The Lost Tribe

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The Lost Tribe is the eleventh episode of Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis.


McKay and Jackson discover the device they were forced to activate also causes Stargates to explode when used. A Traveler ship helps Sheppard and Zelenka go after Todd aboard the Daedalus as Jackson learns the aliens that took them are Asgard.




Cole (Sunday), Groucho Marx, Hank Landry, Janus, Larrin, Loki, Steven Caldwell


Asgard, Athosian, Lantean, Satedan, Tau'ri, Traveler, Vanir, Wraith


Earth, M35-117, M6H-987, Planet 1 (The Lost Tribe), Planet 2 (The Lost Tribe)


Asgard Computer core, Asgard High Council, Atlantis Control room, Atlantis Infirmary, Attero device, Attero device control key, Cloning, Control crystal, Daedalus, Drone, French fries, Fruit cup, Hive ship, Hyperdrive, Janus' lab, Lantean-Wraith War, Life support, McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge, Naquadah, Radiation, Shield, Stargate, Subspace, Todd's Alliance, Traveler Aurora-class warship, Traveler Spaceship, Vanir Armored exoskeleton, Vanir Spaceship, Vanir Weapon


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