The Kindred, Part 1

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The Kindred, Part 1 is the eighteenth episode of Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis.


Teyla begins to have dreams about the father of her child, Kanann, and Sheppard's team heads out to check up on a lead. It is discovered that the Hoffan drug is being spread on human worlds, tainting the Wraith food supply and Teyla is taken by Michael.




Balera, Halling, Wraith 1 (Midway)


Athosian, Bug people, Hoffan, Michael's hybrid, People of 447, People of M1R-992, People of M2S-181, Satedan, Tau'ri, Wraith


447, Earth, Hoff, M1R-992, M2S-181, M35-117, Planet 1 (The Kindred, Part 1), Planet 2 (The Kindred, Part 1), Planet 3 (The Kindred, Part 1)


Asgard Plasma beam weapon, Asgard Transporter, Atlantis, Atlantis Commander's office, Atlantis Conference room, Atlantis Control room, Atlantis Infirmary, Atlantis Mess hall, Croya, Culling, Daedalus, Dart, Hoffan drug, Hyperdrive, Light year, Lorne's team, Michael's Cruiser, Midway Space Station, Pegasus, Rat, San Francisco, Subcutaneous transmitter, Wraith worshipper


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