The Kindred, Part 2

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The Kindred, Part 2 is the nineteenth episode of Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis.


After finding Beckett alive, they discover he is a clone created by Michael but he helps them track down Michael. Teyla is reunited with the Athosians who have been kept and experimented on by Michael who reveals he intends to use Teyla's baby in his work.




Beckett's Mom, Elizabeth Weir, Fitzsimmons, Radek Zelenka


Asuran, Athosian, Michael's hybrid, People of Planet 2 (The Kindred, Part 2), Satedan, Wraith


M35-117, M8G-352, New Athos, Planet 1 (The Kindred, Part 2), Planet 2 (The Kindred, Part 2)


Ancient Stasis pod, Alternate Timeline, Alternate Reality, Atlantis Commander's office, Atlantis Conference room, Atlantis Gear-up room, Atlantis Infirmary, Atlantis Isolation room, Atlantis Stasis pod room, Cloning, Fishing, Hazmat suit, Kidney, Lantean Scanner, Life signs detector, Michael's Cruiser, Milky Way, P-90, Pegasus, Radio, Scottish Highlands, Telepathy, Telomere, Wraith Stun pistol, X-ray


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