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Season 2 of Stargate Universe is a 20-episode season that aired from September 28, 2010 to May 9, 2011.


Main cast

Recurring cast


Image Episode Name Episode No. Airdate Written by Directed by
Intervention.jpg "Intervention" 201 September 28, 2010 Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper Andy Mikita
After being shot, TJ wakes up on the planet they lived on for a month with her baby. The Destiny expedition is sent off the ship but Rush and others gain control to siphon power from the shields in an effort to take back the ship from the Lucian Alliance.
Aftermath.jpg "Aftermath" 202 October 5, 2010 Robert C. Cooper William Waring
Rush finds the code to access all of Destiny's systems but decides not to tell anyone. A shuttle is taken to a nearby planet to gather supplies but it loses power and crashes, pinning Sgt. Riley under debris. The rest on the shuttle try to find the Stargate.
Awakening.jpg "Awakening" 203 October 12, 2010 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
Destiny comes across a Seed ship, docking with it and exchanging information. It is discovered with its energy reserves they can possibly dial Earth. A team goes aboard and encounter aliens, who begin instead siphoning energy from Destiny.
Pathogen.jpg "Pathogen" 204 October 19, 2010 Carl Binder Robert Carlyle
Chloe begins experiencing blackouts and is found to be writing in an alien language in her diary. Rush continues to try to take complete control of Destiny while Eli goes back to Earth to visit his mother who has stopped taking her medical treatments.
Cloverdale.jpg "Cloverdale" 205 October 26, 2010 Brad Wright Alex Chapple
Scott is stung by an alien organism and it begins to spread across his body. Unable to take him back to Destiny, a barricade is set up to defend him while he is treated. He begins to experience living a normal life where he is about to marry Chloe.
Trial and Error.jpg "Trial and Error" 206 November 2, 2010 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
Young begins to dream about the aliens from the last galaxy returning and demanding Chloe be given to them but no matter what he does the ship ends up being destroyed. As he begins to break and give up, Destiny does the same and drifts in space.
The Greater Good.jpg "The Greater Good" 207 November 9, 2010 Carl Binder William Waring
Destiny comes across a derelict alien spaceship and Rush and Young go aboard. After the engines activate briefly, the ship begins moving away so Rush has Dr. Amanda Perry brought aboard. Rush's access to the Bridge is uncovered and he reveals to Young what Destiny's mission was.
Malice.jpg "Malice" 208 November 16, 2010 Robert C. Cooper Robert C. Cooper
Simeon kills Ginn, and Dr. Amanda Perry who she had swapped bodies with and escapes through the Stargate. They go after him but Simoen begins to set traps to take them out, leaving Rush as the only one left to find him. Chloe is asked to help stop Destiny jumping away.
Visitation.jpg "Visitation" 209 November 23, 2010 Rémi Aubuchon William Waring
A shuttle appears next to Destiny with those that stayed behind in the last galaxy, alive and well. The people return to their lives but soon begin to die from strange issues. They soon learn that they all died on the planet and are dying in the same way again.
Resurgence.jpg "Resurgence" 210 November 30, 2010 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie William Waring
Investigating a wreckage field, Destiny is attacked by automated drones. The Seed ship with Telford aboard arrive and lead Destiny to safety. Telford tells a story of how the aliens he was left with have been fighting the drones and need Destiny's help.
Deliverance.jpg "Deliverance" 211 March 7, 2011 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Peter DeLuise
Chloe makes contact with the aliens who took her requesting help against the drones. After the Command ship is destroyed, more drones are found to be approaching. A deal is made to give Chloe over to the aliens who will undo what they did to her.
Twin Destinies.jpg "Twin Destinies" 212 March 14, 2011 Brad Wright Peter DeLuise
As the crew prepare to dial back to Earth as Destiny recharges, they encounter an alternate timeline version of Rush who had travelled back in time during his crew's attempt to dial Earth and they all died once they went through the Stargate.
Alliances.jpg "Alliances" 213 March 21, 2011 Linda McGibney Peter DeLuise
Wray and Greer swap with Senator Michaels and Dr. Andrew Covel, coming aboard to assess Destiny's mission and continued support. On Earth, Wray and Greer are trapped at Homeworld Command when a Lucian Alliance ship crashes into the Pentagon.
Hope.jpg "Hope" 214 March 28, 2011 Carl Binder William Waring
While waiting for communication from Earth, Chloe's body becomes inhabited by the consciousnesses of Ginn and Dr. Amanda Perry. Volker is informed that his kidneys are failing and he needs a transplant to survive, Greer is found to be compatible and volunteers.
Seizure.jpg "Seizure" 215 April 5, 2011 Rémi Aubuchon Helen Shaver
Perry creates a program for Rush to enter the ships computer so they can be together. Richard Woolsey and Meredith Rodney McKay work with Young and Telford on trying to convince the Langarans to allow them to dial the ship from their planet.
The Hunt.jpg "The Hunt" 216 April 11, 2011 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
Gathering supplies offworld, a team is attacked and TJ and Corporal Reynolds are taken. When the rescue team is attacked as well, the Lucian Alliance personnel offer their services. Eli and Brody experiment with a stasis pod found on the ship.
Common Descent.jpg "Common Descent" 217 April 18, 2011 Robert C. Cooper Peter DeLuise
Avoiding attacking drones again, a team go to a planet where they encounter humans who are the descendants of alternate timeline versions of the expedition who were sent back in time. The people ask for help in getting back to their homeworld.
Epilogue.jpg "Epilogue" 218 April 25, 2011 Carl Binder Alex Chapple
Arriving at Novus, they find it intact but completely abandoned. Entering an underground facility they learn more about the lives their alternate timeline selves lived. The planet is found to be about to be destroyed by a rogue black hole.
Blockade.jpg "Blockade" 219 May 2, 2011 Linda McGibney Andy Mikita
When the drones begin blockading the stars Destiny needs to recharge, a plan is made to recharge using a different type of star. To keep everyone safe during the recharge they are sent offworld to a former colony of Novus that is mysteriously abandoned.
Gauntlet.jpg "Gauntlet" 220 May 9, 2011 Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Andy Mikita
Discovering that the drones have positioned themselves at all the Stargates, a plan is made to distract one to gather supplies. After it works they realize they can't do it again and Eli comes up with a plan to go into stasis and head to the next galaxy.