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"It's an ancient ceremony of justice, quite honourable."
- Narim - Pretense

A Triad is a Tollan tribunal where matters of justice and the law are decided.


The Triad is debated between three parties or Archons, one for each side and one that it neutral, who serve the Seekers - each side of the argument. Each side is to refrain from questions or comments as the other side is speaking until they are acknowledged. (SG1: "Pretense")


When Skaara/Klorel crashed on Tollana, Skaara asked to have Klorel removed from him but Klorel refused so as per Tollan law they entered into Triad. Skaara asked for SG-1 to come to represent him, getting Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson to serve as his archons. Klorel had Zipacna serves as his defense. The neutral party was the Nox Lya. The Triad voted in favor of Skaara regaining total control of his body and Klorel was removed and sent through the Stargate. (SG1: "Pretense")