Wraith Stun rifle

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Wraith Stun rifle



Stun energy

The Wraith Stun rifle is a Wraith stun weapon.


The weapon fires an energy that stuns a target when it overloads the sensory and motor nervous system by impeding the firing of neurons. (SGA: "Suspicion") They have a long sharp spike on the rear end. (SGA: "Rising") A person ends up paralyzed but feeling will return over a short time. If a person is partially hit they can recover from its effects in a shorter amount of time. (SGA: "Suspicion") Wraith are similarly affected by the weapon but can resist its effects with only one shot. (SGA: "Suspicion")


John Sheppard used a stun rifle's spike to impale and kill the Keeper. (SGA: "Rising") Meredith Rodney McKay took a stun blast to the face and had pins and needles all over after recovering from the paralysis. (SGA: "Suspicion")