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Todd - List of Appearances

Portrayed by

Christopher Heyerdahl, Brendan Penny

Todd is a male Wraith.


He saw the Attero device used during the Lantean-Wraith War. (SGA: "First Contact") He was captured by the Genii and ended up imprisoned in a Genii facility on a planet for many years. In 2006 he heard someone being put into the cell next to him and told the man that there was no escape. He was later allowed to feed on the man in front of a Video camera but only allowed to feed for a moment. Returning to their cells, he revealed who he was and remarked he was angered he hadn't been allowed to feed on him entirely. He was allowed to feed again and back in their cells the man said that they could escape together but Todd didn't think it possible. After another feeding he agreed to try to escape and they managed to overpower the guards that came for them, and Todd was able to fully feed on one of them. They escaped outside but could not get to the Stargate so they spent the night in the woods. In the morning Genii guards were approaching so he fed on the man again, taking almost all of his life to give him the strength to overpower the guards. Feeding on two of them, he returned to the man who demanded that he kill him, but instead Todd returned all the life he had taken. The man's friends arrived and he was stunned. He awoke on another planet where the man let him go. (SGA: "Common Ground")

He returned to the Wraith where he no longer had the standing he once did. When the Asurans began destroying human worlds, he left a message for Sheppard that he wanted to meet. He revealed that he knew that Meredith Rodney McKay had activated the attack command and he needed to shut it off to stop the Asurans wiping out people. His Hive ship soon tracked him and came to M35-117 where it sent the virus used the last time to shut down the Asurans. Todd met with Samantha Carter who offered a deal to work on the virus but his Hive would be destroyed it if tried to reveal Atlantis' location. He agreed to work with McKay on the virus and offered to shake hands in agreement, with his feeding hand, and laughing at his own joke. When it was revealed part of the virus was withheld, he said that he couldn't entirely trust them just as they could not trust him. When another Hive ship arrived and the two ships fired on and destroyed each other, Todd remained to work on the virus. (SGA: "The Seer")

Todd was brought to Earth through the Stargate and asked by McKay to fix some coding in medical nanites that had been injected into McKay's sister, Jeannie Miller, but Todd wasn't interested in helping. McKay told him that deactivating these nanites would help them stop the Asurans and Todd agreed. He soon collapsed due to not having fed for a few weeks. A man, Henry Wallace, was brought to Todd and allowed himself to be fed on. Todd regained his strength and disabled the nanites. (SGA: "Miller's Crossing") During this time he hacked McKay's computer and learned about the McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge. (SGA: "Outcast") He continued to work with McKay on disabling the Asurans with no progress. When McKay came up with a plan to attract all the Asuran nanites together so they could be destroyed, Todd said he could convince his alliance to join in on the attack but had to arrange it in person. Sheppard's team were stunned when they arrived but later released. Sheppard remarked that he had woken up before Ronon, and Todd said he felt it was better that way as Ronon would probably kill him. Todd commanded one of the Hive ships during the attack but after Asuras was dstroyed, he and the Wraith didn't meet at the rendezvous point, choosing to go their separate ways. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")

He sent some Darts down to Asuras and took some Zero Point Modules for use in the Wraith Cloning facility. He was betrayed by one of his crew and his ship was attacked and he was taken. Forced to work on the cloning facility to bring it online, he was later rescued by Sheppard's team and revealed what he had done. When the team was captured he escaped and went back to his Hive that Teyla and Lorne's team were aboard. He wanted to leave and come back later but they wouldn't leave Sheppard's team behind. When another Hive found them and opened fire, he piloted the ship on a collision course with the facility and as the others escaped in a Jumper, he left in a dart. (SGA: "Spoils of War") He tasked his underlings with trying to integrate a ZPM into a Hive ship. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate") He had knowledge about the Intergalactic Gate Bridge stolen by another Wraith. (SGA: "Midway", "The Kindred, Part 1")

He sent a message to Atlantis about the spreading of the Hoffan drug and met with Sheppard's team. He hinted that there was only one other person capable of disseminating the drug and later confirmed he meant Michael Kenmore. They provided him with information on the drug and he later told them of a planet rumored to be used by Michael. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1") Todd was contacted by Atlantis who told him they had come up with a gene therapy that would remove the Wraith's need to feed on humans. To propose the idea to the Primary, the leader of Todd's Alliance Teyla had be disguised as a Wraith queen and pose as the dead queen of Todd's hive. When they arrived, Todd killed the Primary and blamed it on Teyla, installing her as the new leader of the alliance. Teyla was annoyed at being used in such a way and Todd explained she probably wouldn't have gone along with it if he had told her. After a rival Hive ship encroached on alliance culling grounds, Teyla ordered them fired on and Darts launched and Todd accused her of just trying to kill Wraith. The Commander Wraith of the Hive confronted her and he attempted to kill her but she was saved by Todd. She put Todd in charge of the Hive and left, telling Todd that if he turned against Atlantis she would come back as the queen and have him permanently removed. (SGA: "The Queen")

Todd came aboard the Daedalus to examine Keller's Gene therapy and he remarked to Keller what would become of the Wraith once they didn't need to feed on humans. He received a communication that one of his Hive's was under attack so he sent two Cruisers to help. The cruisers were destroyed entering hyperspace and Todd believed they had tricked him and used the Attero device to destroy his ships. He used Wraith Stun rods to stun the bridge crew and began beaming over more Wraith. (SGA: "First Contact") He took the Daedalus to near Atlantis and contacted the city, threatening to feed on the crew until they told him where the Attero device was located. Sheppard said they weren't behind it but gave up its possible location. He took the ship there but after someone sabotaged the ship and disabled weapons, he had the ship set on a collision course with the Attero device facility. He and his troops escaped aboard a Transport ship. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

He took Keller's Gene therapy and tested it himself and was amazed at the results, taking it himself and spreading it among his crew. It caused a virulent disease and they were unable to cure it. With no choice he put everyone into stasis and set the Hive ship to travel to Atlantis. He was awoken some time later and helped by Keller to find a cure but they couldn't come up with anything. He realized his only option would be to allow an Iratus bug queen to feed on him and restore his Wraith DNA, but Sheppard refused to let him take the ship there. When the ship broke in half, he was convinced by Sheppard to try to save them and he would let him go to try to cure himself. He managed to use thrusters to slow down the half of the ship they were in and land it on the ocean. He was allowed to leave through the Stargate and told Sheppard that he would remember what he had done for him. (SGA: "Infection")

The treatment worked and despite being incredibly painful, he was restored to a full Wraith. One of his underlings successfully integrated a ZPM with a Hive ship but he turned against Todd and tried to kill him. He contacted Atlantis to tell them what had happened, wanting to use them to try to stop his underling. He was brought to Atlantis and spoke with Woolsey and he told Woolsey that he couldn't believe anything he said but couldn't take the risk anyway. He was taken aboard the Daedalus where Sheppard told him that if he was playing them, Sheppard would kill him. After the Hive obtained the location of Earth and left, Sheppard convinced Todd to tell him where he had other ZPMs so Atlantis could go after the Hive itself. After destroying the Hive, Sheppard remarked to Todd if they would be able to trust him next time, and Todd asked if there would even be a next time. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality, Todd was captured by the Atlantis expedition and ended up being kept in a cell in Area 51 where he became delirious from starvation. He met John Sheppard and spoke a riddle to him that later helped Sheppard track down a Wraith on Earth. (SGA: "Vegas")

Alternate Timelines

In an alternate timeline, Todd discovered a lab being used by Michael Kemore and went to destroy it. He ran into Ronon Dex, also looking to destroy the facility. When a Cruiser arrived, Ronon ordered his men to leave and he went with Todd to destroy the facility. They became trapped and decided to detonate the explosives while they were still inside. (SGA: "The Last Man")