Time loop machine

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Time loop machine
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Power source(s)

Geomagnetic storm ionization


Time travel


Window of Opportunity

"Instead of sending a team of scientists back to the key moment in their history, the device caused a short term continuous loop."
- Daniel Jackson - Window of Opportunity

The Time loop machine is an Ancient Time travel device.


The device uses the Stargate's subspace field to create a time bubble that inverts time outside of subspace, forming a time loop of about 10 hours. The device fires a beam from two pillars at the Stargate and it simultaneously dials at least 12 other nearby planets including Alaris and Earth. It is powered by ionization in the atmosphere caused by Geomagnetic storms and is controlled by an Ancient Control device. When activated for the first time, a beam of energy will strike the control device and allow anyone standing there to retain their memories during the time loops. (SG1: "Window of Opportunity")


When the Ancient plague was killing the Ancients, they built the time loop machine to try to go back in time and prevent their destruction. After being unable to make it work, they shut the machine down and let the end come. Malikai discovered the machine and planned on using it to go back in time to see his wife again. Malikai activated the time loop machine but Jack O'Neill and Teal'c were caught in its energy along with Malikai so they remembered between loops. Eventually O'Neill convinced Malikai to shut it down as seeing his wife die again would be unbearable. (SG1: "Window of Opportunity")