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Teyla Emmagan
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Rachel Luttrell

Teyla Emmagan is a female Athosian, the leader of her people, a member of the Atlantis expedition and a member of Sheppard's team.


Early life

When she was young she used to play in the caves. She was given a necklace by her father but she lost at one point. (SGA: "Suspicion", "Rising") She used to spend time with Charin, painting her pictures and eating her Tuttleroot soup. (SGA: "The Gift") She grew up with Kanaan and the two were close friends. (SGA: "Missing") When she was eight she had Kirsan fever. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa")


She visited the Genii to trade several times and had to sit through several Harvest Ceremonies. (SGA: "Underground")


In 2004 she was introduced to John Sheppard and the Atlantis expedition but was weary to trade with strangers, so Sheppard told her a few things about himself. She later told Sheppard that Colonel Marshall Sumner looked through her but he did not, so she took him to the cave to see the drawings and tell him about the Wraith. He found her necklace in the cave and returned it to her. On their return to the village, she sensed the Wraith and they ran back. She knocked Sheppard out of the way of a Wraith Culling beam but was taken herself. She awoke on a Hive ship with Sumner and some others. Sheppard arrived shortly afterwards and helped them escape. They returned to Atlantis where she was reunited with her people. She told Sheppard that he had proven himself a friend to her and her people. (SGA: "Rising")

Sheppard invited Teyla to join his team. When Jinto went missing and strange power losses began happening in the city, Marta, an Athosian, came to see Teyla and told her that the had seen a 'shadow', a Wraith projection and Teyla took her to see Elizabeth Weir. Jinto was found but it was discovered he had accidentally released an energy entity and Teyla told the Athosian children that lighting a candle would help keep them safe from the entity. Teyla later came up with the idea to draw the entity through the Stargate to remove it from the city. (SGA: "Hide and Seek") While gathering intelligence on the Wraith, Sheppard had an Iratus bug attach to his neck and while returning to Atlantis their Jumper became lodged in a Spacegate. She recalled how her father told stories about these bugs when she was a child and later said she believed it was related to the Wraith as it drained life from Sheppard to heal itself. To remove it from Sheppard they used a defibrillator to stop his heart and Teyla pulled it off so Aiden Ford could shoot it. When they couldn't resuscitate Sheppard, Teyla pulled him into the event horizon to keep him safe and he was resuscitated on Atlantis. (SGA: "Thirty-Eight Minutes")

When Sheppard's team began to encounter the Wraith on almost every mission, it was believed there was a spy on Atlantis and the Athosians were prevented from accessing most areas. Teyla told said that she would stake her life on her people's innocence but said that the Athosians were go along with the interviews set for them. When the Athosians met to discuss the events, Teyla told them that Atlantis was the greatest hope for their galaxy. After the Athosians volunteered to go to the Lantea mainland, Teyla remained to help the expedition. On a mission, she went in search of some of the natives and she and Ford were left behind when the Wraith attacked. Ford was knocked out and she dragged him back to the Stargate. It was later discovered that her necklace was a Wraith Transmitter and she had been unwittingly giving away their position. A trap was laid to capture a Wraith using the necklace and during the attempt, Teyla saw a Wraith attempting to sneak away and she ended up fighting it before being knocked down and almost fed upon. She later told Weir that if she had been in Weir's position she would have done the same, forgiving Weir of her suspicion. (SGA: "Suspicion")

When the Hoffan drug began killing those that took it, Teyla was assisting in the hospital looking after them and later went and brought Beckett to see Perna who was dying. (SGA: "Poisoning the Well") She took her team to meet the Genii and trade for food. When the Genii began acting strangely, she and Ford were going to look for Sheppard and McKay but were stopped and taken to see an underground city where the Genii actually lived. She was insistent that they tell the Genii that the Wraith were awake so their plan to attack the Hive ships would fail. She later spoke with Tyrus and Sora about how they needed to trust one another. On a mission to a hive, Tyrus stopped Teyla from helping a captive and when he shot the man, he attracted Wraith and Teyla had to flee. When the Genii turned against them, Teyla asked if they had always intended to use them. (SGA: "Underground")

A planet was discovered which offered a return to Earth and Weir and Sheppard's team went through. Sheppard took Teyla shopping and then to his house and after some of Sheppard's friends arrived, a party started. Sheppard stated that two of the guest had been dead for years and shot one of them. They appeared in the SGC Gateroom where Hammond revealed the world was created by the Mist on the planet they had been on as using the Stargate harmed them and that Teyla had joined in on Sheppard's world because she had no memories of Earth. They convinced the Mist to release them as they would leave and not come back. (SGA: "Home")

Teyla was going to the mainland with Sheppard when they saw a massive Hurricane. Teyla began helping her people evacuate as the storm would destroy everything in its path. She remained on the mainland with Ford and Beckett to wait for some missing Athosians but when they arrived, it was too late to leave so they remained to ride out the storm. They soon learned from Sheppard that a Genii strike force had invaded Atlantis. (SGA: "The Storm") When the eye of the storm arrived, the took the Jumper and headed back to Atlantis where they rescued Sheppard from an ambush. She and Beckett headed to wait in position to take the control room when they were attacked by Sora, who forced Teyla to fight her, wanting to avenge her father. Teyla beat her down but refused to kill her. Sora then helped Teyla move the unconscious Beckett to safety. (SGA: "The Eye")


Teyla joined Ford and a team to provide backup for Sheppard, McKay and two scientists who were across the Lantean System. (SGA: "The Defiant One") She was training Sheppard in Bantos fighting when Weir alerted them that the city was in quarantine. After Sheppard ordered Bates to unlock the door in contradiction to Weir's orders, Teyla told him he should not have undermined Weir's authority in front of Bates. They went to stop Dr. Peterson, who was heading back to the general population, and when he ran Sheppard shot him. He transported into the mess hall where he infected others. Teyla and Sheppard went there and she remained to try to calm the people down. When the infected began hallucinating, Teyla was knocked down and her Hazmat suit was ripped open, infecting her. Luckily an EMP was used to disable the nanovirus. (SGA: "Hot Zone")

When Sheppard was taking Chaya Sar on a picnic, which he claimed was ambassadorial, Teyla reminded him that he was allowed to have feelings. (SGA: "Sanctuary") When Sheppard's team was captured by Commander Acastus Kolya, she, Sheppard and Ford worked on an escape plan and took down Kolya and his men. (SGA: "The Brotherhood") She took Sheppard to Orin's planet and warned Orin about the Wraith incoming, telling him to meet them near the forest but Sheppard said he couldn't promise to save them. Teyla was upset at Sheppard not wanting to save her friend and his family but he said they couldn't risk it. When the Wraith arrived and dialed in to prevent escape, they set down to wait for Orin's family. (SGA: "Letters From Pegasus")

She began to have nightmares about the Wraith, unsettled that the dreams had her as a Wraith herself. Dr. Kate Heightmeyer came to speak with Teyla about them but she did not want to speak of them. She later went to see Heightmeyer and they discussed her dreams and she convinced Teyla to try to learn more about her ability to sense the Wraith. Teyla went to see Charin on the mainland who told her about some people who had been returned by the Wraith long ago and came back with the ability to sense the Wraith. After locating a hidden Wraith lab, Teyla was told that she had Wraith DNA in her genetic makeup and it allowed her to enter the Wraith minds. She connected with the Wraith coming to Atlantis and they briefly took control of her body. Despite this, she learned that the Wraith wanted Atlantis because it could lead them to Earth. (SGA: "The Gift") When Sheppard's team returned from scouting a planet as a potential Alpha Site, Bates accused Teyla of giving away its location to the Wraith. She confronted him and when he was said he was aware that accusing her of that was an offense to her people, she hit him in the face but was stopped by Sheppard and Ford. When Bates was attacked the next day, Sheppard and Ford asked her if she had anything to do with it. A Wraith was found in the city, Teyla attempted to connect to his mind but was overwhelmed. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1")

After a military team arrived from Earth to held defend Atlantis, Colonel Dillon Everett, the commander, met Teyla and told her that he wanted her to remain out of the way. After a Wraith attack left a number of Wraith in the city, Teyla and the Athosians approached Everett about them helping find the invaders and he allowed it. During an attack, he radio was broken and she was separated from her team. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 2", "The Siege, Part 3") She came across McKay about to fight off two Wraith and saved him, then accompanied him to install a ZPM. Once the shield was activated and McKay laid down on the floor, Teyla asked if she should tell the other Wraith in the city that McKay was unavailable to fight. She began to sense how angry the Wraith were that they might lose their chance at Earth. After a plan was developed to trick the Wraith into believing they destroyed Atlantis, Teyla briefly connected to the Wraith so they knew of their intention. The plan worked and the Wraith left. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 3")

As others returned to Earth, Teyla remained on Atlantis to help run it and sent out requests to her allies for information on Ford. (SGA: "The Intruder") While on P3M-736 searching for Ford, she and Sheppard were captured by Ronon Dex and she realized that he was a Runner. She remained with him as Sheppard went to get Beckett to help remove the Wraith Tracking device in Ronon. (SGA: "Runner") Ronon came back to Atlantis and later sparred with Teyla, beating her and throwing her to the ground. He later came to apologize to her and asked why she joined the expedition to which she replied that Atlantis was the best hope for the galaxy. (SGA: "Duet") After meeting the Olesians, Teyla was against them allowing their prisoners to be taken by the Wraith to avoid a culling themselves. (SGA: "Condemned")

She went to Belkan to trade with Hendon for some disease-resistant Flax with Ronon coming along. When Hendon wanted more, Ronon threatened him to make the deal and Teyla was annoyed that he had done that. Later she and Ronon met with Solen Sincha, another Satedan and learned that other Satedans had survived. Ronon asked her to set up a meeting with the Satedan Kell, who Ronon immediately killed. He told her that he had allowed people to die so he could escape and Teyle replied that she would probably do the same but they should not tell the others what he had done. She then told him to never use her friendship like that again. (SGA: "Trinity")

While hunting for The Daimos, a Wraith, Teyla sensed a presence that was different and they met Ellia, a female Wraith being raised by a man. She spoke to Ellia, telling her that she could also sense Wraith like her and asked her to find The Daimos for them. (SGA: "Instinct") When Sheppard was infected by the Iratus bug retrovirus, she sparred with him and he easily beat her before pinning her to the wall and kissing her. She went on a missing to retrieve some Iratus bug eggs to create a cure for Sheppard but the failed. They later returned with Sheppard who was able to retrieve the eggs as the bugs didn't attack him due to the retrovirus. He came to see her after he had recovered to apologize for what he had done but she said it was fine. (SGA: "Conversion")

Investigating a derelict Lantean warship, Teyla and Ronon worked on searching the ship and counting all the Lantean crew still in stasis when they discovered a Wraith in one of the pods. When McKay went into a pod to get into the virtual reality, Teyla helped run interference to stop Colonel Caldwell from getting them out before they could rescue Sheppard. (SGA: "Aurora") Captured by Ford, Teyla, Ronon and McKay were dosed with the Wraith enzyme and Teyla began to feel stronger but was scared at how she felt when the enzyme dose was late. She joined in a mission to attack a Hive ship and they were all captured. (SGA: "The Lost Boys") Teyla and Ronon later went through enzyme withdrawal but came out fine. They were rescued by Sheppard and they escaped. (SGA: "The Hive")


After Sheppard became trapped in a Time dilation field, Teyla was tasked by McKay with throwing through some supplies and then using a Video camera to push through to allow Sheppard to record a message as well as determine how much faster time was moving inside. Teyla impressed McKay by using her watch to figure out the flow on the interior. (SGA: "Epiphany") Teyla asked Dr. Carson Beckett to examine Charin who was ill and she told Teyla that she was dying and wanted Teyla to prepare a Ring Ceremony for her; Teyla was hesitant to give up on Charin as she was all that remained from Teyla's past. Charin convinced Teyla to let her go and Teyla performed the ceremony, singing the song to farewell her old friend. (SGA: "Critical Mass") When Sheppard and Weir are taken over by consciousnesses of two fighting soldiers, Teyla goes after Weir. She is stunned by Sheppard but awakes and manages to track him down and stun him. Sheppard claims to have regained control of her body so when Weir arrives, Teyla gives a stunner to him thinking that he would shoot her if he was himself or being controlled. (SGA: "The Long Goodbye")

When Lorne's team are killed offworld, Teyla and Ronon return to try to learn what happened. They are given a stack of wanted posters of Atlantis expedition personnel and return them to Weir who realize that all the posters are of people with the ATA gene. (SGA: "Coup D'etat") When Michael Kenmore, a Wraith, was converted into a human and his memory was blocked, Teyla told him that they were friends and she took part in his physical therapy with the two sparring. After Michael learned the truth he didn't believe that Teyla wanted to be his friend. When transported to the Alpha Site, Michael entered Teyla's mind and got her to release him and he took her hostage to escape. Taking her to another planet, she secretly wrote down the symbols he dialed on a piece of rock so Sheppard and Ronon could follow. Michael began to convert back into a Wraith and was going to feed on Teyla when she was rescued. (SGA: "Michael")

When it was discovered that Taranis was going to become uninhabitable due to a supervolcano, Teyla helped organize groups to be evacuated and waited for the Daedalus to arrive to collect them. When a group wanted to leave to escape the destruction, Teyla tried to convince them to stop but could not. She waited as Ronon collected the final family but they became trapped when the escape tunnel collapsed and they waited for the Daedalus that arrived in time to rescue them. (SGA: "Inferno") When Michael came to Atlantis aboard a Hive ship wanting to use the retrovirus on enemy Wraith, Teyla was against the plan and later met with Michael who told her that they would not meet again. (SGA: "Allies") Teyla was left in charge of Atlantis when Weir had to return to Earth. (SGA: "No Man's Land") Teyla again met with Michael, offering him the retrovirus again so he could live a good life rather than be ostracized by both Wraith and humans but he refused. She later had to pilot a Hive ship, finding it required lots of concentration. (SGA: "Misbegotten")

After meeting Lucius Lavin, Teyla was annoyed at his interest in her but later came under his influence like everyone else, even being ashamed she turned him down for marriage earlier. She and the others were freed from his influence. (SGA: "Irresistible") After Ronon was given over to the Wraith, the rest of the team went after him and she thanked Sheppard for going after Ronon, saying that she still feels a bit like an outsider but seeing how far they'd go is comforting. She and Sheppard helped Ronon take down a number of Wraith that were hunting him. (SGA: "Sateda") After meeting the Asurans and learning they were machines, an escape plan was developed after making a deal with one of them, Niam, and Teyla was concerned about exploiting his trust. (SGA: "Progeny") When an alternate reality McKay arrived on Atlantis, Teyla liked having him around but later remarked that him correcting her on Athosian history became tiring. (SGA: "McKay And Mrs. Miller")

While searching for Leonard's team that had gone missing, a Wraith Mind manipulator was found but had no effect on Teyla. She was shot in the leg by Major Leonard who hallucinated that she was an enemy and then had to endure Sheppard hallucinating that she was someone else he was trying to save. She convinced him to go to the mind manipulator and shut it down. (SGA: "Phantoms") When a ship full of Lanteans was found and they were transported back to Atlantis, they took control of the city and had the expedition leave. The Athosians were transported off the mainland and sent to New Athos with Ronon joining them. She and Ronon were approached by Ladon Radim who asked them to work with him. Sheppard, McKay, Weir and Beckett returned as Atlantis had been taken over by the Asurans. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1") They dropped a bomb off in the control tower to blind the sensors while they retrieved Niam's body. After getting back into the city Niam woke up and had to be destroyed so a new plan was developed to interface the Anti-Replicator guns with the shield emitters to wipe out the Asurans all at once. (SGA: "The Return, Part 2")


Teyla began seeing apparitions of Lanteans, injured or in distress, and initially believed they were trapped Lanteans who needed help. It was later found that they were projections of the Flagisallus, a whale-like fish, that were converging on Atlantis for shelter from a Coronal mass ejection. Teyla soon fell ill due to the frequency that the Flagisallus were producing. (SGA: "Echoes") After going to meet a "hero" who saved a village, they found Lucius Lavin who was using a Lantean Personal shield to protect himself from harm. When Acastus Kolya and his men showed up looking for Sheppard, Teyla told him that he couldn't go after Kolya as many villagers may die in the process. She and the others were captured but were rescued when Sheppard convinced Lucius to help him. (SGA: "Irresponsible") McKay was affected by a device that accelerated his evolution and would kill him if he didn't ascend. He came to see her to perform a Memorial tea ceremony for her for the anniversary of her father's death, which touched her. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")

After finding a hidden space station inside a moon, they discovered that people had put themselves into storage to survive a Wraith attack. The first person to come out, Herick, learned that his family didn't make it and Teyla spoke to him to say that she knew what it was like to lose loved ones to the Wraith and he said that they should all leave, which concerned Teyla. Herick killed himself and tried to take out the station. Teyla looked over Jamus and when he insisted that the people in stasis be saved at any cost, she contacted McKay who said it was probably impossible but she lied and told Jamus that they would save them. Jamus took her sidearm and threatened to kill her if they didn't help his people. He put himself into storage along with Teyla to ensure that they were saved. She was later removed from storage and was fine. (SGA: "The Ark") During a mandatory rest day, Teyla helped train Dr. Hewston in Bantos fighting. The two talked about someone that Teyla was interested in and were going to go get lunch when Teyla went back for her Bantos rods only to be caught in an explosion and impaled with shrapnel. She was operated on by Beckett and recovered enough to stand at the memorial service for Beckett. (SGA: "Sunday")

While exploring a Mobile drilling platform on Lantea, Teyla sensed a Wraith presence and reached out with her mind but connected to a Wraith Queen who took control of Teyla's body. Making Teyla disabled part of the station, the queen came aboard and was later captured. Teyla entered her mind again and learned that she had armed an auto-destruct on her Cruiser. Unable to deactivate it, Teyla allowed the queen to gain control of her mind and tricked her into thinking they had repaired her ship so she would disable the auto-destruct herself. (SGA: "Submersion") Checking in on the Taranians, Teyla was captured by Michael Kenmore who told her that he had been experimenting on the people to create some creatures. He left her with an Iratus bug but she was rescued in time. (SGA: "Vengeance")

When the Horizon weapon was used against the Asurans without consulting Weir, she vented to Teyla that she believed it was part of a ploy to undermine her and that she probably would be replaced soon enough. (SGA: "First Strike") When Atlantis was drifting through space, Teyla monitored the plan to send out Jumpers to destroy asteroids in its path and later when Zelenka managed to fix a power conduit to the Star Drive, Teyla reported that it was too late as they didn't have the power to use it anymore. After McKay activated the nanites in Weir to save her life, Teyla told Weir that they didn't want to lose her. (SGA: "Adrift") A plan was developed to steal a ZPM from the Asurans and Sheppard asked Teyla to remain behind so if they failed, they could jump Atlantis to a nearby planet and he needed her to keep everyone together and alive on the planet. After Weir was lost on the mission, Teyla helped pack up Weir's office. (SGA: "Lifeline")

Teyla went with Ronon to a planet to look for some supposed Satedans. When she asked questions in the tavern she was attacked by some people but when Ronon showed up he recognized them as his fellow Satedans. When the Satedans said they were going on a mission to stop the Wraith from being able to disable the attack command in the Asurans, Sheppard's team joined them but were captured. They were later rescued. (SGA: "Reunion") Teyla became affected by a energy entity which caused her to have a horrific nightmare about Sheppard. She went to see Heightmeyer and was prescribed some Ambien by Jennifer Keller. (SGA: "Doppelganger") When Sheppard went missing, Teyla joined the team to go to find him. (SGA: "Travelers") A mutated strain of Kirsan fever spread on Atlantis and only Teyla and Ronon were unaffected. She helped McKay work on his plan to distribute a cure through the life support system but was soon captured by Lorne and security, who had lost their memories but still worked to capture and contain people. She was later freed by McKay, Carter and Zelenka and she took them to McKay's lab to finish the plan. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa")

She and her old friend Kanaan became closer and began a relationship, with Teyla falling pregnant. She went with Keller to New Athos and found the village abandoned. They soon ran into Bola Kai and when Keller sprained her ankle, Teyla had to help her. They found a prisoner being held by the Bola Kai, Nabel Golan, who said he was a Genii spy and saw the Wraith cull the village. Teyla and Keller were captured and Teyla demanded the Bola Kai Leader tell her where her people were taken. When she accused him of being a Wraith worshipper, he knocked her down. The pair were rescued by Nabel who revealed himself not to be a Genii spy and wanted to know Atlantis' location. Teyla fought him but was knocked down and Keller got his gun and shot him in the leg. They were rescued by Sheppard's team and back on Atlantis, Keller treated Teyla and discovered she was pregnant. (SGA: "Missing")

Teyla convinced Carter to send Sheppard's team to meet with Davos, a seer, to get information on her people. Davos later told Teyla that her people were alive but were shrouded in darkness. He revealed he knew that she was pregnant. After he died, his daughter, Linara, said for the first time she was afraid of the future and Teyla told her not be be afraid of the unknown and to trust in herself. (SGA: "The Seer") When a duplicate of Elizabeth Weir contacted Atlantis, Sheppard's team went to meet her as well as duplicates of themselves. The Asurans arrived and the duplicates drew them away to allow the team to escape. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil") After meeting with Todd's alliance to get more ships for an assault on Asuras, the team was stunned and Teyla mentioned needing to be checked out by Keller, and then having to reveal to Sheppard and Ronon that she was pregnant. Sheppard was upset she didn't tell him and took her off active duty. Ronon congratulated her and escorted her to the infirmary. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")


After Todd's Hive ship was detected sitting in space, Teyla wanted to join the mission to go to it but Sheppard refused. When the hive was found abandoned, Sheppard asked Teyla to come aboard to fly it and she found it to be much easier than the last time. Going to a planet the hive was headed to, they found a Wraith facility. When Sheppard's team rescued Todd but were captured, Teyla connected to the Queen's mind and took control of her body. She freed the team but when the queen sensed her baby, Teyla asked Sheppard for help so he killed the queen before she could harm the baby. Teyla was able to tell that the baby was a boy. (SGA: "Spoils of War") Teyla went to speak with Sheppard about being on his team, asking how she could leave her child to rejoin the team seeing as the Athosians may all be gone. They became trapped in McKay's lab during a lockdown and discovered the subspace transmitter was active. Sheppard had to climb up the control tower to get to the control room. After a short time Teyla considered climbing as well but decided against it. (SGA: "Quarantine")

She went to Earth to have an evaluation from James Coolidge of the IOA. She found him to be condescending when speaking to her. (SGA: "Midway") Teyla begins to have dreams of Kanaan who asks her for help and sends her to the village of Croya. Nothing is found but she convinces Carter to allow her to go back where she finds a Merchant selling items from the missing Athosians. After a Trader the merchant reveals to them says he found the items offworld, he grabs Teyla when a Dart flies overhead and she is taken. Michael Kenmore reveals himself to have taken the Athosians. Kanaan arrives but has been turned into a hybrid by Michael and now serves him. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1") She is reunited with the Athosians before Michael takes her away and tells her that he intends to use her baby as part of his experiments. She attempts to get through to Kanaan and it appears to be working but he soon turns back to serving Michael. While being escorted away, she is saved by Carson Beckett, much to her surprise but Michael arrives and reveals this Beckett was made by him and is unable to harm him. Teyla is taken by Michael off the planet. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

Teyla again tried to get Kanaan to help her escape but he said it was too dangerous. As she began to go into labor, her team arrived and rescued her. As Sheppard and Ronon went to disable Michael's Cruiser, she was left with McKay but she started to give birth and asked him to help. A baby boy was born and when the other returned, Ronon carried her out. They ran into Kanaan who when he saw his son, agreed to help them get out. Sheppard took the baby and beamed the others into a Dart to get off the ship. Back on Atlantis Teyla decided to name her son, Torren John Emmagan. (SGA: "Search and Rescue") Teyla was to meet Keller for breakfast but she didn't show up and when she was late for her shift, Teyla went to investigate and they found Keller growing strange tendrils from her body. She went with Zelenka to examine the main power conduits underneath the room where Keller was and found that they had attached to the power source to grow faster. She had to rescue Zelenka when he was attacked by the tendrils. (SGA: "The Seed")

Teyla and Ronon went offworld to get supplies and were stunned by Tyre who took Ronon. Teyla wrestled with the decision to rejoin Sheppard's team after giving birth. They located Tyre and after he had gone through withdrawal from the Wraith enzyme he wanted to help them find Ronon but he appeared to betray them to the Wraith. Tyre later freed them and they recovered Ronon and Teyla decided to rejoin Sheppard's team. (SGA: "Broken Ties") After the Daedalus appeared in orbit, the team went aboard but became stuck when the ship started to jump between alternate realities. After finding an alternate team dead aboard the ship, Teyla wondered what her counterpart had left behind on her Atlantis but Ronon told her that worrying about every possible Torren would be too much. They managed to get back to their own reality. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations") After an entity claiming to be Elizabeth Weir comes to Atlantis and makes a nanite body, Teyla speaks with her and tells her about Torren. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine") When McKay became infected with a Second Childhood parasite and Ronon mentioned taking him to the Shrine of Talus, Teyla said that her people knew of it as well. They took McKay there and soon discovered that a radiation there caused the parasite to retract which allowed Keller to remove it. (SGA: "The Shrine")

When Keller came up with a gene therapy that would remove the Wraith's need to feed on humans, Teyla had be disguised as a Wraith queen and pose as the dead queen of Todd's hive in order to propose it to the Primary, the leader of Todd's Alliance. When they arrived, Todd killed the Primary and blamed it on Teyla, installing her as the new leader of the alliance. Teyla was annoyed at being used in such a way and Todd explained she probably wouldn't have gone along with it if he had told her. After a rival Hive ship encroached on alliance culling grounds, Teyla ordered them fired on and Darts launched and Todd accused her of just trying to kill Wraith. The rest of the team were captured aboard and Teyla went to see them to explain what had happened. The Commander Wraith of the Hive confronted her as he had overheard her talking to the prisoners. He attempted to kill her but she was saved by Todd. She put Todd in charge of the Hive and left, telling Todd that if he turned against Atlantis she would come back as the queen and have him permanently removed. (SGA: "The Queen")

After aliens invaded the city, Teyla went with Sheppard and some marines to find them. The aliens took McKay and Daniel Jackson and Teyla noticed the aliens were carrying a device they had taken. When a power began building up in the Stargate, Teyla helped lead people away as the city's shield was collapsed to block the explosion. (SGA: "First Contact") Part of the explosion got through and Teyla led teams back up to find Sheppard and Zelenka. They found the pair alive but the control room was badly damaged. Todd arrived, having taken over the Daedalus and wanted to know the location of the Attero device which was believed to have caused the Stargate to explode and Teyla said they had no option but to give Todd its location as while active other worlds were in danger. A Traveler Spaceship arrived and Sheppard and Zelenka went aboard, Sheppard told Teyla to remain in charge in case Todd decided to come after Atlantis. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

While delivering supplies to Beckett offworld, Wraith showed up and wanted the Balarans who had settled on the world and had been affected by the Hoffan drug. Teyla helped lead the Balarans into the mine to hide and later helped take out Wraith at the Stargate so they could all evacuate. (SGA: "Outsiders") The team was kidnapped by the Coalition of Planets who put them on trial for the crimes of the Atlantis expedition. Woolsey arrived to serve as their defense and managed to get them set free. (SGA: "Inquisition") When the power went out in the city, Teyla was trapped in her quarters only for two people to arrive and stun her. She awoke in the commander's office with Torren and come across Michael who had taken control of the city. He said he was going to destroy the city and offered for Teyla to come with him and survive and be with her son but she refused. Ronon and others attacked and Teyla ran off. She left Torren with Amelia Banks and went after Michael. Finding him fighting with Sheppard on the top of the tower, she stopped him and pushed him from the ledge. She kicked his hands off the edge and let him fall to his death. (SGA: "The Prodigal")

Teyla voiced her opinion that she believed Woolsey to be lonely as he always ate alone in his office or quarters and offered him a spot at their table when he passed but he turned them down. She offered again later and he accepted. (SGA: "Remnants") A Hive ship arrived in orbit and it was discovered that Todd had used the gene therapy on the crew but it caused a virulent disease. When they became trapped on the ship and it broke in half, Teyla attempted to control the section of the ship they were in but could do nothing. (SGA: "Infection") After a woman named Neeva Casol switched bodies with Keller, the team went to a planet to find Neeva's body. (SGA: "Identity")


Todd contacted Atlantis to inform them that one of his underlings who he tasked with integrating a Zero Point Module to a Hive ship has turned against him. Sheppard's team went aboard the Daedalus to find this Hive and as the team approached the Hive in a cloaked Puddle Jumper, the Hive was able to detect it and opened fire. The Daedalus jumped in to rescue them and was overwhelmed before the Hive suddenly left. They learned that it had intercepted a signal from an alternate reality that had the location of Earth. Atlantis was being taken to Earth to help with the defense and Richard Woolsey asked Teyla and Ronon if they wanted to leave the city first as the fight for Earth wasn't about them, but they wanted to remain. They dialed Earth but had dialed into the Hive ship which was in orbit of Earth with a Stargate aboard. With Sheppard already on Earth, the team and Major Evan Lorne went through to try to stop the Hive. They were attacked and Ronon was stabbed by one of the warriors. Unable to stop the bleeding, Ronon died in front of them. They eventually ran into Sheppard who had come aboard on an F-302 with a Nuclear bomb. Atlantis arrived to engage the Hive and they went to escape through the Stargate, and on the way found Ronon alive, having been revived by the Wraith to be interrogated. They escaped and the Hive ship was destroyed, but Atlantis had to land on Earth. Teyla joined others on a balcony to look out over the Golden Gate Bridge. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")


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