swapped bodies with Young, he had TJ and Scott report and he wanted Scott to report to Earth that Young be replaced. The ship lost all power and was found to be on a collision course with a star. (SGU: "Darkness") TJ and Scott were chosen by Young to take two spots on a shuttle and a lottery was held to determine who would join them to escape. Destiny instead used the star to recharge and the shuttle soon returned them to it. (SGU: "Light")

When Young and Scott went offworld to harvest ice for drinking water, Young left TJ in charge. When more water began disappearing, TJ had Greer begin a search for the missing supply. She noticed something moving on the ship before Greer contacted her to report that he had found something. Sgt. Spencer was found to have a number of energy bars in his quarter, and TJ said that Young would deal with him when he came back and had Spencer locked up. She reported seeing the Cloud creatures aboard that Scott had seen on the desert planet. Corporal Gorman was attacked by the creatures and TJ attempted to save him but he later died. She remarked that the creatures appeared intelligent but as they were consuming all the water, she had Greer trap them. Knowing they had to be taken off the ship, she had a barrel of water brought in and she trapped them inside. The barrel was sent to the ice planet before Young and Scott returned. (SGU: "Water") When Sgt. Hunter Riley was badly injured, she treated him and said it would be touch and go. (SGU: "Earth") She was asked by Young to perform psych evaluations on everyone, finding them to be hesitant to talk to her or avoided her. (SGU: "Life")

After Sgt. Spencer was found shot dead, TJ examined the body to determine a time of death. When the weapon used was found in Young's quarters, a hearing was held and TJ was asked if it was possible to know what happened to him without any sort of forensic equipment, to which she said it was not. After Dr. Franklin sat in the Neural interface chair, TJ treated him and reported he was in a catatonic state. When Young was cleared and returned from offworld, stating that Rush had died in a landslide, TJ treated his injuries. (SGU: "Justice") She asked Young if he wanted to talk as he had lost a few people under his command recently, but he declined. She was with Lt. Vanessa James when she mention how cute she found Dr. Robert Caine, unaware he could hear her over the Kino, which embarrassed James when he revealed he could. After aliens attacked the ship, TJ treated those that were injured. She was on the observation deck when Caine entered and she asked him if he had any interest in James, to which he replied that it would be weird to try to be with someone on such a ship, which made TH think about her and Young. (SGU: "Space")

When Rush and some civilians took control of part of the ship, TJ was caught on the other side. She got Airman Dunning to lower his gun when he stopped some of the civilians. When Young took back the ship, Rush was revealed to have a transmitter implanted in him by the aliens but TJ said she didn't have the experience to remove it. Chloe swapped bodies with Dr. Brightman but another alien attack caused the stones to disconnect, so TJ had to complete the surgery, successfully removing it from Rush. (SGU: "Divided") When Destiny dropped out in an unknown system and needed a month to readjust course, a team went to a nearby planet to gather supplies and TJ joined them. She soon figured out that she was pregnant and when it was time to leave she told Scott that she was staying. Young came down and convinced her and Scott to come back. (SGU: "Faith") When Rush sat in the neural interface chair, she examined his physical condition. (SGU: "Human") She was concerned about telling Young that she was pregnant but eventually managed to tell him. When he expressed having a child on the ship, she thought he meant he wanted to abort it but he instead told her that they would make it work. (SGU: "Lost")

She treated those injured when Destiny's engines overloaded. She planned to join the team to go to a planet to check it out for long term viability in case the engines couldn't be repaired fast enough but the aliens were camped on the planet first. She saw Rush hugging with Dr. Amanda Perry, who had swapped bodies with Camile. (SGU: "Sabotage") She later spoke to Dr. Lisa Park about what she had seen and asked if they should tell Camile what she saw. (SGU: "Like A Hug") She treated Dunning after he tried to rip his arm open but could find nothing wrong with him. As others began hallucinating, she found a Tick-like creature on them. She attempted to remove the one on Scott but it caused a bad reaction. After checking the entire crew, she used venom they had harvested to sedate the creature on James and removed it. (SGU: "Pain") A baby shower was held for TJ and she was given some baby clothes by Chloe and Riley gave her a hand made truck. She later told Chloe she was upset at having to raise her child on Destiny but Chloe reminded her that everyone would help her. (SGU: "Subversion")

Lucian Alliance invasion

When the Lucian Alliance was planning on dialing into Destiny, TJ wasn't entirely on board with venting the atmosphere from the gateroom the second they came through. When they arrived, TJ was among those that were captured and she was put to work by Commander Kiva on saving Varro who had been shot. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1") When Varro woke he tried to thank her for saving him but she refused to listen. When more injured were brought in, one of them Chen tried to take down an Alliance soldier, causing them to fire around the room. TJ was shot in the stomach in the event. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 2") She awoke somewhere else, finding a baby next to her. She soon encountered Dr. Robert Caine who said she was back on the planet he and others had stayed on. He took her to see a nebula in the sky and said that the aliens who created the planet had brought them there and that the baby would be allowed to stay but she would be sent back. Caine told her that people on the ship wouldn't believe her as they would experience something else. She awoke to learn that her baby had died. Later when she took a walk, she saw a nebula outside that was the same one Caine had shown her. (SGU: "Intervention")

Back to work

She joined a team to go on a shuttle to a planet to gather supplies but the shuttle crashed. Sgt. Hunter Riley was pinned under a console and severely injured. TJ found that the console was stopping Riley from bleeding out and moving it would kill him. He asked her if she had ever had to treat anyone that she knew was going to die and she said she had. She told him about her experience where she believed her baby was alive back on the planet some of them remained on and that it gave her some hope. (SGU: "Aftermath") Chloe Armstrong spoke to TJ about her loss but TJ said she was fine. Destiny docked with a Seed ship and after an alien was found aboard and collapsed, TJ went to treat it. When more aliens were found aboard, they had to get off the ship. TJ thanked Varro for prioritizing saving her life after she had been shot. (SGU: "Awakening") After an incident with Simeon, TJ spoke to Varro about him. Chloe was found to have been altered in some way by the aliens who had taken her and TJ said she didn't have the equipment to be able to figure out what was wrong. Nicholas Rush said that the Neural interface chair could be used to cure her and Chloe agreed to try it. (SGU: "Pathogen")

TJ was on a team to go to a planet but Matthew Scott was infected by an organism and TJ attempted to treat him. All of her options proved ineffective, she had no choice but to remove Scott arm where the infection was growing but once cutting it she saw that his blood had been infected and it had spread to his entire body. Chloe allowed herself to be infected but was proven to be immune, so TJ used her blood to cure Scott. (SGU: "Cloverdale") TJ examined Scott and found that he was not infected by whatever was in Chloe and told Young. He told her that his wife had asked for a divorce and she asked him if he wanted to talk about everything that's happened but he refused. She later found Young drinking some of Brody's alcohol and told him that their baby was alive and how she had been transported away but Young didn't believe her. (SGU: "Trial and Error")

She examined Ginn's body and reported that she was dead. She worked on Dunning, Graham, Loheed and Henderson who had all been shot by Simeon but was unable to save Henderson. (SGU: "Malice") When Dr. Robert Caine and the others who stayed behind appeared aboard a shuttle next to Destiny, TJ came down to meet them as they docked, hoping her daughter was aboard but there was no sign. She examined the people to find them in perfect health. She spoke to Caine and told her what she had experienced but he had no memory of it. When the returned began dying in strange ways, TJ attempted to help them but could do nothing. It was discovered they had all died on the planet and were now dying in the same way again. Caine spoke to TJ to tell her that her daughter, wherever she was, was in a good place and that TJ needed to live her life and have faith in others. (SGU: "Visitation")

TJ went to see Varro and saw something moving outside the ship. The ship came under attack and Varro asked to be allowed to help; she later had him brought to the infirmary to assist her. (SGU: "Resurgence") When Chloe was going to given to the aliens who took her before so they could undo what they did to her, TJ apologized for not being able to help her more. She examined Chloe on her return and reported she appeared to be back to normal. (SGU: "Deliverance") TJ treated an alternate timeline version of Rush and later went with a team aboard his alternate Destiny to gather supplies and spare parts. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") She began spending more time with Varro and he helped her out in the infirmary. When Varro was telling Young about the kind of bombs the Alliance would use, Young asked how he could trust him and TJ said she believed he was telling the truth. (SGU: "Alliances")

Volker came to see her to get something to help him sleep but after he collapsed she ran some tests to find that he had End-stage renal disease and needed a Kidney transplant. She examined Chloe's body after Ginn's consciousness appeared in it but could find no physical symptoms. She ran some tests on others on the ship to find a match for Volker, discovering that Greer and Dr. Morrison were the closest matches and Greer agreed to donate. TJ had to perform the surgery herself as the stones were still not connecting to Earth. During the surgery the ship lost power for a moment and they lost connection to Destiny's database. Dr. Perry's consciousness, that had also appeared in Chloe had been downloaded into Destiny, used the neural link to connect to TJ and talked her through the rest of the surgery. (SGU: "Hope")

She examined Rush who was in the neural interface chair again but could do nothing. (SGU: "Seizure") While working with a team offworld, they were attacked and TJ and Corporal Reynolds were captured by a creature. Trapped in the creatures lair, TJ started a fire and worked to repair a radio. When Reynolds said he didn't want to eaten alive and asked TJ to end him if it came down to that, she told him to work with her on escaping. They sharpened sticks and when the creature returned, she noticed that it saw they had made a fire and were intelligent. Greer arrived and she stopped him from shooting, the creature allowed them to leave. Back on Destiny, she went to see Varro to thank him for helping to rescue her and the pair almost kissed until Young arrived. (SGU: "The Hunt")

After meeting descendants of an alternate timeline version of the expedition, TJ viewed some old Kino footage they had of her alternate self giving birth to her first child. (SGU: "Common Descent") Going to Novus, where her alternate self lived, she learned that she had died from ALS and she knew it meant she had it too. Varro tried to comfort her by saying that it was possible she didn't have it but TJ said it was genetic. While evacuating from Novus, the ladder TJ was climbing broke but Varro managed to grab her and get her to safety before he fell; Young managed to get Varro out. After learning that the People of Novus had developed a cure for ALS, Eli examined the data they had recovered but it wasn't among it. Eli assured TJ that they would find a cure for her. (SGU: "Epilogue")

TJ went offworld while Destiny recharged in a different type of star and led a team to search for medical supplies, managing to find a few things. Returning to the ship she had to treat Park who had been injured. (SGU: "Blockade") TJ attempted to help Park but she was blinded. When Chloe asked about Park, TJ said it was impossible to help her and Chloe asked if she was also talking about herself and her ALS; TJ mentioned it was a death sentence and she would eventually become trapped in her own body. A plan to escape the drones was created to put everyone in stasis and leave to the next galaxy. TJ saw off Varro going into stasis and later joined other personnel to eat the last of the fresh food. She then entered her stasis pod. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, she went with a team to a planet to gather food. When people began falling ill, she recommended they quarantine on the planet in case they picked it up there. They were attacked by creatures in the night and several of them were killed. She fell ill herself and was killed by the creatures on the next night. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, when people on the ship fell ill, she tried to treat them but they began dying. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Rush asked for volunteers to remain on Destiny to finish its mission and TJ was among those that decided to stay while the others went through the Stargate to Earth. When it appeared that Destiny was going to be destroyed she and the others went through as well. (SGU: "Twin Destinies") Ending up 2,000 years in the past, they settled on Novus. She began a relationship with Young and they had two children - Steven and Sara. After five years she developed ALS and died a few years later. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue")