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Pretense, Summit, Last Stand

Portrayed by

Kevin Durand

Zipacna is a Goa'uld.


He served as a loyal underlord to Apophis. In 2000 he was called to Tollana to represent Klorel in a Triad, stating that after the Tollan had destroyed two of Heru'ur's Ha'taks it appeared he had no choice but to be there. He sent out his Jaffa to mark the locations of the Tollan Ion cannons so that his ship could destroy them and they could invade. He argued in the Triad that the Abydonians were Goa'uld property and Klorel taking Skaara as a host was just taking what belonged to him. He asked Skaara if the Abydonians hunt animals for food and then stated that Goa'uld taking humans for survival was no different. When he was approached by High Chancellor Travell about SG-1 witnessing his Jaffa around the Ion cannons, he denied everything. After the Triad found Skaara as the owner of his own body and that Klorel would be removed, he contacted his ship and started an attack. He was knocked out by Teal'c but woke up quickly and escaped through the Stargate as his forces were defeated. (SG1: "Pretense")

He came to work under Anubis who sent him to recruit Osiris to petition the System Lords for Anubis to rejoin their ranks. After convincing Osiris to join Anubis, he went to Revanna to attack the Tok'ra base there and recover the formula for the Symbiote poison they had developed. (SG1: "Summit") He grew angry as he was informed that all the Tok'ra they had found had not lived long and the computers had been sabotaged to remove all information. When his First Prime reported that a Tel'tak had arrived and then cloaked, he had a squadron of Death gliders sent out to scan the atmosphere to track its entry. He told his First Prime to join in the ground search and if he did not find anything, not to bother to return. (SG1: "Last Stand") His forces engaged in battle with Yu's fleet. (SG1: "Abyss")

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